[closed] Japan/ f/40s looking for penpals from finland


i am looking for penpals from finland who are interested in japan in general.

age or gender does not matter, but i prefer people whom i can seem to get along well.

i am interested in art and design, photography, animals, stationery, travelling, taking a walk, documentaries, good friends, nature, etc

i am not religious.

please message me with your address if you think we get along well, so i can write you a letter first :slight_smile:

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Hi My name is Bonnie iam from Erie pa i work on a cherry farm (18 yrs old ) i speak Spanish and English !! I was born in Elsavaldor but moved !!! Iam looking for someone to send post cards or even send items too!!!

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hello, thank you for the interest. you are originally from elsavaldor? but live in usa now? if you want to receive postcards from me in japan, please let me know.