[CLOSED] - Hello, anyone who love a handmade postcard?

Hello I’m new here and I would like to ask you some questions.

Well I paint water color and 2 years ago I brought postcards for watercolor. I noticed that many have written on their profile that they prefer real postcards. I completely understand that. Me on the other hand had a friend, when we exchanged letters he used to draw some comics on them and I loved it. We lost contact but I still wish him well.

Anyways, thank you for you answer.

If you’d like to be my postcard friend and exchange idea on a more personal level please write to me.

Have a great day,


Your watercolor is gorgeous! That postcard is very beautiful. I sometimes do a little doodle on the back of the postcard. I think having a piece of original art is great! :purple_heart:

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Just a thought, and I love the painting you have displayed. I would strongly advise you to put such beautifully painted cards into an envelope when you send them to people. Watercolour is not a hardy medium, and they will get smudged/ruined on their travel unless you protect them.

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Hi @NF_SE and welcome to the forum.

Please take a look around, there are many places in the forum where people exchange handmande cards - here is a directory where all tags and other activities are listed:

Directory Handmade Cards

I would like to recommend especially the Handmade Round Robin and all kinds of Handmade tags.

And if you want to share more of your art - please welcome here: Show us your handmade postcards and mail art


I really like handmade card!
PM sent

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I would love one! And am happy to send one in return. I don’t handmake but I can send you something else.

I would love to swap on a regular basis
If I make a card it tend to be printed photos or illustrations

I’d love one too!
I can send you my ink sketch card :smiley:

I always spray them before I sent them :slight_smile: I notice that sometimes when I use flower stamps on my postcards that the letters began to melt.

Anyways, thank you for you advise. <3

Yey, would you like to exchange one then?

Yes, it feels more personal and exciting in some way :slight_smile:

Ok! I’ll PM you.

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I’ll definitely check it out, I Alsing do pop up cards and so on …

OMG!!!!I love Handmake cards!!!!!

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Hello, I have send all my handmade cards and decided to close this topic but I don’t really know how. Just to say I don’t really have more.

Have a great day,

Hello, I just wantedbto day I have send all the cards to people WHO have Bern in touch with me :heart: