[CLOSED for Sign Ups] 🎅 NA Secret Christmas 2023 RR

I received my last card today from @Triol I think someone dropped it in a puddle, it was a wrinkly envelope with faded writing! Im glad it made it! It is very cute!

This was very fun! I enjoyed doing it! I cant wait for next year! Or in July if others are interested! I bought 7 boxes of Christmas cards that were on clearance after Christmas! Im stocked up!!!

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Looks like USPS is still working to get holiday mail out to their final destinations, haha!

I received my final card today from @ellistrations :partying_face: Thank you so much! Like the card, I spent my Christmas doing A LOT of baking haha!


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Are any of you interested in participating in a Secret Valentine RR? Please let me know by liking this post or commenting, if you are, and I will put one together. :smile:

UPDATED :santa:

Oh also, congrats to @Cocosmom for all cards having arrived to their destinations and…
@Beachyblonde @AlbertaGirl71 @jennyjennyjenn @potatertot for receiving all cards for this RR!


That sounds fun!

I’ve received the last two cards for this group from @triol and @Angeldreamer

THank you.

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Congrats to @TwoDoggies for receiving all her cards!

UPDATED! :santa:

Rules for Secret Valentine have changed slightly, so be sure to review them if you’d like to join!

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Triol reporting

I received all 15 cards!
Thank you so much, dear friends for such a beautiful cards, gifts, decorations and warm wishes!
I love each card!!!

I received cards from:


Special Thanks for extra cards!

@mere5oh :heart:

@ sarahaeyo

@uconn :heart: :heart: :heart:






@KimberKS :heart:




Special Thanks for extra cards!!!


UPDATED :santa:

Thank you, @Triol for reporting your received cards and congrats for receiving all of them.

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@Triol great Christmas pinup card, thanks!

Congrats to @uconn for receiving all his cards!
And I missed earlier - to @TrvlCat for all sent cards having arrived!

UPDATED :santa:

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I received beautiful postcards from @Yelena @Tynesha @KimberKS and @Triol
Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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UPDATED! :santa:

another beautiful card arrived…thank you @triol so nice to see you again in the mailbox!!

Congrats to @Angeldreamer for receiving all 15 of her cards!

UPDATED :santa:

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I believe these are my last two holiday wishes.
@Triol - How fun to receive loving wishes just as the New Year is beginning! Thank you!

@jennyjennyjenn - Thank you for the beautiful card! I actually received Jenny’s card early December, but I reported it in the wrong Christmas group. My apologies, Jenny.

Received 10/10
Thank you ALL!
A BIG thank you to @mere5oh for hosting and your gift of time the group must take.


Congrats to @KimberKS for receiving all her cards and @jennyjennyjenn for all her sent cards having arrived!

Updated! :santa:

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Good morning everyone!
First of all, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for @mere5oh for hosting this RR :slight_smile:
Second, THANK YOU for each and every one of you for sending me your beautiful cards and wonderful Christmas wishes :slight_smile: I LOVE being part of the postcrossing community :slight_smile:
I’m SO SORRY for not posting my received cards earlier. This year started out a bit rough for our family. Everyone was sick for over a month, and as soon as we’d get better, another bug would hit us, and we were sick again :frowning: So needless to say, I didn’t have time to log in my cards as I was running around managing nausea and fevers 102*F.
Now everyone is better THANK GOD and I’m ready to post again :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, my phone uploading app is not letting me post photos on here, but I’ll try again with another phone, if I remember :slight_smile:

@ellistrations a card about Christmas ornaments with a nicely decorated back of the bard with stamps and stickers.
@Krissy313 a beautiful deer running across the cold pond. I believe the card is a glow in the dark :slight_smile:
@KimberKS an illustrated Nativity scene. I like the Christmas tree sticker on the back!
@StrawberryKiwi an illustrated brown bear on skates.
@Angeldreamer an illustrated Christmas tree surrounded by presents. Two Jesus and Mary stamps!
@June22 an illustrated cat wrapped up in Christmas tree lights. Cute!
The rest were send in envelopes:
@Tynesha An illustrated 3 wise men folded card
@MuttleysMom a cute illustrated scene of forest animals and a snowman decorating a Christmas tree
@potatertot a folded card about a bunny ice skating. Plus she sent 3 extra postcards! Wow! Thanks!
@mon23 a folded card in the shape of a Santa-wearing fox. Plus 2 more extra cards! Thanks!
@sarahaeyo a folded card about Snoopy and 3 stickers!
@uconn an illustrated folded card about Santa gathering wood. Love the vintage Christmas stamps! Each card was also beautifully cancelled with the Bethlehem mark. Love it!
@CrimsonKing an illustrated card of animals gathered together. Plus 3 extra cards! Thanks!
@Annazon an illustrated folded card about an Angel by a Christmas tree. The same image is depicted on the envelope as well. It’s so beautiful!

THANK you for all the beautiful cards and wonderful Christmas wishes!
God bless you and have a WONDERFUL day :slight_smile:


Congrats to:
@CrimsonKing @ellistrations @uconn @Tynesha @StrawberryKiwi @sarahaeyo @KimberKS @MuttleysMom @potatertot @June22 for all their sent cards having arrived to their new homes!

UPDATED! :santa:


@Yelena @Tynesha @StrawberryKiwi @Hazygirl - Have any of you received any more cards for this RR that need to be reported?