(CLOSED)20/F/USA Looking for penpals!

Hello my name is Sandy! I am fluent in both Spanish and English! I am currently looking for penpals, there is no preference I am open to anyone. I am just looking for friends to connect with and who share similar hobbies(checkout my profile for more info)! I would also like to share stories, music recs and talk about life I guess!

Feel free to send me a message/comment if interested! Please make sure you are able to receive from the US.@theeSandpaper

-Sandy ٩(•͈ ꇴ •͈)و ̑̑❀

Hello neighbor! I’m Jenny from Oregon. I’ll send you a message

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Hi! How are you ?
I am from Turkey. If you send me a letter I will reply as soon as possible

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Thank you to all of you who reached out! I am so happy to have found new friends! I am still going through some of your messages so please be patient! Again thank you for the wonderful responses💕 Take care!

-Sandy ٩(•͈ ꇴ •͈ )و ̑̑❀