[CLOSED] 18/F/USA looking for penpals near my age (17-23 yrs)


My name is Maya and I am currently looking for a penpal to write letters! I would like penpals near my age range. I’m from Indiana and a highschool senior. In college, I am planning on studying biomedical engineering. Languages that we can write in: English, Polish, and Spanish. I am happy to write to any country!

Some hobbies:

I love playing the piano (Chopin is my favorite!), drawing, cooking, and biking. My music taste is all over the place as I like everything from David Bowie, Mac DeMarco, Maroon 5, and The Weeknd. I also love to read and am beginning to read more classics such as Pride and Prejudice. Random fact but - I really like the academia aesthetic and going to art galleries. I am hoping for a penpal that has similar interests that we can talk about and maybe exchange recipes!

Message me if you are interested:)


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Hi Maya. My name is Sema. I am 22 years old. We can be pen pals with you if you want.

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