Clear Plastic Postcard Envelopes

Has anyone ever used Clear Plastic Envelopes for sending their postcards? What was your experience? My understanding is you address the card like normal, but put the postage on the outside of the plastic before sealing and sending it.

:thinking: I made an envelope once that was see-through by recycling a transparent bag. I used it for a letter and put address as well as stamp on the outside if I remember correctly. It arrived without problem. But I guess you can use them for postcards as you described as well. I don’t see why not. :slight_smile:

I was Googling was to keep my ink from smudging because no matter what I do it smears (I use three different kinds of pens too depending on the gloss of the card). Usually, I use packing tape to protect the address and written portion, but I can only hear the tape dispenser’s obnoxious noise so many times and some members (I’ve heard) don’t like the tape on the card. This was one of the suggestions I found.

I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I did receive cards, wrapped in foil.
Usually the sides are reinforced with washi tape or tape.
But the cards arrive undamaged. :smile:

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Do you mean it smears even after the ink dried? Or do you only do it in special cases? I can imagine that it is tedious to use packing tape for every single card. But putting every card into a plastic envelope doesn’t sound very environment-friendly either, truth be told. :sweat_smile:
For difficult surfaces, I use Staedtler lumocolor permanent markers, they are crazy, they write on everything, even plastic and washitape. Have you tried similar waterproof permanent markers?


Yep! I have Sharpie Fineliners, Microns, Pilot G2s, Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, and Le Pens.

I do it for every card.

Yep…even thinking about moisture hitting the cards causes them to smudge. Maybe it’s just me. HAHA. :sweat_smile:

Maybe contact the card manufacturer about this problem?
Card are supposed to be written on.

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Pleeeeease don’t !!! :pray:
There’s enough plastic waste in the world as it is. Why do we keep making up new ways to produce more??? :anguished:



This depends on the back of the cards / brands of the cards.
(Especially French publishers/brands, perhaps this is also the reason that these cards are sold with an envelope.)
I also have Staedtler lumocolor pens, they run out anyway.
I think I have all kinds of pens … :upside_down_face:


I have both sent and received a postcard in a clear plastic wrapper. The postage was on the actual postcard, with a little window cut into the plastic so the stamp could be cancelled. There were no problems with this method.

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I don’t mind a postcard with smudged writing, or other travel marks. It gives the postcard character :slight_smile:

It seems bad for the environment and needlessly expensive to use plastic envelopes. Why not use a regular paper envelope?


I use the National Philatelic Bureau here to post my postcards as it is only down the road from my home. It took me a while to realise that everything I send they hand cancel and place in a sealed plastic slip. It wasn’t until I started getting compliments for this that I realised they were doing it. I’ve never actually seen what one of my cards or stamp swap letters looks like in them.

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Time to send a postcard to yourself! Haha!

A couple of times, I’ve used the plastic sleeve that our post office sells maxicards in to send the card. Written and addressed it as normal, then put it into the sleeve and sticky taped the end. These don’t get cancelled again, which helps.

I wouldn’t bother normally, but these were going to someone who had a lot of problems with damaged mail.