City anniversaries on postcards and stamps

In 2020 Bergen City in Norway celebrated its 950 years anniversary. Norwegian postcard club (with approx 400 members) participated in publishing 4 seasonal souvenir postcards, and a couple of us also designed a (postable) city stamp depicting the first image of a picturesque wooden town from year 1580 (also Hansa Stad for organised trading among Europeian countries connected by the North Sea with cargo ships). A photo competition was arranged among our citizens (approx 300 000). Participation was overwhelming, but only 4 winners got their photo-picture contribution on postcards with names, and this lot gives an impression of today`s Bergen in 4 different locations. There are still card sets available from a limited printing of 950 series. If interested best if you send PM, and we can discuss swap/trade according to guidelines.

Mayby some will orient themselves on Bergen in Norway? I can recommend:

I wood very much like to hear about and see examples of world city/towns that celebrated themselves on postcards in postings under this topic. And it will be quite impressiv if this topic can live on in to the future with forthcoming events.

I enclose here the jubilee series from an old urbanization, official stamp, and our private stamp.

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Wow, what great ideas Tor! Good for you folks doing this. The images are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the ideas & images!

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The Swiss Post Office issued a stamp last year to celebrate 2000 years of the city of Solothurn. They also produced a maximum card, something they do not do very often.


Thank you for sharing. This is called Maxi Postcard and is very popular collectors items in Europe. Still I wonder if there are many menbers of collector comunities present as Postcrossers? Kind Regards Torsam

Thank you, feedback is most welcome.

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