Christmas postcrossing meeting in Warsaw, 06.12.2020

:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Old Town in Warsaw, Zygmunt’s Column
:alarm_clock: DATE & TIME: 06.12.2020, 11:00-13:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: We plan to meet for the last time in 2020 on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas. Due to the pandemic situation the meeting will take the form of a walk.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions under the following phone number +48 507 375 775.

Card designs:

I hope to see you there! :slight_smile:



One of the meeting postcards using the Postcrossing logo does NOT comply with the logo usage rules

One of the rules of usage says: DON’T Put the logo on a red or blue background to prevent contrast issues.

You need to change the position of the logo on that postcard please.

I also hope that the Trademark notice is on the back of the postcards.

Please follow the logo rules.

Postcrossing Team

@klaudia498 the cards are lovely, especially the second one. Greetings from Barcelona.

By the way @Mundoo, I do not see any issue with the card you are mentioning. The guys did a nice work so that the logo is clearly visible, no contrast issues. The card looks perfect to me. Although, the rule mentions specifically the blue color, this rule shall be smartly interpreted. I think that @klaudia498 and her team did it. We should rather appreciate the initiative, especially its format - a walk.
In the times of pandemia that would be my concern, not the logo contrast.


Thank you for your comment. When designing the postcards, we did our best to comply to the guidelines. However, when using this image we couldn’t place the logo anywhere else as it would have ruined the composition of the whole card.
Unfortunately, many people who design meetup cards do not follow the rule you mentioned, I myself have received cards with a blue or red background.
In this case, all we could do (We really wanted to use this image on the card) was make sure that the Postcrossing logo would be clearely visible and I am happy that we managed to do that without chagning the colors of the image or the logo (Which is of course against guidelines too). We also are happy that the image we chose has a cloudy sky not a solid blue background which also makes the logo stand out.
As for the trademark notice, of course, it will be on all cards that we sent to print on wednesday.


We are glad you like the cards!
I would like to explain to you the format of the meeting and why we chose to organize it that way. While we do understand your concerns, we have decided to organize the meeting in this format because we know it works. (Last month a meeting in Warsaw took place where we tested out this format) Unfortunately, restaurants, museums and other venues where a meeting could be organized are closed in Poland. The meeting will be taking place outside, following all restrictions and regulations imposed by the Polish government. To ensure that everything is as safe as it can be in those times, we have printed the signatures of all attendees and people who were willing to send in their signature even if they weren’t going to attend, on the back of the cards. This way, we can prevent the cards from being passed around by everyone and minimize contact.
While we would love to organize the meeting in a different format, it is impossible in these times.
I hope that I could at least make our choice more clear to you.

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Hi Maria,

I clearly get the point of the organizers regarding the current covid situation. Each of us is trying to go on.

In that context, I was surprised by the feedback you got. I do not see any issue with your card. I like your attitude, and I wanted to let you know about it.

Have a nice meeting.

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Hello Dear Everyone. I apologize for the delayed reaction on my post, however, I don’t check my e-mail every day and I didn’t notice your comments here. Just like my previous speaker - it seems to me that the logo couldn’t be placed anywhere else than in the sky because it would completely disturb the composition. Besides, it is not a typical blue sky but it is slightly purplish or pinkish and there are clouds there, so in our opinion the contrasts between the logo and the background are still fine. However, when it comes to the format of the meeting - we realize that it is different than the previous formats but in the current situation when we want to keep our hobby alive, and other forms are quite dangerous - this solution seems wise to us. Also, I haven’t found any information about how such a typical PC meeting should look exactly. And prohibitions in the context of walking, as a meeting form.
And in the end at our meeting, postcrossers are gathering and a few have already confirmed their presence, so I don’t see a problem for such a solution…


Thank you!
I’m glad I could clear some things up!
Thank you for your wishes! Have a great day!

The rules are clear in using the Postcrossing logo. There are contrast issues with the blue letters against the blue parts of the sky that do not have clouds covering it.

The logo can have a white background which is allowed in the logo usage rules.

Thank you @tajaaa for your card from this meetup.

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Sad to see that the usage of the Postcrossing logo was not changed.

The logo Terms of Use were ignored. This puts future permission of using the Postcrossing logo in jeopardy by this group.

Postcrossing Team