Children's book illustration RR


This is a round robin to send and receive postcards with children’s book illustrations.

While many things change in modern times, the popularity of children’s picture books have survived the generations, admired by young and old alike. Each of us remembers favourite images from our own childhood reading. Let’s take a look at our favourite children’s books and the illustrators who brought them to life.

Many thanks to @Jamie1972 and @Levirin who previously hosted the RR!


(Please, read before joining even if you’ve participated before)

  • post here in the thread to join and say what group you’d like to be in; don’t join via u2u to the host, please;

  • send your address via u2u to the host if you’re new here; please, u2u to the host if any address changes;

  • provide the link to your collection if any; group members are expected to look through their group fellows’ collections to avoid duplicates;

  • a first-time participant may join only two groups; when other group members receive all the cards from him he is more than welcome to join more;

  • a group consists of 4 members so every member sends 3 cards and receives 3 cards in return;

  • there is no limit for group members per country;

  • new group ideas are always welcome; just u2u the host;

  • when a group is full, the host sends u2u with the addresses, links & deadlines;

  • send your cards written and stamped; you may request to receive cards written/unwritten in an envelope in a special group (just say to the host if you need one);

  • write your nickname, group number and the RR name on your cards; it would be great if you could provide any information about the book or illustrator related;

  • send your cards within two weeks after the group launch (check the deadline in the host’s message);

  • report your sent and received cards by posting here in the thread;

  • send only new, store-bought cards; no free/ad/handmade/self-printed/folded cards, please (unless a group member wishes them);

  • resend your card if it’s not received within two months, please. If the receiver has been inactive for one month or more, you don’t have to resend the card;

  • feel free to contact the host by u2u if any suggestions or concerns.

Let your collection grow larger and your smile happier with every card received from the Children’s book illustration RR. Thank you for being a part of our stunning illustrated world, Ira @forget_me_not



Group 385: Cartoons

  1. Nicoleyan (CN)

  2. Pixiedustlady (US) collection

  3. mickykitty (DE)

Group 408: Winnie the Pooh

(only Winnie the Pooh illustrations; no Disney cartoons, please)

  1. Pixiedustlady (US) collection

  2. wakka (JP)

  3. wanderingpt17 (US)

Group 420: The Moomins

Group 421: Children’s book illustrations

(3 unwritten cards in an envelope)

  1. JuicyGrace (CN) gallery

  2. Ntkkak (RU)

  3. Pixiedustlady (US) gallery

Group 426: Beatrix Potter

  1. Pixiedustlady (US) collection

Group 427: Alice in Wonderland

  1. kirstiee (US)
  2. Vertuno (US)
  3. Pixiedustlady (US) collection

Group 430: Famous children’s book illustrations from the country of origin

(e.g. Krtek/Vecernicek from Czech Republic, Popeye from US, Moomin from Finland, etc. )

Group 431: Illustrated animals

(illustrations to children’s stories featuring animals):

  1. Vertuno (US)

Group 432: Famous Fairy tales

Group 433: Susan Wheeler

Group 434: Illustrated cats

(feel free to send any drawn cats=)

  1. forget_me_not (RU) collection

Group 435: Children’s book illustrations

TRAVELING GROUPS: updated 01.05.21

Group 359: Famous Fairy tales 15.06.19

  1. dottisilvia (IT) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 3/4

  2. AnnieLiu (CN) gallery :white_check_mark:

  3. Gudanova_Irina (RU) gallery :white_check_mark:

  4. Ksevernaya (RU) gallery SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/3 :exclamation: u2u 31.01.20 :exclamation:

Group 362: Susan Wheeler 26.04.21

  1. Ksevernaya (RU) SENT :white_check_mark:

  2. forget_me_not (RU) collection SENT :white_check_mark:

  3. coralfish (BY) collection SENT :white_check_mark:

  4. JJhoff21 (US)

Group 380: Winter illustrations 21.11.19

  1. dottisilvia (IT) :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/4

  2. mahora (JP) :white_check_mark:

  3. AnnieLiu (CN) gallery :white_check_mark:

  4. kta67 (RU) gallery SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/2

Group 384: Illustrated cats 22.02.19

  1. forget_me_not (RU) collection SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/4

  2. minkero (FI) collection :white_check_mark:

  3. dottisilvia (IT) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/4

  4. shiomaru0902 (JP) :white_check_mark:

Group 387: Alice in Wonderland 07.03.19

  1. mahora (JP) :white_check_mark:

  2. Gudanova_Irina (RU) collection SENT: :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/4

  3. kta67 (RU) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: /2/4

  4. Ksevernaya (RU) collection :white_check_mark:

Group 396: Illustration wishlist 12.07.19

  1. forget_me_not (RU): cats/dragons/Alice in Wonderland gallery SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/4

  2. Gudanova_Irina (RU): Alice in Wonderland, famous tales from the country of origin, The Moomins gallery SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/3

  3. dottisilvia (IT): fairy tales, mythology, folk tales :white_check_mark:

  4. Ksevernaya (RU) gallery: folklore, witches, illustrations for British writers :white_check_mark:

Group 401: Famous Fairy tales 22.08.19

  1. katyaT (RU) collection :white_check_mark:

  2. dottisilvia (IT) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/4

  3. AnnieLiu (CN) gallery:white_check_mark:

  4. Jocrafts (US) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/3

Group 402: Children’s book illustrations 09.09.19

  1. mahora (JP) :white_check_mark:

  2. AnnieLiu (CN) gallery :white_check_mark:

  3. minkero (FI) collection :white_check_mark:

  4. TsuruCP (BE) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/3

Group 403: Alice in Wonderland 18.01.21

  1. forget_me_not (RU) collection SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 3/4

  2. Pixiedustlady (US) collection SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/4

  3. vidoll (RU) collection :white_check_mark:

  4. mysweetlife63 (US) :white_check_mark:

Group 404: Alice in Wonderland 17.10.19

  1. mahora (JP) :white_check_mark:

  2. KarenBrouard (GB) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED:1/4

  3. Ksevernaya (RU) collection :white_check_mark:

  4. sororo123 (KR) :white_check_mark:

Group 405: Children’s book illustrations
(3 unwritten cards in an envelope) 31.03.20

  1. AnnieLiu (CN) gallery SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/4

  2. mahora (JP) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/4

  3. 4etvertaya (RU) SENT :white_check_mark:

  4. flora1 (FI) gallery SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/2

Group 407: Famous Fairy tales 19.03.20

  1. dottisilvia (IT) :white_check_mark:

  2. Anastasia991 (RU) SENT :white_check_mark:

  3. Semy08 (RU) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/4

  4. mahora (JP) :white_check_mark:

Group 409: Illustrated animals 28.03.21

(illustrations to children’s stories featuring animals):

  1. yelena (US) SENT :white_check_mark:

  2. Marleen1979 (NL) gallery RECEIVED: :white_check_mark:

  3. vidoll (RU) (preference: fox/lynx/animals of north and sea/kingfisher) SENT: :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: /4

  4. kamalinka (RU) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/3

Group 411: The Moomins 06.09.20

  1. flora1 (FI) :white_check_mark:

  2. Ksevernaya (RU) collection SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/3

  3. Timbp2016 (US) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/4

  4. pappo (JP) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/3

Group 412: Alice in Wonderland 27.09.20

  1. jonaks (PH) collection :frowning:

  2. Ksevernaya (RU) collection :white_check_mark:

  3. stormstrucksiren (AU) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 4

  4. forget_me_not (RU) collection :white_check_mark:

Group 415: Children’s book illustrations 11.12.20

  1. JuicyGrace (CN) gallery :white_check_mark:
  2. Shimono (JP) :white_check_mark:
  3. Cassisia (DE) gallery :white_check_mark:
  4. Pixiedustlady (US) collection SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/3

Group 416: Famous Fairy tales 01.04.21

  1. dottisilvia (IT) SENT: :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/4

  2. Labella79 (DE) SENT :white_check_mark:

  3. bazanovasa (RU) SENT :white_check_mark:

  4. Michiko (JP) SENT :white_check_mark:

Group 419: Illustrated cats 22.12.20
(feel free to send any drawn cats=)

  1. coralfish (BY) collection :white_check_mark:

  2. mickykitty (DE) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 3/4

  3. forget_me_not (RU) collection :white_check_mark:

  4. JuicyGrace (CN) gallery SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/3

Group 422: Children’s book illustrations 04.03.21 - 16.04.21
Pigglet (DE) - MiraBWinter (FI) - sforsally (GB) - gabi_m (US)

Group 423: Illustrated cats 26.04.21
(feel free to send any drawn cats=)

  1. flora1 (FI) gallery
  2. Pigglet (DE) SENT: :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: /3
  3. Marleen1979 (NL) SENT: :white_check_mark:
  4. Diancie (KR) SENT :white_check_mark:

Group 425: Alice in Wonderland 10.02.21

  1. Pigglet (DE) SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 2/4
  2. Ntkkak (RU) :white_check_mark:
  3. forget_me_not (RU) collection SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/2
  4. Pixiedustlady (US) collection SENT :white_check_mark: RECEIVED: 1/2

Group 429: Children’s book illustrations 10.05.21

  1. kamalinka (RU) gallery
  2. Diancie (KR)
  3. Pixiedustlady (US) gallery
  4. vidoll (RU) collection (no Kochergin, please)

old forum

Group 406: Illustrated cats 31.03.20 - 12.01.21 :white_check_mark:
forget_me_not (RU) - flora1 (FI) - yuyunanami (JP) - coralfish (BY)

Group 413: Beatrix Potter 09.01.21 - 24.02.21 :white_check_mark:
kta67 (RU) - Zaara (FI) - Marleen1979 (NL) - Pixiedustlady (US)

Group 414: Famous children’s book illustrations from the country of origin 16.02.21 - 12.03.21 :white_check_mark:
gabi_m (US) - Marleen1979 (NL) - leonievanvliet (NL) - shivaism (JP)

Group 417: Children’s book illustrations: :white_check_mark:
(3 unwritten cards in an envelope) - 08.11.20 - 20.01.21
flora1 (FI) - AnnieLiu (CN) - Pixiedustlady (US) - forget_me_not (RU)

Group 424: Beatrix Potter 10.02.21 -24.04.21 :white_check_mark:
mjefferson (UA) - kta67 (RU) - Marleen1979 (NL) - Pixiedustlady (US)

Group 428: Famous children’s book illustrations from the country of origin 25.03.21 - 26.04.21 :white_check_mark: esca0417 (US) - Marleen1979 (NL) - Michiko (JP) - gabi_m


Group 378: Winter/New Year/Christmas illustrations 08.12.18
minkero (FI) - dottisilvia (IT) - mahora (JP) - barunka0 (CZ) :warning: no report on the received

Hello, dear friends! :hugs: Happy to tell you the robin has finally been moved!
Here is the link to the old thread . Please, join us for many new children’s book illustrations from all over the world to make you and your kids smile! :smiley:

Group 415, all the cards in mail today. And thank for the host to remind me on the new forum.

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In group 403
My collection

Group #415 have all been mailed. Thanks!

I’d love to join group #419 and #421 please!

Thank you all for reporting & joining! :hugs:


The addresses for Group 419 will be sent later today.

upd: addresses sent :white_check_mark:

#417 received from

Thank you all!

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Group 419:
in the mail tomorrow :postbox:

Group #415:

@Shimono sent a cute Beatrix Potter card of “The tale of Peter Rabbit”, showing a grocery store. :heart_eyes: Thank you very much!

P.S.: My cards for this group are on their way now.

Thank you all for reporting! :snowman_with_snow:


Group 419
Cards sent


:snowflake: HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW 2021! :snowflake:

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Group 412:
received from @stormstrucksiren

Thank you for introducing a new British illustrator to me!
Alice by Laura Barrett :+1:

May I join 413 & 414?

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Thanks for joining us! You’re in! :hugs:

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Group 419

I’ll sent all my cards tomorrow.