Chatting Over Tea (tea and a note!)

This tag was originally started by @MissMarcie.

I love the idea of a tea tag, but I thought it would be cute to add a little something to it to make it a bit more personal. So! Along with our teas, we’re going to send a little notecard. :) That way, it will be like you’re sitting down with the person, having a chat over a cup of tea.

The rules are simple:

  1. Send at least two tea bags. (You can certainly send more if you want, but I’m keeping the minimum to two so that postage doesn’t get too hairy.)

  2. With your teabags, include a notecard of some kind. It can be handmade or store-bought. You can decorate it, but you don’t have to. Write whatever you want on the card–talk about the weather, or the tea you’re sending, or the book you’re reading. Just make it friendly!

  3. This is a normal tag --you’re going to send something to the person who posted above you. You’ll receive something from the person who posts after you.

  4. You can can list some of the teas that you would like to receive, but in the end, it’s up to the person who tags you to send whatever they want to share. Hopefully, you’ll get to try something new and you’ll love it!

I was the last tagger at the old forum, so I am the first to be tagged here :slight_smile:


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