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I wrote to the late Queen once years ago. I can’t remember the reason why (potentially her Diamond Jubilee?). I’m certain that a lady-in-waiting replied on her behalf though, and that I have said reply stored safely somewhere. Give me a couple of days and I’m sure I’ll be able to dig it out!


I’m sure I’ve shared mine before on here, so apologies to anyone who’s already seen them, but here they are again x

The first one from Camilla is actually hand signed, rather than pre printed like the others. I was very excited when it arrived x


I noticed the signed card, Emma; what a wonderful thing to have received.

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Thanks for sharing. I have some of those, but not as many :blush:

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I just posted a new lottery in the BI Chain Lottery thread, the prize being a selection of cards from this set:

Please do enter if interested! Apologies for bothering you if not!


Hello all! Today I decided to pull my first official address since March (and only my 3rd this entire year!!) - how exciting! I’ll write it while my wee one is napping, so it might take me a few days…but it will be a nice project and nice to do something I haven’t for a while! So far it has stamps and an ID number! :blush: It’ll be off to Singapore soon!

Also, I’m testing out international economy, because I know you all love it, and there’s been a BIG price increase since I last sent any cards out!!


Congratulations to England for winning the Semi-final match against Netherlands on EURO Cup 2024 ! ! :tada: :tada: :tada:

The final match is coming this Saturday against Spain.

I would like to invite all of you to join the guessing game which is held on Anime/Manga Fanclub. The guessing game is hosted by @honzuki

Please place in your guess which country team will win the Final match and predict the goal scores of the match on the thread below :


The winner with the correct guess will win an envelope with 3 anima/manga cards and if Spain won, it will be a total of 4 anime/manga cards!

Thank you for reading!

I wish England all the best in bringing back the EURO CUP trophy back home! :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I haven’t been able to find a letter sent on behalf of the late Queen Elizabeth II, but I have found a letter sent on behalf of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands! I wrote to the Queen to let her know that I would be moving to Utrecht for a year to study as an exchange student at the University there:


That’s so lovely :smiling_face: x

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Good morning everyone,

I’m struggling a lot with my physical health at the moment so I haven’t been as active on here. While I’m awake and have sufficient energy I thought I share something that @Potatosium sent me a few weeks ago. Very nice to receive. Thank you so much all who “signed” it!


Morning Frankie,

So sorry to hear you’re not doing great at the moment, sending get well wishes & I hope things start to improve for you soon :crossed_fingers:t2:

EmmaG x


New Postcrossing shop!


Fastest ever card…!


I pulled it three hours ago - decided to wait to write it in case I pulled any other addresses that need printing so I could use just one piece of paper and I got a message saying it had been registered 15 minutes later. Haven’t even started writing one (and I’m kinda sad that there’s not going to be a photo of the postcard.)

@Potatosium That’s so odd. I’m sorry about the photo! On the plus side, the long wait for it to get to China has been completely side-stepped, but on the other hand I can see you’d feel a bit cheated by this. :thinking:

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Ah I love mugs and tote bags! And I was wondering what to ask my husband to get for my birthday…! :smiley:


Assume the recipient updated their address and chose the option of having all of their travelling cards be registered automatically?

If/when I change address I aim to update my address on Postcrossing with plenty of notice but I might have to leave strict instructions for the next occupant to forward any stray postcards that may trickle through after I’m gone!


I had this happen with a postcard to someone in Russia once. I sent them a message asking for their new address, which they provided, so I was still able to send them the postcard I owed them.


Same here.
I appear to have a card to South Africa registered despite the postal difficulties there! Not so. The recipient sent their changed address, and i sent a new card, but sadly I didn’t have a duplicate image to send.


I ended up getting a reply from them. Apparently they hadn’t even changed addresses they just wanted to update it to read better?

About 10 other people had cards registered in 0 days.

Why click the button to register them?


In other news…

A few days ago I accidentally posted received cards (that were waiting to be scanned) into the postbox with a bunch of cards that were actually travelling.

I didn’t realise and was really confused when they arrived through my letter box. Trying to work out why someone sent me two identical cards with identical messages!

Has anyone else done something similar?