Hello :blush:

I love cats. So I thought about starting a TN on this topic. You don’t need to have an own cat to join this. I’d just like to collect as many things of all kinds about cats. For example:

  • You could draw a cat.
  • You could stick cat stamps or stickers or washi tape in it.
  • You could add a funny cat meme.
  • You could add photos and stories about cats. Your own cats or a stray cat of your village or whatever.
  • You could add interesting facts about cats.
  • You could add myths, legends or superstitions about cats. (If you want to add a longer story you don’t have to write it by hand. You could also print it out.)
  • You could add songs, books or films about cats.
  • Add whatever comes to your mind when you think about cats :smiley_cat:

I’d be super happy if you’d like to join!

The rules:

  • The book is 9cm x 21cm x 1cm, 200g and has about 80 thin pages. Use as many of them as you like.
  • I’ll try to organize the list of the participants according to the country they live in to reduce shipping costs and time.
  • Please, let me know through a direct message or replying to this thread when you receive the TN.
  • You can keep the notebook for two weeks and add your own entry. Then you’ll have to send it to the next participant (I’ll send you the address with a direct message).
  • If you want to join, please, add a message to this thread, send me a direct message with your address and I’ll add you to the list.
  • I’d like to send you a cat card as a little Thank you. Please tell me if you prefere a store bought or a handmade one :slight_smile:
  • This is the first time I’m starting a TN so I’m open for improvement suggestions.



what is the weight of your notebook? i love cats haha

Hi! I would like to participate

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I love cats and I have two!
I would be happy to join! :smiley:

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It’s 200g. I’ll add this information above :slight_smile:

Welcome to @jezergirl and @Ellisaveta :tada:


I’d love to join!

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Welcome @Tessombra :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Welcome @Thunderbuddy :slight_smile:

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My TN has started its journey.
You are still always welcome to join :slight_smile:

I’d love to join!

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Hi, I’d like to join it :slight_smile: if it’s always possible now :slight_smile:

Hello @chobbits :slight_smile: yes, it’s still possible. Welcome here :smiley_cat:

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Hi! I would also be interested to join :innocent:

thank you @nuuskamuikkunen and welcome :slight_smile:

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If still possible i would love to join :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t this be in here:


It was there :flushed: I don’t know why it changed the place :flushed:

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This can be a very strange place sometimes.

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I’ve just moved it back, let’s see if the topic stays there :slight_smile:

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Thank you!