Cards sent to Ukraine and Russia

I’m pretty sad about a whole bunch of cards I sent expiring today. Under the current circumstances it’s no wonder they won’t ever reach the person I dedicated it to. But honestly, I put a lot of love (and yes, the money aspect is important, too) into these cards and I don’t want to send more to those countries since I expect them to be in vain, too. Currently, I’m afraid to even click on the send a postcard button since I don’t want to send cards to these two countries. Would be so much better if Postcrossing could leave these countries out until things are settled over there.


They have bigger things to worry about right now.

I am sure they will receive the postcards, and it will bring them joy - if we cut them out of postcrossing, we are taking away something that will bring them a modicum of happiness in such a dark period.


Maybe it will not give you new addresses, until the postal services resume? Postcrossing is not giving me new addresses from those countries, because Postal monitor shows that post has unfortunately been blocked.


My cards from Germany to Russia get through and even in a short time like two weeks. And if if your cards expire now, then you have already sent them before 24 February.


Sayan ist from Germany and Deutsche Post can deliver to Russia and to parts of Ukraine.


It depends on when you sent the postcards.
At Russia’s expense, I can say that if the postcard was sent earlier, they still have the opportunity to receive it, especially since not all countries have banned sending postcards to Russia.

And at the expense of Ukraine, I can say that we accept postcards from all countries and also can send, but it takes a little longer because they are in transit from Poland. Also keep in mind that many people from Ukraine became homeless and had to move, which may also be the reason why they may not receive a postcard.

Also, you can always ask at your post office Can you send postcards to this country? (I did so).

And if you get addresses from these countries, if you are worried that they will not receive the postcard, you can not send, I think nothing bad will happen.


Sending cards from Germany to Russia ist no problem at all. Deutsche Post still delivers to Russia. And as @RalfH already said above, they’re even faster than we are used to. My last card to Russia was registered after only 13 days.

I haven’t had an official to Ukraine for a long time, so no recent experience. But nothing to worry too much as it has not been very common to draw an address there even before.


I do get a lot of Russian Recipients drawn. All have arrived since, but all of mine took on average > 30 days, the last one was just received 3 days ago, so it’s still current data.
I try to keep the text politically neutral in case there’s content scans going on, and I make photos from both sides and add a return address in the top-left corner for safety, but didn’t need any of it so far.


If thair is no political statement Information about the war on the postcard the cards deliver. From germany no problem but spme times it takes a bit longer.

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There is a clear statement by Paulo, that you must not draw addresses, if you do not want to send to those countries.


I have three cards travelling to Ukraine (I’ve drawn their addresses on the 8th, 11th and 16th February. All of them are active and have registered cards in March, one of them three yesterday. I am not worried about my cards, they may be registered or not, but it is so trivial in this situation. I am just happy to see that Postcrossers to whom my cards are travelling are alive and hopefully well.


1 sent on Feb 28 was registered on Mar 31
1 sent on Mar 13 was registered on Mar 29
1 sent on Feb 17 was registered on Mar 27
travelling: 10x 2021, Jan 29, Feb 28, Mar 2, Mar 20, Mar 27

1 sent on Mar 13 was registered on Mar 22
travelling: Jan 5, Feb 5, Feb 6, 2x Mar 27

So far nothing changed from before to after. Mail to/from Russia is between 14 and 100 days…


My postcard to Russia reached the person (I mailed the card before the war) and he asked me to send a card to his extended family in Ukraine. I sent one and others to Ukraine since the war began. I believe and trust that these people will receive the greetings and support from us in Postcrossing. People should not be punished for what their leaders do or do not do. But that is just my opinion. KINDNESS counts, always!


That doesn’t seem to be a problem either. Several of my cards made it to Russia inspite of mentioning the war in the text.
And I have received cards from Russians openly writing about the war - and not along the lines of the official propaganda either.


The problem can have the other person who get the card


Also a lot of my cards sent to Russia (long) before 24.02. won’t arrive. But one day they will. Or not. That’s how things are going.

My cards sent at the beginning of March reached their destination fast so far.

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There is already a thread that addresses a similar question/concern.



On Wednesday, four of the cards to Russia for the account of my wife have been expired.
Yesterday, four of my cards to Russia have been expired. From the four new addresses I have drawn were three from Russia - and I don’t have checked “repeated countries”.
I really do not like this way of allocating addresses.


Interesting that cards are still allowed to be sent from Germany to Russia.

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That would be very illogical, wouldn’t it?
I mean, the kind of mail you get from a TOTAL STRANGER doesn’t say anything about you, does it?
Anyway, the way Russians write very openly in online messages - which are much more easily supervised - lets me think they are much less worried about their secret services than people are in the West…