Cards from meetings

Hello from Sweden
I do not understand what you do at a meetup?
Where do I get an adress to send someone a card if my traveling cards list is full? What do you mean when you say that you bring cards for people to sign?
Best wishes from swedishforest

You can find the answers in here:


I have already read the guidelines, that is why I asked, because I do not get them. My traveling list is full. How can I send someone a meetup card?

You can arramge a private swap or offer to send meetup cards for members.

Next time, before a meet up, maybe keep some empty slots so you can send official cards from the meeting, if that’s what you would prefer

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Thank you, now I understand :slightly_smiling_face::sweden:

Once you get to know more porstcrossers you can also send them a so called RAS (random act of smileness I belive it stands for but if it does not someone can correct). This one is a card you send out just to make someone happy without expecting something in return

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