Card with picture of self?

Has anyone sent a postcard with a picture of themselves on it?
Not the Christmas greeting card type but as a trade or official card?
The receiver had no idea it was you in the picture?
Think self made tourist card.


I have not, nor would I. However; I have received one and it was quite obvious it was a self made picture.

I’ve received an official that had a picture of the sender as one of the panes of a multi-view.


I’ve received 2 cards that included pictures of the sender and even their family.

The first card was uploaded by the sender and it was just them, their partner and some things about their life. Because they uploaded it themselves, I left it on my wall.
The second card was not uploaded and included photos of the sender and their kids. This one I dis not upload because it seemed a bit too much - it didn’t feel right. Maybe they didn’t upload it for a reason?

I don’t mind them, but they do feel a little weird, to be honest. Sending a photo of yourself or with your partner, it’s ok.
But sending photos of your kids too is not for me.


I didn´t receive it, but I saw a profile of someone who recently joined postcrossing. The lady was stating in her profile that she sends only her self-made photos and her self portraits on purpose, because she considered that her art and wanted to share it with the world.

I´m not a fan of “I send what I like” approach in general, but those photos lacked any artistic component whatsoever. Just dark, bad-quality images taken with a phone, printed in bulk. I remember paying attention to it, because I collect food cards, and there was a picture of breakfast, like bread with cheese and eggs, that your 5 y.o. could send you by WhatsApp as a confirmation that they ate. I was surprised by the poor quality of the image and went to check if it´s some kind of “still life set” and if there are more images in the person´s sent. I found a bunch of her faces; that was creepy.

I don´t mind pictures of the sender, their family, kids, etc., as long as they convey some sense. Like, “We visited this godforsaken place; there are no postcards printed of it, but I´d like to share how beautiful it was and how much fun we had.”. Ok, no problem. But dark, blurry, bad-quality self-portraits… Well…


I’ve never heard of this at all, and I’m instantly imagining something like:

Which would at least be hilarious


I received a postcard with a picture of the sender on it. Personally, I’m not a fan of this.


I received an official card from a woman who always sent photos of her grandson who looked to be maybe 5 or 6. I wasn’t comfortable having it on my wall and took it down.


I had postcards made with photos of me and my husband that we used as table cards at our wedding - each card was addressed to the person at the venue address and I used old low value stamps that I cancelled with a custom made ink stamp with our names and the wedding date on. They looked like proper postcards.

I’ve got a few left and I have also sent some as official cards to people who wanted something unique. One person asked for a photo of the sender so that’s what she got. I wouldn’t send them unprompted but they have been well received so far.

I have also received a card with the sender’s photo on. It was quite a bad photo that looked very strange and I was sent it back when I asked for weird and ugly cards. I couldn’t be certain if they sent it very seriously or because it was ugly so I sent generic thanks. I was glad that I had since it was the sender’s own holiday snap!


I personally wouldn’t send a photo of myself as a postcard, and wouldn’t like to receive one from someone else. I mean, it wouldn’t make me angry or anything, but it would feel uncomfortable enough that after politely thanking them, I would probably toss the card in the recycle bin.

Many art is printed in bulk. How do you even know how the photo was taken?
Art is not something that someone decides what is real art, so I hope this thread doesn’t turn into one more complaint thread. It awoke emotion in you, seems to me, maybe it was art after all :slight_smile: Especially if it was a lady, and photos “not good”, that could be on purpose as women are portrayed so often only pretty, it gets boring.

I haven’t received a card showing the sender, I think once it was the sender’s daughter, maybe even twice. And I have not sent any showing me, I could but wouldn’t tell it’s me :smile:

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Now, this is something I’d be interested in receiving :joy:


I work as a part-time photographer and also sell my photos on microstock websites, which are often used by printing companies for creating postcards. The key difference lies in the quality of images - good composition, proper lighting, effective color editing, etc. — as opposed to those of poorer quality. I´m not against receiving such a card; it won´t do any harm, but to the recycle bin it goes.

I am all for RedBubble and handmade cards, unlike those who insist those are “not real postcards”, but the quality is the difference.

P.S. I´ve just remembered a guy who printed a photo of himself by a river, holding his bike above his head. It was a unique location (I forgot why, though), and that card was actually pretty cool. Many people say they care more about the text than the picture, and this kind of adds an extra personal touch to the message and card.


I used to mail out this postcard of myself at the half-way point of a long-distance trip I once took. I received a lot of complaints, and I’ve learned my lesson. Now I just mail out multi-views of Chicago, or pictures of lighthouses.


But if you didn’t receive it yourself, how can you know how the quality is?
There is no good composition or proper lighting, those are only opinions (if we talk art, and not a passport photo).
And I don’t mean everyone should like everything.
I just found your assumptions a little strange, like the assumption of using phone and printing in bulk. If that was a new member, recently joined, how do you know how many she printed?

Something is off with your story :slight_smile:


This made me remember that I used to have a wish of a card showing a musician, and something like “maybe you playing your instrument”. I got a few comments about that, who found it strange, and how someone could think it’s creepy, so I took it away.
I still would like such :slight_smile:

You can see the quality if you work with the images daily, and as any photographer, I don´t agree that a dark, badly composed photo is “art”. She sent about 40 pics at the moment when I checked the profile about 6 months ago, and they were all the same 3 photos. It was written in her profile that she printed them in bulk, and specifically written “I do send this” statement, which I found weird. But anyway, she can send whatever she wants, as long as it´s not violence or something bad.

However… :smiling_imp: :joy: Do you know there was a story when, at a contemporary art exhibition, someone put a pineapple in the entrance hall and it was put under the glass and people thought it was another contemporary exhibit? :joy: Here is the link to the story in The New York Times.

Or this lovely story: Famous banana artwork by Maurizio Cattelan eaten by museum visitor in Seoul

We live in a world when one can poop on the table, call it art and people will buy tickets and be like “hmmmmm, the artist has expressed his concept in such a new, provocative way”
Link to actually giant poop contemporary art sculptures in a museum in Rotterdam.

A not very pleasant quote from the article above about another art objects

The four artists, who met in summer camp in 1978 have, for instance, produced a sculpture made of frozen urine and another depicting a naked man in a bridge pose urinating in his own mouth.

But I just don´t think ANYTHING can be art :joy: :see_no_evil:


I actually think this is nothing strange, and I bet a lot of parents would like to share their kids playing musical instruments at a concert, as well as adults who play in some bands for example. Could be really interesting photos.

I would send mine where I played the piano when I was 7. It was very funny; it was my first concert, and I managed to hit every single piano key incorrectly. But I was instructed by my teacher that even if something goes wrong, I should look confident. And so I did. Very confidently playing some cacophony. :joy:

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Yes, anyone can think art how they like, here it’s supposed to stay respectful even when you don’t like their art.

And I don’t understand what does the amount of prints mean? It turns worse if it’s many copies?

There was also someone here who intentionally put a “bad” image of cards, so no one copies it, can be that.

But we don’t know who it is, it’s just your opinion, I mainly started to reply because you could have written you don’t like such much shortly, and not go into so detailed bashing.

I don’t try to make you like it :smile:

I don’t remember if I made the test here, what photo is made with phone and what with good camera, and by a photographer, or by normal person, but result was, it was not something people could tell. (Even when they told they could.)

And when classical music is played, wine tastes better than wen rap is played.
But I like the experiments, some see art where others not. Beauty of life, right?
Surroundings mean so much too.