Card creations (ideas and tuto)

Hello everybody,

I would like to share with you my way of making cards or message carriers. It’s not much but I hope you like it.

The cards I make are used for postcrossing but also for the “1 carte, 1 plume, 1 sourire” project (sending cards to retirement homes at Christmas, in Morbihan, France).

Here, I will put a kind of summary with the post number and its name so that everyone can more easily find what they are looking for.

Post n°3 - Suspension for the tree, cardboard coasters
Post n°4 - Dahlia card
Post n°5 - Finger painting Santa Claus (to do with kids)

While tidying up, I came across coasters. They are cardboard. I must have 150 between the two models. It would be a shame to throw them away. So I decided to transform them.

I really like the green patterns. So I’m going to take inspiration from that.

So for this project, I need:

  • cardboard coasters
  • acrylic paint (here, for me, pot bottoms from my work)
  • a brush
  • embossing powder and heat gun (optional)
  • 6.5cm (about 2.5 inch) paper circles
  • stamps of your choice (with ink and acrylic medium or any other way to stamp the design)
  • a way to put in color of your choice (for me, alcohol markers)
  • a way to make a hole (I use a tool called Zenith)
  • a piece of ribbon
  • glue

1 - I start by painting the outer edge of the cardboard. During the drying time, I cut out circles of paper (paper between 180g and 240g).

If your color is light, it will take two or three coats of paint.

2 - I stamp my pattern with an ink that resists alcohol markers,on a round piece of paper. Here you have stamps from the brand “Hero Arts”, Poly Clear collection and stamps from the brand “Stampin’ Up”, model “Playful Otters”, n°158090.

3 - I color the stamp with alcohol markers. I use the Créamarker brand. You can color with colored pencils, it gives a soft and colorful result.

4 - (Optional) When the paint is dry, I use Versamark to stamp a pattern. I put embossing powder. I remove the excess powder then heat it to make the powder homogeneous and shiny.

5 - I glue the circle with my pattern. Try to center it.

6 - With my “Zenith” tool, I make a hole in my cardboard. I protected my cutting plate with another piece of cardboard to avoid making round cuts in it.

My tool was bought in France in the store “Géant des beaux arts”. Here is the link. There are other tools that make holes everyone uses what they want.

7 - I pass a small ribbon. I tie a knot. This will allow you to hang this creation on the tree.

8 - I write on the back of the creation. I put in an envelope and I send a share of happiness.

For the second coaster, the green pattern being too good, I just glued a circle with an image on one side and a white circle to write on the other. Because the pattern is double-sided on this coaster.

Some will want to know why I want to suspend this creation. In December, with my family, we got into the habit of putting the cards we receive in the Christmas tree. It reminds us of the joy of receiving and of the people who took the time to write to us. This is the message that I write on the back of these creations for the project “1 carte, 1 plume, 1 sourire”.


This time I made a very simple card with a flower pattern stamp.

I used :

  • A paper of 10 cm by 15 cm
  • A paper of 8x8cm
  • A 9x9cm paper
  • Two flower pattern stamps (one for the flower background and the other for the outlines)
  • Two inks
  • A double-sided tape with scraps of aluminum foil for creative hobbies (another option a ribbon)
  • small rhinestones (for decoration)
  • glue
  • washi tape

1 - I chose colors that I liked. On the 8cm square paper, I stamped the bottom of my flower then in a darker shade the outline of the flower.

2 - Then I took some washi tape. I covered the edges of the paper 10cm by 15cm to leave only a strip in the middle. I dabbed the outline of the flower several times with a dark color to create a unique pattern.

3 - I chose to use a double-sided tape on which I put aluminum foil for a silver look.
You can make it simpler by putting on sequins, putting on a washi-tape or a ribbon.

4 - I glued the 8cm paper on the 9cm one. It makes a frame. and I came to put the whole thing in the middle of my card.

5 - I glued rhinestones on the top left and bottom right. They are white in color.
Sorry, I forgot to take the picture before putting it in an envelope.


While doing the “1 carte, 1 plume, 1 sourire” project, I was told that toddlers cannot write cards. But there is always an adult who can do it for them. So here is a little creation to do with the family.

Tools :
1 Brush
A little red paint
A little beige paint
A little white paint
A piece of black paper that can contain the handprint (A6 or A5)
1 black marker

1 - Take the hand of the child or the adult. Put red paint on the thumb and the bottom of the palm.
2 - Put white paint on the tip of the thumb and on the fingers.
3 - Press the hand on the paper to transfer the colors from the hand to the paper.
4 - With a brush and beige paint, color the space between red and white.
5 - Leave to dry.
6 - Take a little white paint to make two circles which represent the eyes.
7 - Leave to dry and then make a mouth, a nose and pupils for your Santa Claus.


Hello artists,

I decided to make my tutorials by video. It’s easier for me. I can speak French there and there is the possibility of automatic translation into several languages. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

Capture d’écran 2023-08-04 084332

My video : P04 - SU - Carte de grue rouge (occasionnel) - YouTube

Generally, I make my cards in duplicate. This allows me to send one through Postcrossing and one to someone who watches my videos and comments.

Unfortunately, even with all the love we can put into our cards, they don’t always arrive at their destination.

Video : P06 - SU - Carte tortue (débutant) - YouTube


This owl card was well received by its recipient on Postcrossing, but she preferred to remove the photo.

Video : P07 - SU - Carte Bulles de BD (occasionnel) - YouTube

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