Canadian Travelling Envelope

Do you mean 10 themes (as CTE1)?

Yes. However, postcards would be from the local museum and art gallery shops here in Vancouver. However, the subjects would be varied enough in order to encourage engagement.

@cj23 CTE 1 - themes envelope arrived today. I will get it out by Tuesday to you @garvey .

Merry Christmas!!!

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I’ve received CTE 2 from @mezzanine2 and will forward to @garvey tomorrow --enjoying the choice of art from points west;

Can I join CTE 3 please?

And a suggestion: could we send only 9 cards to keep the weight under 50g?


@garvey and @DorH – Shall I send just nine postcards instead of ten for CTE3?

We just need one more member for CTE3!

I would be happy with a choice of 9; @garvey?

9 is OK for me. And group has 4 member now.
@mezzanine2, are you ready to start it?


I can start it relatively soon; however, I do need the following:

one: instructions to include within the envelope; can you provide me a copy of the general instructions to include within the envelope for users to follow?

two: Who is the first recipient? I will need an address to put on the envelope.

I will also reduce it to nine cards as a result of the discussion. Thank you very much for the input.

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I know how NA travelling envelopes work. I’ve been participating in both NATE and in AWQTE for several years. John already has the text I used for CTE1 - he can update it according his plans. I didn’t include there addresses as an experiment: our group is small and we mostly know each other through Canadian RR. Probably in future CTEs I’ll use standard flight plan - if more people will join Canadian travelling envelope.

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Thank you @HookedonPostcards – your input has been helpful!

Status update on CTE 3 for Thursday, January 6, 2022

  • envelope contents as follows: written instructions, nine postcards

  • will be mailing to the first person in the list, @DorH – I have your address from the previous CTE exercise; I’ll let you know when the envelope has been mailed

  • for those who need to prepare in advance and/or to front load their postcard choices ahead of time, the nine categories will be as follows:

  • black + white
  • Canadian landscape
  • photography
  • 20th century art
  • science
  • graffiti/street art
  • nature/environment
  • sports/athletics
  • water

It will be my first attempt at a Canadian Travelling Envelope, and so I hope it goes well. Any constructive feedback or suggestions welcome. Thank you all!


Despite the west coast snow, CTE3 envelope has been mailed to the first recipient, @DorH! It should start moving Friday morning. Thank you everyone for the help.


CTE1 is back home!
Thank you all for participating!


That’s great. Any feedback or observations about what happened to CTE1?

Two of my cards came back; that’s normal for such a short trip - just four participants. So, probably less cards in an envelope is a good idea. Although I am surprised that nobody was interested in Klimt, he is one of my favourite artists :).
I have to remind that participants should write about received and sent envelope in the thread.

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On occasion, in the NA traveling envelope, a caveat is included that the last recipient takes any cards that began with the host, so the host gets all new cards. The only way to know this, though, is if everyone identifies their cards with a sticky note on the back; e.g., a sticky note that says HookedonPostcards. I like these sticky notes because then for later RRs I do not send the same card back to someone.

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With short list of participants that would create disadvantage for las sender. So I would leave this rule for bigger group.

And to know from whom I’ve received the card I keep that information together with the photo of the card on flickr.

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Thank you everyone for your perspective. I’m keeping my expectations humble and hoping the envelope is able to return to me, regardless of the outcome.

@garvey, I was very close to taking the Klimt image, but I thought I swapped out too many. I send out some Klimt images I found at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Now CTE2 is back home too :slight_smile:
Thank you to all participants! I hope you enjoyed it.


Hi, all – received CTE 3 today (thanks) and will mail along to @HookedonPostcards when I have her coordinates, tomorrow or the next day