Canadian Travelling Envelope

I use rules from NA Travelling Envelope as a template.

  • You can join if you live in Canada.

  • If you are joining for the first time, please send your address to me. If you move, please send me your address via private message so I can update my list!

  • By default groups will include 5 participants. Host may choose a different number. I may make the group smaller if no new participants will apply for too long.

  • If you would like to HOST a traveling envelope, on ANY topic, please post in the thread or send me PM. I will open the group for you.

  • You may request a spot in a group you would like to join but it’s not necessary. I will put you in a spot, even if it goes over 5 participants.

  • Most of the envelopes will start with 10 cards. The HOST will place cards in an envelope (within the same theme of the group) and send it on to the first person on the list. That person can take as many cards as they want and replace them with the same number of cards. Cards should be unused cards (depending on theme) anywhere. The HOST will determine what kinds of cards they would like back (in the same theme).

  • The Host will place a sticky note on every postcard and write on it her/his postcrossing ID and short description of the card. Participants will move notes from the card they take and put it on the replacement card - after writing their ID and card description.

  • Cards should fit to the group description/rules.

  • Post a message here when you receive an envelope and again when you send it to the next person. That is VERY important! Please try to send it within 10 days. Most participants do not require a private message before sending simply because most of us are all addicted to postcrossing! If something can prevent you from receiving/sending envelopes please inform us beforehand or ASAP.

  • If you are the HOST: Please be sure to include the address list when you send the envelope to the next recipient. Thanks!

  • If an envelope does not arrive within 2 months, the sender (not the HOST) will be asked to replace it once. The sender is the user who had the envelope last. That is why it is important to post here as much as possible as to when you have received the envelope, private messaged the user below you, and when you send the envelope on… no one wants lost mail and mail that is deserved back to them.

  • Sending w/ stamps - if you’re unsure, please go to your local post office. I typically send my 10 card envelopes with 1 forever stamp plus 30 extra cents of postage (a postcard stamp will suffice).

Themes: I will start with just two types of envelopes. I’ll add more themes and envelope types (e.g. different challenges) when time will come :slight_smile:

PS As English is not my first language feel free to point at my mistakes :slight_smile:
PPS if you have ideas and suggestions do not hesitate to send them to me
PPPS Envelopes CTE1 and CTE2 are on the way; but it’s not late to join them. Ask me and I will add you to the end of list.

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Open groups:

Group CTE 5.
2. @HookedonPostcards
3. @DorH
4. @garvey
5. @littlesthobo


Travelling groups

Group CTE 4. Challenge group - Women’s Day.

  1. @HookedonPostcards - sent on Feb 28
  2. @garvey - received on Mar 2, sent on Mar 3
  3. @DorH - received on March 7, sent on March 8
  4. @mezzanine2 - received on March 11

Closed groups

CTE1: Garvey, DorH, cj23, farmgirl (Started Nov 24, 2021; finished Jan 7, 2022)
CTE2: Garvey, farmgirl, mezzanine2, DorH (Started Nov 24, 2021; finished Jan 11, 2022)
CTE3: Mezzanine2, DorH, HookedonPostcard, Garvey (Started Jan 6, 2022, finished Feb 7, 2022)

I : ) sounds fun. Thanks
I like donkeys , horses, maps, road side attractions, forest

@farmgirll, do you want to join both envelopes or just Wishlist?

Sure I can do both : )

Let’s try this out. I’d like to join CTE2 please.

My wishes are as follows: art gallery postcards; museum postcards; illustrations; photography; architecture

Thank you for the instructions.

Hello Garvey.
I would like to join the trav. env. 10 card themed one.
May I have the 3rd seat please? thanks

Hi! Can I please join both TE groups?
Some wishes for CTE2: museum artefacts, art (Inuit prints, west coast, indigenous, Canadian), arctic animals, postal, Canadiana, kitschy retro, Canadian ads

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@garvey: Any thought to running these groups with a smaller number of participants?

Yes, probably I have to do that. I’ll work on flight plan this week

Considering our number and the fact that we know each other through Round Robin I think we don’t need usual flight plan. I will start both envelopes this week. Short instruction and lists of participants will be included.


“10 themes” envelope received and will be mailed tomorrow to @cj23

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I have recieved group 2 and will get it on to @mezzanine2 this week. Thanks @garvey for setting this up

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Thank you to @farmgirll for the CTE2 travelling envelope. I received it in Monday morning’s mail on December 20th!

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Canadian Travelling Envelope 2 has been mailed on Tuesday, December 21st and should start its travels today to the next destination — @DorH.

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May I please join Group CTE 1?
Thanks. Address sent.

I’d be happy to host a travelling envelope.

Ten different themes, with postcards from the local shops here in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I would need a copy of the written instructions sent to participants, and would like a minimum of four people in total, similar to CTE2.

Let me know if this proposal works. I’d like to get this up and running as soon as possible preferably before January 4th.