Can one befriend people in Postcrossing?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if there’s a “Friends” feature in Postcrossing.

This is a place that promotes friendship and communication. But after a while, I assume it would be hard to keep track of the friends you make (through postcards, messages, forum threads, etc.) without a feature that allows you to add users to a Friends List.

Does anything like this, or a workaround, exist on the site?

Thank you very much in advance!



No, there’s no feature like that.
You need to keep track of your friends without technical support.


I don’t think it’s hard. I remember all people that I would add to a friend list if it would exist. Either I feel some sort of friendship, then I remember the people or I don’t and don’t remember them (all). :woman_shrugging:t2:


There is no ‘friends’ list but what many members do is create a folder in their browser bookmarks and save the individual profile links to those members you wish to keep track of, in that folder. That way it is easy to see who you are following.


This sounds so cute they should add a feature like this! I’d love something like a friends list!!!


I think you’ll find as you participate in the Forum, it’s pretty easy to remember, over time, who you have multiple exchanges with, either by postcards, stamps or just conversation. It’s not that big a place.

You can also use your search function in the Forum to check in your personal mail if you’ve had an exchange with someone before as well.

I know for some members who participate in certain Tags or other games regularly, they keep a list of addresses of the people they regularly send cards to.

Most of us find we need some form of central record document on our computer or on paper of all the swaps, tags, lotteries & round robins where we’ve committed to sending someone a card. And that’s another way to keep track of people you regularly connect with.


No, it’s not.
It’s not really different to real life friends (btw, I already made some of my Postcrossing friends to real life friends).

If you’ve found someone you really like and you interact with them frequently you’ll definitely remember them :slight_smile:

But what you could do:
Either create bookmarks on your browser with the individual profile links or create an Excel (or whatever) sheet with their datas and an active link to their profiles.

Imho a friend list, whether visible for all (which would be the worst idea I guess) or just for oneself, could bring trouble and rumors if one “unfriends” another without telling. You know how it is…people can be…strange :person_shrugging:


Great workaround! Simple and effective. Thank you very much for sharing. :slight_smile:

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