Can I send postcards whilst abroad?

Hello all,

I’ve run out of stamps in my country, but I’m going to Berlin in a week and will be buying stamps there as I want to send some postcards home. Will I be able to send my postcrossing postcards from Germany as well, or do I have to wait until I’m back in the UK?


Hi Rose, you can switch your account to travel mode.


What @reisegern tells you is great. However, that would work for addresses picked while on traveling mode. If you already have addresses, to my mind you can send them from Berlin as well.
I once received this postcard: Postcard IE-186442

The postcard itself shows a landscape from Wales, but the ID is Irish and the stamps, German. It was postmarked in Hamburg. There are postcrossers who might get upset for this kind of things, and others, like me, who will enjoy it imagining the sender’s journey. So go ahead!


You can send them from where you want, but some postcrossers will be disappointed if the stamps are not from the same country as the ID.
You can also buy stamps and mail the cards before leaving for Germany. And you can also use online postage, if your postal service offers that.

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Op do what you want. True some people will be mad if stamp ID postcard dont match but its not a rule.
The rule is request an address send a postcard.
But the answer yes. You can send from anywhere. Switch to travel mode and put the city location and using the countries wifi system you connect to will register that countries IP address. And youll get addresses and your map will be from what city you’re in to where its going. Have fun.

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If I understand her right, she has already drawn the addresses, so the travel mode does not help her.
And for the travel mode you need a wifi. Here in Germany wifi is often not free.

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I know I have free wifi in the hotel, but I won’t have my laptop so it won’t be very easy to send!

Ralf is exactly right - I’m planning to draw addresses before I go to Germany, but I don’t want to spend money on stamps here before I go as they aren’t exactly cheap, and I need the money to get into exhibitions and museums etc.

You can do it thst way, but some people will be disappointed.
You csn draw addresdes from every computer with internet and you can also draw them on a smartphone, so you do not need to have your own laptop at hand.
I suggest to either draw and send from Britaoin or draw and send from Germany. Berlin is full of shops sellin cards and full of letterboxes.


You can do either or both! Take the addresses you have drawn with you and send a German card saying you are enjoying holiday, or wait until you get home and mail cards (an extra week makes no difference for snail mail).

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Yes, you can! I sent a ton from my trip to India

My favorites:

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