Blocked from requesting more addresses

That’s incorrect. You get a new slot to send a card to a new recipient. If you decide to resend, that’s up to you and not compulsory or particularly encouraged. I never resend.
Technically, you could resend even before 60 days but of course it makes no sense because cards need time to travel. In fact even 60 days is pretty short to some countries.

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I did report to postcrossing those accounts that seem inactive for months now (like 4-7 months not visited) and the site registered it for me , as I did have a problem with the recipients who seemed to have quit postcrossing but did not notify postcrossing


I read that differently, this way:
when the card expires → option/possibility to send another (to whose address you then draw)

Now I see how you read it, in a way where you send another to this same person. You are right, you don’t have to send another never, and can send earlier. The free slot is just “normal” and to some random member.

(Edit. so nothing new in my message, I just stopped thinking wasn’t this what they wrote, but seems like I made it sound in my head like it is :grin: )

Sorry, crossed wires. I meant you get a new recipient not an option to resend.

Perhaps I have misunderstood @Berry_i original post. I don’t understand why his account is blocked from requesting more addresses. I can only have 10 travelling at the moment but I have 13 on my list because 3 have expired. I will have to wait until the some of the 10 are received before I can request new addresses but my account isn’t “blocked”.

The worst aspect of this project, in my opinion is that dedicated Postcrossers who are the backbone of the project are red flagged when their cards sent to a country with an abysmal postal service do not arrive, whereupon Postcrossing makes the assumption that they are cheating and punishes them by stopping them from sending any more cards.


I absolutely understand your feelings.

This summer I was blocked from requesting more addresses because ‘difference between sent and registered’ was too big.

I was upset because my mailbox was empty for half the summer - in addition, I received a ban on sending! And the difference only was increasing.

Even when in the end I received bunch of cards (seven), registered it and asked to be allowed to send postcards again - I wasn’t , because I received and registered postcards ‘that were sent relatively recently’,
but there were quite a few cards sent to me in spring that haven’t arrived. unfortunately, I didn’t know how could I fix it in August, three month after.

I received advice to contact my building’s manager, my neighbors and the local post office in order to try to find the reason for this loss of postcards and write a formal complaint (to do it I had to fill the date of sending the wanted postcards and the sender’s postal code - but I didn’t not know anything about the postcards that I did not receive).

And in the end in assumption that some mail got sent back in June - 10 ‘lost’ cards were manually registered. Maybe some of them lost, maybe got the wrong mailbox, maybe even wasn’t sent - I’ll never know:(

part of me believes that some of them will one day get my old mailbox (my friends check it from time to time)

Wish you, Berry, will be unblocked as soon as possible! Maybe you could send another letter with a link to this topic ⚠️ Temporary mail suspension to China -it’s not your fault that your postcards didn’t make it into these 40%.


The reason that the system blocked me from requesting more addresses: the system detected that most of my postcard to China expired. I don’t understand the word most here… They gave me a list of 9 travelling postcards that were not registered (requesting date from Feb 24, 2022 till Nov 24, 2022). What I normally don’t do: I asked these 9 postcrossers to register my postcard because it was expired, only one did. So now the list has 8 expired postcards, but I am still blocked


It’s never happened to me but a few of the UK members have recently been blocked as most of their expired postcard to Russia haven’t arrived.

How many Expired Postcards do you have? And how many are you allowed to send?

I don’t know how the Algorithm works, but is it something like the ratio of expired postcards to number of allowed travelling postcards?

For example I can send 20 postcards, I have 19 travelling and 10 expired, but not blocked.

However if say my expired postcards reached say 22 and I only have 20 slots available will I be blocked? Because does the system think I am ‘Cherry Picking’ addresses to countries I wish to send to?


From what I understand, it’s more along the lines of how many you have expired out of total sent in the past 12 months?


Yes, because it’s against the rules to register a card, if it’s not arrived in reality. If members do this, it starts looking like the mail works properly, or better, when it doesn’t.

But that’s not much cards that are expired :frowning: especially looking at how much you send. So many months you send over 100 cards, so 9 expired to China is not a miracle. I send less and have more expired and am not blocked. (Now writing this I’m sure it happens.)

I really hope there will be some information about this.

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Unfortunately this method didn’t works for me. I reported about the recipient who last logged 10 months ago, and the card I sent them is now on it’s 320smth days of traveling. Postcrossing answered that “they can’t do anything about it”.

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Today one of my postcards to China was registered after 261 days…
It was automatically registered by Postcrossing because the account of the receiver was closed.
So now my account is unblocked !!! What will happen when a next postcard to China expires ?
For now I am happy.


You are not likely to be given more Chinese addresses soon as they are only released slowly.

I thought the same before I read that he sent 9 postcards to China between February and November 2022 (and of course all 9 expired).

I, with repeated countries turned on, have never had that much travelling postcards to China. In the last year I had 4 at max and that was before Postcrossing blocked Chinese addresses (btw and without offending anyone: cards to China are still an adventure :frowning: ).


This is compounded as addresses are being issued in blocks not as individual cards are logged as received.
I have received about 18 cards all sent 3/1/22 from various countries, nothing is dated any later. I send cards immediately slots are available but go weeks without receiving any. Total numbers tie up eventually but it doesn’t work how I thought it would.
UK is still mailing to Russia so I get a lot of those taking a long-time to be received. Most have been received post expiry. But I had to take off repeated options as running out of slots.

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Same for me. With repeated countries option I mostly get Germany, Russia and Usa. That can be slow, but in the end most cards arrive


I wonder if anyone on the Postcrossing team has even seen this topic, and could perhaps reply?

The people getting blocked are generally those who have successfully sent 100s or even 1,000s of postcards. I doubt they’ve all suddenly become picky about where they send postcards to. I’m sure most, if not all these, have sent every postcard they should have done.

The world’s mail system seems to have changed dramatically recently, and not in a good way. So many people, myself included, are finding things incredibly slow, with far fewer of my travelling postcards being registered.

I would love to know if @paulo and @meiadeleite are monitoring what’s happening. And, bearing in mind what is happening, maybe the criteria for people being blocked needs to change?


I’m from China,last summer I sent five postcards to Europe and America ,only three of them have been received, two of them are still traveling :exploding_head:It has been 200 days!
Besides ,all of the postcards that I have received were from Russia and Belarus. I don’t know why.China has already opened its customs.


I’m fairly new to Postcrossing and was already blocked twice - once for my sent cards being lost and expired, and next time for not receiving cards, which is both times were ridiculous and frustrating, because it apparently wasn’t my fault.

How could I know where exactly all these cards dissappear? We would never find out. I still visit my old post office once a month asking them if there’s any mail arrived for me, but that’s just it.


@Berry_i , i messaged several postcrosser to inquire if they had received my postcards. Only one answered, begrudgingly to let me know that she had health issues that needed her attention. Fair enough. However, you have the postcard in your hands, it was mailed to you, why wait almost a year to register it, and only after you received a gentle reminder?
I understand that they’re circumstances that hinder the smooth flow of postcrossing (war and underdeveloped postal systems) but a little kindness and politeness do make a great difference.