All about blacklist.

Do you had or have one?

How to organise?

What persons make it to the list?


Note: It’s not allowed to publish blacklists here. On the mainpage/userprofile some members have an Expired postcard including postcrossers username list. Not recommended, not forbidden either.

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The Forum Guidelines say:

“Don’t create lists of good/bad members.”

So is it just about publishing them, or also about creating them? I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss blacklists if we shouldn’t create / keep them… :upside_down_face:


Well, in my opinion it is totally up to me what happens in my head :wink:

And, sadly, it was necessary to create my own blacklist over the years. There aren’t a lot of names on it and fortunately most of them already vanished from Postcrossing or didn’t even make it to the new forum, or, at least for me no surprise, were active only on Facebook.


I believe it’s an excellent topic to discuss! It’s informative on a personal level! That is why we have guides such as to which plants, and herbs are safe to touch or digest. How do we personally choose who deserves our mental energy and especially the time, effort, and kindness that Postcrossing is all about! Unfortunately some are not kind, and it’s important to be aware and beware!

:warning: Yes of course, we should not share these names! Each person should develop their own personal opinions and interactions without bias. :warning:

Thankfully, I have not found anything in the Postcrossing community that would make me feel this way towards another Postcrosser! (Although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time as I am still new and excited to meet new people!)

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In this new forum you dont need to organise your blacklist.
Just blacklist them in your profile setting.

As you see, I block 2 members :sleeping: :sleeping:


I’m too new to this site to have experienced any of this, but having done swaps for my other hobbies I wonder if there are certain “clues” within a profile that might raise red flags.


Ah, I thought it was meant people who cheat on postcards :sweat_smile:

So far I didn’t put anyone on my ignore list. Infact I cannot remember to have put anyone on any forum on such a list.
But I would definitely do this immediately if someone harasses me all the time.
On Facebook I had such a list. A long list. No known person. But there are so many scammers and at one point I was so fed up so since then I put them immediately on the block list.


I don’t have a blacklist, I haven’t muted/ignored anyone.
Few members I have on the back of my head for some reasons, but it’s mainly to be cautious.

Here, you can flag the posts. It mostly takes away the worst messages.

When I was penpalling, some kept written and copied blacklists of people with their addresses and what their “crime” was (sometimes it was even, they only wrote one letter :sweat_smile: ) and sent these to all their penpals. I threw them all away :grinning:


I keep track of my RRs and tags and I have a (small) list with people I don’t tag anymore.

This is when I’m missing at least 2 cards from this person or the person didn’t send me a PM for at least 3 received cards and didn’t answer to my message.
It’s a little bit depending on the country, because in some countries the postal system is not that good,
For example I have a German member on this list where I’m missing 3 cards from tags and one card from a RR.
I had also an US-member on this list because I missed at least 5 cards from RRs and tags and never got any answer if she received mine. When I noticed that she joined another RR I’m in, I contacted the host to let her know (with links to the other RRs) and told her, that it’s up to here, if she lets her participate and I’d respect her decision. She dropped the person and some weeks later that person was suspended from postcrossing. (BTW: I knew this person from another swapping webite where it was the same, she often didn’t send, but this other swapping website didn’t suspend her because admins didn’t really care…)

On my profile I have a list with suspended cards from 2023, but only country and postcard-ID.
And I have the expired cards in numbers by country for 2022 on my profile.

I’ll delete the numbers for 2022 at the end of 2023, and the give the numbers for 2023 and the expired IDs from 2024. This is more some kind of personal tracking for me than naming people. Of course, cards get lost, so there’s no need to name the users on my profile.


I started this topic and would give my thoughts in a second post. But the topic was on a hold for approval. Now I see it made it to the forum.

I have never had a blacklist, nor XP (expired postcard) name list in userprofile. As I am against it for spreading negative energy towards others, and myself on first place.

By that I am too lazy to organise that. Prefer sending cards instead.

But now and then…
I guess it’s the best to ignore. How difficult now and then. But I get better in this compared to time when I signed up.


Omg yes, those really mean lists. I threw them away, too. I remember one list where I found the name of a very good penpal of mine (we’re still writing letters, for ages now) and the mentioned “crime” was nothing else than a revenge of a former penpal of her because she ended the penpal ship due to harassment.


I did keep a blacklist on another swap-site I was a member of, but I don’t have one for Postcrossing.

I have a list in my excel sheets where I keep track of all of my tags and swaps, and there are four names on that sheet who I sent cards to last December, who still haven’t contacted me to let me know they received my postcard or not. I messaged three of them in February, but no replies. So I guess I won’t be tagging those four people again unless something changes.

But I wouldn’t call it a blacklist.

As this hobby becomes more and more expensive with prices for both cards and stamps rising, I think at least for me personally I will be more aware of who and where I’m sending cards to.


I have an “alert” list way back from the old Postcrossing forum (before Discord). Almost everyone on the list is now almost gone (inactive?). Those on the list is where I am the victim. Cards never arrived, item tags never received and also my travelling notebook never returned back to me (my anime&manga travelling notebook). I still memorize the username (official account and forum name) who didn’t return my TN until now (it’s over a decade ago). Because the username happen to be very easy to remember. Sometimes, I say I will hunt you down if you ever appear in the forum. :joy: haha!

Now I have stop having such alert list because I’m not that active in swapping or joining tags and RR groups. If I continue to be active, I will create an alert list again. :sweat_smile: It is important to be alert of such scammer/cheater especially when they are active in the forum.

But encounter with scammer/cheater will be less likely when we can request for photo proof. This make the swap feel more welcoming and have a pleasant experience in the end.

I have one member in muted list. My ignored list is nil (empty).


I agree, proofs are so helpful! I always take photo proof of every Tag card I send, and I send it in PM before mailing the card. I wish this were more common, because it gives me peace of mind! However, I also haven’t really had any issues with tags. And I feel like I’m even starting to see more people send Tag card proof. It’s nice! Before, proofs were always sent for swaps. I’m glad that I’m seeing more for Tags now.

(I also send proofs for swaps, of course, and lottery winners too. :pray:)


This may not be actually called blacklist, but speaking of a list of that sort, I have read in the old forum there actually were or are people who have created a certain list of Japanese members who would not send out any Gotochi cards on Postcrossing…

How terrible and how inhumane !


Outside of official PC, I keep an extensive excel sheet of all my incoming and outgoing direct swaps, round robins, etc. I tend not to swap again with people who are less than communicative about confirming receipts or discussing missing cards.

When I get a new swap request, I can just do a quick search in my excel file for the user name to see if I’ve swapped with them before. However, if you’re extra like I am, you can also set conditional formatting. When I type in someone’s username in a column, it will turn red - which means we’ve had a prior exchange gone wrong :laughing:


Many responses here seem to be about RR, trades, tags, etc. I don’t participate in those much. I have sent exactly one card in a tag just recently. I appreciate the suggestion to photograph it first but I mailed it last week and didn’t photograph :see_no_evil: Hopefully it arrives. I don’t want to be blacklisted!

I don’t have anyone muted or ignored here on the forum. Sure, there are some members who are grumpy sometimes or say things I don’t agree with, or are disagreeable in general. :woman_shrugging:t2: But I just scroll past them or don’t respond to their comments. I can ignore them in real life without a button that does that for me.
I’m sorry if others have experienced interactions so terrible they must forever block that person.

I’m surprised that there is even a topic about blacklists and how to organize them. This feels like it encourages being intolerant of others and judging them, rather than working out misunderstandings through discussion, or simply moving on with your day. I try to remember not to take things so personally. A forum is very one dimensional, and some people say things online that they would never say in real life. English is not the first language of many participants, so some nuance can be lost.


Thanks to this post, I now know how I can mute or block someone :grimacing:
But, hopefully, I won’t have to use that function.

I know from other forums that people were allowed to have signatures which was a place to write or post images under every one of your posts. On these sites, it was relatively normal to have something written like “trusted swaps: name123, name321, name132.” I’m not only glad that signatures do not exist on this forum, but I’m also glad that we don’t publically have something like that, even if it was something “positive.”

If someone wants to keep an excel sheet of good and bad swaps, it makes a lot of sense. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it as long as that information is not leaked to anyone except moderators.


Wise words.

I remember a forum where a user listed all specifications of all his computers. It was a signature over 8 or 9 lines :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


While I sometimes view this as just a lost piece of paper, I don’t want to convey the impression that I just fell off the turnip truck either. With a couple of people who cheated me, the next time they tagged me in the Forum and asked for my address, I told them to tag someone else; I don’t deal with cheats. After a lot of huffing and puffing (who? Me!?), I said I really don’t care don’t bother me. These cheats just can’t stand to be exposed.