Bingo for new members - 2018

This Bingo is for members who joined Postcrossing in 2018.

You can get a BINGO in two different ways:

:black_medium_small_square:by sending a postcard to 40 different countries

:black_medium_small_square:by recieving a postcard from 40 different countries

Whenever someone gets a BINGO, they recieve a card from each other player.

**Only official postcards sent on are counted towards the bingo.
You can find your list of sent postcards here and a list of your recieved postcards here.

**Only registered postcards are counted. Travelling or expired cards are not.

**Please update your lists by editing your first post. This keeps the thread neat and makes it easier for me to spot when people first post to take part.

**Please include the postcard link. Posts without links won’t be included in the rankings.

**When you first post your list or update it with new countries, please add the date of your update.
I’d really appreciate it if you could update the date on your list from time to time, even if you have no countries to add. This is so I can see that you are still participating in this Bingo.

**If you have more than one Postcrossing account, you may play them separately, but not combined.

**You have a BINGO? Congratulations!
I will contact you for your address so I can pass it to the other players to send you a postcard.

**There is a bingo FAQ here but feel free to post any questions you may have.

Have fun and good luck! :D



vjr123 45
SkyRider 51
ninja 41
-Karina- 23
tikyut 24
z101 16
coruscantsoul 8
Moekje 42
Germon 9
Pezimaniac 32
chococrisp 9
NaxaMissCerecita 11
Kalinka1987 22
naturhanninchen 52
PurpleViola 9
cactilover 22
sharifah 12
blackrosesam 29


vjr123 45
SkyRider 51
ninja 39
-Karina- 21
tikyut 26
Moekje 44
Germon 4
coruscantsoul 11
z101 15
Pezimaniac 31
chococrisp 7
NaxaMissCerecita 19
naturhanninchen 51
PurpleViola 2
cactilover 23
sharifah 1
blackrosesam 28

Updated 04.11.2020 18:11

Here is my list. I’ll update soon.

Joined Postcrossing: August 2018
List updated: 7 September 2020
Sent total: 114
Sent countries: 32
Traveling: 1
Expired: 2
Received total: 113
Received countries: 31


:austria: Austria US-5718820
:belarus: Belarus US-5651566
:belgium: Belgium US-5617809
:brazil: Brazil US-6431135
:bulgaria: Bulgaria US-5742888
:canada: Canada US-5635651
:cn: China US-5532364
:czech_republic: Czechia US-5852037
:finland: Finland US-5597034
:fr: France US-5651565
:de: Germany US-5523620
:hong_kong: Hong Kong US-6366928
:hungary: Hungary US-5739713
:india: India US-6321983
:it: Italy US-5532289
:jp: Japan US-5935663
:malaysia: Malaysia US-5549494
:netherlands: Netherlands US-5818757
:philippines: Philippines US-6272552
:poland: Poland US-5713468
:portugal: Portugal US-5818760
:ru: Russia US-5525561
:singapore: Singapore US-6321986
:slovakia: Slovakia US-6848793
:slovenia: Slovenia US-5895160
:es: Spain US-5852033
:switzerland: Switzerland US-5549480
:taiwan: Taiwan US-5631040
: Turkey: Turkey US-5818759
30. United Arab Emirates
31. United Kingdom
32. U.S.A.

_1. Australia
_2. Austria
_3. Belarus
_4. Belgium
_5. Brazil
_6. Canada
_7. China
_8. Czechia
_9. Finland
10. France
11. Germany
12. Hong Kong
13. Hungary
14. India
15. Indonesia
16. Ireland
17. Japan
18. Latvia
19. Lithuania
20. Malaysia
21. Netherlands
22. Philippines
23. Poland
24. Portugal
25. Russia
26. South Africa
27. Spain
28. Taiwan
29. Turkey
30. Ukraine
31. U.S.A.

Ow wow, am I still in the stats?
@Tufta Please remove me from the stats, I haven’t been a part of this bingo for a year or so.