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-Karina-, the host of one of the world countries bingo disappeared…

So I thought of merging the 2 Bingos.
With these steps :

  • 50 countries (less than 1000 cards sent)
  • 100 countries (over 1000 cards sent)
  • 120/140/160

What do you think (esp. @MissPatitav ) ?

:+1: Why not use the transition to the new forum for little adjustments like this.

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When you see a username that is just bold (not linked), it means that person isn’t here in the new forum yet… so they didn’t get a notification about this post. :sweat_smile: Hopefully they’ll come around soon, and you can continue that discussion when they do!

Now she’s in this forum, so let’s try again @MissPatitav

:rofl: :thinking: 2 years ago when -Karina- openend this bingo I posted that

It’s me again :slight_smile:
I think to start the new “50/100/150 Around the world BINGO!” was no good idea.
Because you can’t join both Bingos, Members of the “NEW Big 100/140 Bingo” leave and join the other Bingo, because they can get a Bingo with 50 countries.
Probably we will get no new participants in the future in this game :mad:
In my opinion, it would have been better, we would have extended the 100/140 Bingo to 50/100/140.
What do you mean?

And now, back to the beginning - I agree with it :innocent:


I will move the Asia & Oceania 30/40 Bingo here soon, so I’m now considering to add more steps. At the moment only one member has reached a 40 Bingo, but nevertheless. Overall there are 77 countries.

Suggestions for more steps please.

Edit: Maybe I should check whether all countries have active users or not.

Sorry for the delay. I’m in the new Forum but Real Life is being hectic and until next week I cannot devote my time to migrate my Bingos to the new Forum.
When fisherman contacted me about the idea of the new “50/100/150 around the World Bingo” I wasn’t to keen on the idea but I was neither the “owner” of the Bingo nor an administrator. I was only the host so I expressed my opinion but gave him freedom of decission. So if you want now to merge both Bingos I will respect your decission.

Yes merging would be great. That means more postcards received for every Bingo ! :smiley:

Is it fine if you still remain the host @MissPatitav ? Let us know but of course no stress.

I’d love to keep on being the host. Next Monday I will start migrating all my Bingos.


Got 1 question. On mergin would we have to send cards to all those who achieved BINGO in the other thread? As prices went up a lot this could take me months ( try to limit number of postcards/letters per month).

(Sorry, misinterpreted the question, I don’t know)


I am not MissPatitav but my suggestion would be to put the two bingo games together and whoever reaches a bingo from now on gets cards from everyone else.
To write cards retroactively now, i think, is not practicable.

We had that in the alphabet bingo a long time ago - every month we had to write a few cards . It was totally chaotic and also stressful.
If it should come to such a situation again, I would leave this Bingo.

@Tufta If you compromise to sending all the postcards (even at your own rhythm) I have no problem with the timetable. This is a hobby and sometimes a quite expensive one and Real Life interferes with it many times.

@Bille I’m completely open at all your suggestions in respect at the merging. But as it is a “New Forum” maybe we can in a way start afresh. All my Bingos are updated (the only people who has not reacted to the postcards due messages are the inactive ones).

I remember the alphabet bingo postcard marathon and totally agree with you. But the “beginners” Around the world Bingo wasn’t updated by @-Karina- in a year and @Tufta and I reached Bingos in the meantime. Tufta sent us her adress on her own, but I waited for -Karina- to do it (which she never did). I think, the members of our old Bingo should have to send the cards to Tufta and me.

In the sandbox we had already talked about writing to the participants and asking them to transfer their lists to here. So I think we should continue the Bingos as if there were no new forum. Of course you can’t force anyone to join again and everyone is free to stop participating.

But now it was only about the merging of two bingo games and I have just given my opinion.
But it’s only my opinion - you are the host and you decide how to proceed.
But I don’t think I want to write many cards retroactively.

I think your suggestion is totally ok. If the previous host has not updated the bingo, it must still be done and the winners have to get their cards.

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@Bille @curry-king I think that’s fair. I will prepare things and next Monday I will start with this Bingo.
I’m still a bit lost on how do things here but I promise I will get to speed as soon as possible