Bible verse on Postcard

Postcard lovers
I have 2 beautiful bible verse’s on a postcard for the swap.

I also have church postcards if anyone is interested along with the verses.

Many blessings


Soo pretty!
Again, I’ll swap with you! :upside_down_face:

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Hi - we can do a swap if you want.

Do you want both ?

Sure, you want both the cards ?

Hi - PM’d you.

I love Bible quotes but don’t have such postcards and didn’t see them in the local stores.

(edit: don’t have anything to swap at the moment, unfortunately)


I got it printed for church. wanna swap ?

Do you still have a mighty warrior who saves card left?
I can swap a Tintin card.

oh Yes for sure… how exciting is that. Pm me your address please.

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I LOVE the top postcard! I can send first to see if you like what I have because I can’t scan right now… Okay?

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HI, yes. Thanks

Sure will wait.

Do you still have the first card available?

@chasingkites I will send you pm.

Yes I do…
Please send me your address and I shall post it. By this evening.

Many blessings

I sent you a PM :smile:

ok. Yes I do have the card.