Beautiful cards with no favourites

Received some beautiful watercolor cards :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I rather like this maxicard aerial image of the Great Barrier Reef in Oz. It has no likes though.


I love seeing stamp collages but the occasional ones I made following profile wishes received little love. Two without favourites:

And by others:

A favorite designer named Don Moyer sends postcards out with large orders but much to my dismay doesn’t sell them separately. He sells notecards and prints but no postcards. After making the request a few times they took pity on me and kindly sent an envelope of postcards. This is one of my favorites.

Another favorite for writers and book lovers

The card on the left.

I need to convince them to print some postcards for sale with these and some of their other quirky designs because I love them so but maybe I’m the only one. They do sell some notecards (not with these designs) so I may resort to buying a pack of those and cutting them apart to make a postcard.

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I love this card and saddened it has no favorites. It’s even made of wood!

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