Beautiful cards with no favourites

Share your least favourited official sent postcards so that we may shower them with love! :hearts:

This topic was very popular in the old forum but I haven’t seen it in the new one. It was started by Pihka. If I missed it, please point me to the correct place! This is the old topic: Postcrossing (Legacy) Forum - Beautiful cards with no favourites

I know that like me, many people here like the favourite option in the Postcrossing wall. It’s fun to mark beautiful cards as favourites and to find your received or sent cards favourited by others.

Sometimes a card we send gets favourited a lot of times, maybe because it gets to be shown on the PC front page or for other reasons we don’t know… Sometimes we send/receive/find in the gallery what we think is an equally beautiful postcard, and yet it has no favourites. Well, this thread is for those cards! :slight_smile:

Here you can post a link of cards found in the Postcrossing gallery, that you think are beautiful or special, but that have not received any favourites. They can be cards sent by you, received by you, or just random cards from other users. Let’s keep it to 1-5 cards per post, and feel free to write your comments about the cards. :slight_smile:

Post the url to the card (it should have this form: ID here) on a new line and the forum will provide a preview for us.

Now, let’s see yours! :slight_smile:


I start with these cards which have zero likes and I think deserve more:


Beautiful illustration to the "Chronicles of Narnia’ by Russian artist Anastasia Kovalenko

“Lion King” is my favorite cartoon.

I love Australian fauna

Interesting drawing by M. C. Escher (but those who are afraid of insects may not agree)

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Beautiful reproduction of the painting by Polish artist Tamara de Lempicka. I love her paintings :heart:.

I remember that topic from the old forum. Thanks for bringing it back to life @Feuerstuhl.

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I’ve only sent 8 cards from my hometown so far, and 6 of them have at least one like, but this one is my favourite. In fact, I liked it so much I use it as my profile picture!


I don’t usually love traditional tourist cards, but I thought the colors in these were so pretty.


Here are a few of my favourite postcards that I’ve sent…that got no hearts.

They’re postcards showing my local area too. I think they’re pretty!

This one below shows Gibraltar Falls, in the nearby Namadgi National Park

This one shows the Carillion, Lake Burley Griffin and Black Mountain Tower in the background. These are all found in the centre of Canberra.

This postcard shows Lake Burley Griffin during Floriade, our annual flower festival.

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I think this elephant postcard is really well done, colorful, and interesting.


Nice topic @Feuerstuhl. A couple of mine without hearts:

Illustration by Anton Pieck:

Alice in Wonderland:

Painting by Hendrick Avercamp:

FAGA Titanic:


Oh this topic is simply amazing! Thanks a lot @Feuerstuhl!
I like old drawings like these ones:

and black and white pictures like these ones:
(this one was taken in the Jewish district of Vilnius, I really liked it as it has a special story)

(and this one is a museum in the beautiful city of Kaunas, which is currently the European capital of culture; you should visit :blush:)

This topic is a very beautiful idea.

I love to put “heart” on the postcard that i see on Postcrossing.I have distributed many to those posted previously.

Here are my postcards that haven’t been favorited yet:

Great topic!
… is there any topic about why we give heart to a card or why not?
Just scrolling through my favorites recently I discovered that I gave them to same card sent by different people twice or three times! (So then deleted the “double-hearts” …
Sometimes I don’t favorite a card though I love it - for example if the photograph is of bad quality.

little dog in a bookshelf, sent by me, has only my own heart.

“Though he is not perfect, we recognize the perfect moon in him.
Can we look at us like we look at the moon?”

Lovely topic, indeed! :heart_eyes:
I certainly have many postcards with no hearts. :pensive:

This is the first I could find, from the village of Porto Venere, near Cinque Terre in Liguria :it:

I also found this one among my very first sent postcards, showing the main square in Trieste :it:

More later… :wink:


I too love the idea of this thread. Thanks for starting it @Feuerstuhl .

This is one of my favourites:


Wow :heart_eyes: Today I received very similar card from the tag!

Are they same series, in different season one?
Very beautiful :sparkles:


I really love this christmas card which was one of the earliest cards I sent when I started postcrossing, but noone has liked it so far :blush:

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Yes. They’re both PHQ postcards of spring flowers, released on the same date and painted by the same artist.

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