Asia meets the world RR (many groups! Views, non-views, Unesco, Surprise...)



Last update: 4/ March /21

Thanks to the previous host, smeshynka

I am Yolanda, the new host of this RR. I hope it runs very well

We have a Flickr group for sharing our received postcards.

There are groups with different number of members. Choose what you prefer. Some group could have a theme. If not themed, please take a look at the partners preferences, wishlist or favourites and try to send something accordingly. :D


  • Please, don´t sign up for a group if you are not going to send postcards . It is very annoying for others if you don’t send your cards :(

  • If you want to join, post on the thread the group number and send me a U2U with your address (if you are new in this RR). I do not add members to a group without having their address.

  • First-time participants may only join a group and when all the other participants have received your cards you can join other groups

  • Send only professionally-published cards (no ad/free cards or handmade)

  • Please, send your cards within two weeks of receiveing addresses and put your username, group number and tittle of the RR on your cards.

  • Only one user from each country, except for Asian members

  • Be respectful and polite. If your card get lost, be kind and resend

  • Don’t forget to post here when you send and receive cards

–If in two months you haven’t received your cards, please let me know and I ask for a resending. If you are inactive or you don’t send me a u2u for your not received cards I assume that they are received.

  • I reserve the right to exclude unreliable participants from this RR

  • If you have some idea or suggestion, please, let me know

Let’s start!


Group 390- Non-viewcards
1- Catherine-leung (China)
2- (World)
3- (World)
4- (World)

Group 397- UNESCO
1- nelly_Zhou (China)
2- anarita91 (Portugal)
3- (World)
4- (World)

Group 398- Surprise
1- (Asia)
2- Vicky_Strange (Kazakhstan)
3- thuegirl (Germany)
4- (World)

Group 399- Viewcards
1- (Asia)
2- (World)
3- (World)
4- (World)


Group 394- Viewcards
1- Defe (Taiwan)- sent (not to Italy for mail restrictions by the moment) -rec: :love_letter:
2- Diba2017 (Germany) -sent -rec: :+1:
3- Lleyton (China)- sent -rec: :+1:
4- isabetta (Italy) -sent -rec: Diba2017, Lleytoncassidy
addresses sent on 14 September, deadline: 28 September

Group 395- Viewcards
1- Defe (Taiwan)
2- Diba2017 (Germany) :postbox:
3- LleytonCassidy (China)
4- laohuli1024 (USA :postbox:
addresses sent on 24 Febrruary, deadline: 10 March

Group 396- Surprise
1- yuyunanami (Japan) :postbox:
2- Ashushu (China) :postbox:
3- RichTheMaster (Slovakia) :postbox: rec: SiM_
4- SiM_ (Turkey) :postbox: rec: RichTheMaster
addresses sent on 8 february, deadline: 22 February


Group 282- Asia meets the world (Views)[/b]- Adresses sent 15 September
Defe and kenkaren123 / rubycantfail and mishakiss :thumbup:
Group 283- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent 16 October
Walagemini and Yu-Hu / atlantidochka and azzurri :thumbup:
Group 284- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent 01 September
Ashushu, yukiekitchen and chien063 / azzurri, Fishog and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 285- For all!-Addresses sent 13 December
zwf8360816, fantosmaka, debsywebsy and Tolkien :thumbup:
aeronest, not reported from fantosmaka and Tolkien (u2u sent, waiting info)
Group 286- Mini-group- Addresses sent 10 November
Joy Wang, debsywebsy and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 288- Animals- Addresses sent on 5 January
Defe, hexyr and wakametta :thumbup:
Michaela203 (Hexyr’s card lost, resent not wanted)
Group 289- Illustrations- Addresses sent 10 November
cindytang, mamegohan1986, Anna234 and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 290- Asia meets the world- Adresses sent 31th October
tt42916 and Shilpa Royton / FraeuleinLuna and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 291- Asia meets the world-launched 13 November
Felicia-C and Candyliar / Tolkien and Geiko :thumbup:
Group 292 (mini)- Surprise! -Addresses sent 24th November
chien063, Leonis and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 293- Illustrations- Addresses sent 15 November
kirimaru, Vidoll and Tolkien :thumbup:
Ann123 (not reported from Vidoll, u2u sent, not answered)
Group 294- Asia meets the world.- Addresses sent 17 November
yukiekitchen and Yu-Hu / charlottetraz and FraueleinLuna :thumbup:
Group 295- Illustrations- Addresses sent on 24 December
xMISTYx, mamegohan1986, FraeuleinLuna and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 296- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent 15 December
kenkaren123 (Hong Kong) and mamegohan (Japan) / ceskt13 (USA) and FraeuleinLuna (Germany) :thumbup:
Group 297- Mini group- Surprise- Addresses sent 28 December
Orenji (Singapore), Defe (Taiwan) and Tolkien (Spain) :thumbup:
Group 301- Animals-Addresses sent 13 April
walkaround99, SilviaMaja and Vidoll :thumbup:
mangofree (assumed received from Vidoll)
Group 303- Illustrations- Addresses sent 12 March
aeronest (China), Galaksi (Finland), debsywebsy (Singapore) and Val (Belarus) :thumbup:
Group 305- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent 8 January
aeronest (China) and Defe (Taiwan) / miceu (Portugal) and Thomas & Volker Teddybear (Germany) (assumed received)
Group 306- Viewcards- Addresses sent on 9 February
uhcnuy (Taiwan), miceu (Portugal), charlottetraz (Spain) and vonlewentz (Slovakia) :thumbup:
Group 307- Mini group- Surprise- Addresses sent on 25 January
yeoreum_kr (Korea (South)), Galaksi (Finland) and Tycho (Netherlands) :thumbup:
Group 308- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 11 February
chien063(Taiwan) and kirimaru (Japan) / miceu (Portugal) and Tolkien (Spain) :thumbup:
Group 309- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 15 February
orenji (Singapore) and judyye (Taiwan) / miceu (Portugal) and pjsubway (USA) :thumbup:
Group 311- UNESCO- Addresses sent on 7 April
kate0707 and Purple :thumbup:
kibele (assumed received from pjsubway)
pjsubway (assumed received all)
Group 312- Mini-group-Surprise- Addresses sent on 21 February
HaochenLu and Tolkien :thumbup:
hexyr (assumed received from HaochenLu)
Group 313- Viewcards- Addresses sent on 25 February
sakura8341, chiuyunting and walkaround99 :thumbup:
pjsubway (assumed received from chiuyungting)
Group 314- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 12 March
Defe and pjazz / Galaksi and Tycho :thumbup:
Group 315- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 28 March
janice-girl and sheepadeep / vonlewentz :thumbup:
pjsubway (assumed received all)
Group 316- Mini-group-Surprise- Addresses sent on 28 March
janice-girl, mangomeliss and Killewips :thumbup:
Group 317-Viewcards- Addresses sent on 18 May
Defe, Birgl, AliJawad99 and Wonglingchih :thumbup:
Group 318- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 1 April
orenji and sakura8341 / Nadering and Tycho :thumbup:
Group 319-Illustrations- Addresses sent on 6 May
yingak, yeoreum_kr and Tolkien :thumbup:
hexyr (assumed received from yingak and yeoreum_kr)
Group 320- Mini-group-Surprise- Addresses sent on 9 May
bear_eyes, malcarado and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 321- Asia meets the world´- Addresses sent on 12 April
yuime (Japan) and kisskaoru (China) / mangomeliss (USA) and akhilpreeti (India) :thumbup:
Group 322- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 24 April
pjazz/ hexyr and Nadering
Candyliar (assumed received from hexyr)
Group 323-UNESCO- addresses sent on 16 April
Killewips, akhilpreeti and Em803 :thumbup:
Candyliar (assumed received from Killewips)
Group 324- Asia meets the world- Adresses sent on 20 April
sakura8341 (Japan) and pjazz (Japan) / azurri (Switzerland) and malcarado (Belgium) :thumbup:
Group 325-Animals- Addresses sent on 28 April
meghan723, Val and LiaKatalina :thumbup:
Candyliar (assumed received from Val)
Group 326- UNESCO- Addresses sent on 27 July
akhilpreeti, imbrito and vonlewentz :thumbup:
poeticsteph (assumed received from akhilpreeti)
Group 327- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 10 May
pjazz (Japan) and keries (China) / malcarado (Belgium) and walkaround99 (Malaysia) :thumbup:
Group 328- Asia meets the world
debsywebsy (Singapore) and amakara (Japan) / Nadering (Portugal) and Tycho (Netherlands) :thumbup:
Group 329- Animals- Addresses sent on 7 May
theargon, namigashira and Tolkien :thumbup:
smilee_lady1988 (assumed received from theargon and namigashira)
Group 330- Illustrations- Addresses sent on 28 May
Candyliar, jum, gnex and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 331- Animals- Addresses sent on 11 November
cj23, Claw, nanapop and ReineFlo :thumbup:
Group 332- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 16 May
TheBengalurean (India) and orenji (Singapore) / SilviaMaja (Germany) and KatiaShi (Czech Republic) :thumbup:
Group 333- Mini-group-Surprise- Addresses sent on 24 May
Joy Wang (Taiwan), malcarado (Belgium), yuime(Japan) :thumbup:
Group 334- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 18 May
yuyunanami and Bater / Red_and_green and azzurri :thumbup:
Group 335- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 22 May
sakura8341 and afimiza/ laalee and Nadering :thumbup:
Group 336-Viewcards- Addresses sent on 5 June
TheBengalurean, ritz, Wonglingchi and Tycho :thumbup:
Group 337- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 6 June
Defe (Taiwan) and yuime (Japan) / malcarado (Belgium) and Nadering (Portugal) :thumbup:
Group 338- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 17 June
Zengpiao and haathi / Tolkien and Killewips :thumbup:
Group 339-Mini-group-Surprise- Addresses sent on 10 June
Candyliar, malcarado and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 340-Illustrations- addresses sent on 17 June
kisskaoru, Purple and malcarado :thumbup:
gnex (assumed received from malcarado)
Group 341- Viewcards- addresses sent on 8 August
Killewips and kate0109 :thumbup:
Jasmine (assumed received from Killewips)
TXGigi (assumed received from Jasmine)
Group 342- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 27 June
Defe (Taiwan) and traintang (Hong Kong) / malcarado (Belgium) and g11ndje (Netherlands) :thumbup:
Group 343- Mini-group- Surprise- Addresses sent on 17 September
sheepadeep, SilviaMaja and bemyswaporpenpal :thumbup:
Group 345- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 3 July
hazelyc and akhilpreeti / Tolkien and Nadering :thumbup:
Group 346- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 2 August
Defe and Meloddy3 / g11ndje and readg4fun :thumbup:
Group 347- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 28 July
sakura8341 and Kobito / Tycho and Claw :thumbup:
Group 349- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 12 August
traintang and zwf830816 / Tolkien and cucciolagigio :thumbup:
Group 350- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 21 August
chunhei and ElaineLii / Nadering and nathj92 :thumbup:
Group 351- Viewcards- Addresses sent on 9 September
sakura8341, TXGgi, KatyaT and kate0109 :thumbup:
Group 352- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 12 September
sakura8341 and orenji / g11ndje and lyubanmv :thumbup:
Group 356- 3 stamps or more on the postcard- Addresses sent on 25 November
adam, adam0730 and abookworm :thumbup:
chunhei (not reported, assumed received)
Group 358- Viewcards- Addresses sent on 18 April
Kobito, Defe, miraclemaker and ahren :thumbup:
Group 360- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 19 November
Zengpiao and kenkaren123 / Nadering and Birgl :thumbup:
Group 361- Asia meets the world- Addresses sent on 4 January
vw08 and sakura8341 / azzurri and Nadering :thumbup:
Group 364- Non-viewcards - Addresses sent on 7 June
Tolkien, x247269 and ahren :thumbup:
leklekchu (not reported, assumed received)
Group 365- Mini-group surprise- Addresses sent on 10 Janury
jartwobs, katyaT and Tolkien :thumbup:
Group 369-Viewcards- Addresses sent on 28 April
mainekwok97, Defe, kissangel and LadyQQQ :thumbup:
Group 373- Surprise- Addresses sent on 4 July
banana.notes, Tolkien, AsahiUmi and Red_and_Green :thumbup:


Group 287- UNESCO launched on 29 November
akhlipreeti and Osso :thumbup:
Ann123, waiting for akhilpreeti
FraeuleinLuna, received from Osso (sent u2u asking for not reported cards, not answered)

Group 298- UNESCO launched on 22 December
sakura8341, miceu and pjsubway, waiting for Niklot
Niklot :frowning:

Group 299- Viewcards launched on 27 December
miceu, Maricda and Tycho :thumbup:
Shermainng, waiting for miceu and Maricda

Group 300- Asia meets the world launched on 31 December
Leonis and chien063, waiting for gkcztrk
Miceu :thumbup:
gkcztrk :frowning:

Group 302- UNESCO launched on 4 February
akhilpreeti, waiting for Ann123
miceu, waiting for akhilpreeti and Ann123
sparkling4u, waiting for akhilpreeti
Ann123, waiting for all (maybe not reported :question: )

Group 304- Viewcards- launched on 12 February
Defe, sammiik723 and alena_vv, received all except from Crystal Lau
Crystal Lau, waiting for alena_vv

Group 310- Mini group- Surprise- launched on 20 February
KatiaShi and Tolkien :thumbup:
sparkling4u, waiting for Tolkien

Group 344- Illustrations- launched on 17 September
kisskaoru and Claw :thumbup:
Tolkien: waiting for kisskaoru
JulietM23 (not reported, assumed received)

Group 348-UNESCO- launched on 29 March
Kama44, ogait and barunka0, received all excepf from sunwenbo
sunwenbo (sent also message in PC, ignored) :flaming:

[b]Group 353- Could you write my postcard, please?- launched on 3 December
Defe (waiting for kate0109)
Claw (waiting for Morsmordre and kate0109)
Morsmordre (waiting for Defe and kate0109)
kate0109: not sent :frowning:

Group 354- Illustrations- launched on 5 December
yuyunami (resent card to curlytown in 8th may), Caelestis and Claw :thumbup:
curlytown: waiting for Caelestis

Group 355- Asia meets the world- launched on 12 September
Plewisb :thumbup:
BYL: waiting for Nadering
Nadering and Tolkien :thumbup:

Group 357- Legends, folk tales and local mythological creatures (suggested by claw)- launched on 28 December
Claw and AsahiUmi: :thumbup:
VaryaSg: sent
kisskaoru: not reported

Group 359- Asia meets the world
Defe :thumbup:
weini244 (not reported from Totchwood3 who resent card in 29.04)
Totchwood3 and tatjana_n :thumbup:

Group 361- Mini-group- Surprise- launced on 11 November
weini244 and Tolkien :thumbup:
LudmilaTrosheva (waiting for weini244)

Group 362- Illustrations- launched on 26 December
yumiko-circus, katyaT and tatjana_n :thumbup:
Claw (waiting for yumiko-circus)

Group 363- Illustrations- launched on 2 June
abbyyau and miraclemaker :thumbup:
flexible_oval (waiting for chelscarr)
chelscarr (waiting for miraclemaker)

Group 366- Mini-group surprise- launched on 14 July
PrincessVicky :thumbup:
heatherc: waiting for PrincessVicky
flexible_oval: waiting for heatherc

Group 367- UNESCO- launched on 16 April
penchan and ogait :thumbup:
Sosedka007 (waiting for 96hsu)
96hsu (not reported)

Group 368-UNESCO- launched on 27 July
Catherine-Leung, ogait and Abba4 :thumbup:
ahren: waiting for ogait

Group 370-Viewcards- launched on 23 May
sakura8341 and ahren :thumbup:
Fishog (waiting for miraclemaker)
miraclemaker (waiting for Fishog)

Group 371-Viewcards- launched on 26 May
Miyu, ogait and ahren :thumbup:
mainekwok97 (waiting for ogait)

Group 372- Viewcards- launched on 3 June
sakura8341, Natalie-chatte and Yelhsa(resent) :thumbup:
chi (waiting for Yelhsa)

[b]Group 382- Mini-group surprise - launched on 21 November
Torchwood3 and Isacle :thumbup:
shiomaru0902: wainting for Isacle

Group 384- Viewcards- launched on 2 October
sakura8341, ogait and Red_and_Green :thumbup:
red.panda: waiting for Red_and_Green

Group 386-Surprise
Momo, helmamartens and Hallorenkind :thumbup:
Tolkien: waiting for Momo

Group 389- Viewcards
Defe and cactilover: :thumbup:
heatherc: waiting for FigureOfMerit
FigureOfMerit: waiting for cactilover

Group 392- UNESCO- launched on 27 October’20
flyer2020: waiting for all
cello15: waiting for flyer2020 and PepeGelato
PepeGelato: waiting for ogait
ogait: waiting for PepeGelato

Group 393-Surprise-launched on 22 September’20
stormstrucksiren :love_letter:
Ashushu: waiting for stormstrucksiren
PepeGelato: waiting for Red_and_Green
Red_and_Green: waiting for stormstrucksiren and Ashushu

393 Received from:
@PepeGelato thank you so much for the snow card! It’s really amazing!

Thanks for reporting :grinning:

updated :+1:

May I join the Group 392- UNESCO?

Do you need my address?

Group #393 - I sent my cards last week, I apologize for the delay.

And I received a great card from @PepeGelato :slight_smile:

Thank you very much dear Leo for the picturesque views of towns located on the banks of the river Mosel, including your hometown Koblenz :blush: Such a beautiful area! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also love the stamp with a cute hazel dormouse :heart_eyes:

Thanks for reporting! :smile:

Group 392 closed and addresses sent

updated :+1:


I’ve received from @diba2017. Thank you for the postcard of Neubrandenburg! :smiley:


Received from Lleyton.
Thank you very much for the nice night view of Ciqikou town gate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for reporting :smiley:

updated :+1:

1- Defe (Taiwan) received from
Group 394- Viewcards
2- @Diba2017 (Germany) — The view of the Lake Müritz in Germany.
3- @Lleytoncassidy (China) — Painting - Shandong University in China.
Thank you for the nice cards, good stamps and sharing.
Stay Safe!

Thanks for reporting :grinning:

updated :+1:

Group 392 (UNESCO) cards are in the mail today :

Thanks for reporting :smile:

updated :white_check_mark:

Group 392: Unesco

My cards are ready and I’ll mail them today.

Thanks for reporting :smile:

updated :white_check_mark:

Group 392- UNESCO

I received a great card from cello15. Thanks for the new addition to my collection :slight_smile:

Thank you to @PepeGelato for the very nice and unusual architecture card for group 393- suprise.