Are your postcards reaching Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

This week I’ve received 5 cards from Europe ( Germany, France) and Asia (China) with travelling time ranging from 25 to 70 days, the longest being from France


One arrived after 36 days
I’ve still got 3 that have been travelling for 51,49 and 47 days.

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I currently have one to Russia expired and one at 47 days.

I have an over 40 day average for all those countries to have received my cards. Been like that for a little over a year too.

You send cards to Russia and Belarus?

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I have yes, They have populated as recipients. Thoughts?

waiting a lot from TR
but my postcards achieved to arrive before.

Ok I may be OOO but why are they not recieving mail?

Are those official cards, or forum exchanges? The USA is not sending mail to Russia or Belarus; not since 2022, after Russia attacked Ukraine. Therefore the Postcrossing website updated the Postal Monitor to reflect this. So Postcrossing US members do not receive any official addresses in Russia or Belarus to send to as recipients.
Right now, US members can only receive official cards from members in those two countries, but not send to them (and any other countries on the Postal Monitor list).


Hi after many emails between myself and Royal Mail and after telling them three times that I didn’t have a horizon proof of postage, they have acknowledged that my proof of postage is the cancellation of the stamps on the envelope by Royal Mail themselves and the subsequent mail stickers from USPD.
Today I have received a cheque for the maximum amount that they can issue due to the service I used £5.00 which is double the postage costs which I used, they’ve now closed the complaint.

If I’ve learnt anything from this it is you should always ask for proof of postage and keep it safe, even if it’s just another postcard for PostCrossing. How many of you actually do this??

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I only use proof of postage when I feel like it.

It’s not because of the charge (20¢ a piece) but the effort to go down to the PO to get the proof stamped by the PO.


Last week I received my first and only returned - undeliverable card. It was sent to Belarus, via Germany with German postage and US postage. :cry: I will be trying again in envelope after I verify the address with recipient again.

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I recently sent a postcard from Singapore to Ukraine and it took a month! It’s much better now! Last year, it took 2.5 months

In spring, cards from Switzerland to Russia (for me) generally arrived in about 30 days.

In May I sent two meet-up cards to Russia, one of them arrived now, so I guess there is still hope for the second one:

I am definitely noticing longer travel times at the moment, but generally that is not unusual. I have more travelling postcards (with longer travel times) to the U. S. than to Russia.

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I have sent a postcard to Russia recently (took 61 days) by simply sending the postcard with only US postage and wrote RUSSIA (VIA GERMANY) at the bottom. Maybe I got lucky, but idk if mixing stamps is right. I also dropped off the postcard at the post office directly by handing it over. I know some people won’t like my comment but it has worked, just play around with it.


They are forum exchanges. My apologies, should have written my original response with that detail~

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