April is National Card & Letter Writing Month! (2022)

Happy National Letter Writing Month!

Is anyone taking on the challenge/participating this year?!

It was started by USPS in 2001 but everyone all over the world can participate!! I’ve sent and received letters from many different countries in the past. The aim is to encourage people to write more this month, whether you send 30 letters or even 1!

I’ve listed some letter-writing/wordy tags from the forum for those looking to send letters:

  1. Letter Tag
  2. Write a letter about ___ tag
  3. North America- Write a letter tag
  4. 10 Questions + Tea Tag

Other sites you can write letters to:

If anyone knows of any other letter writing organizations, please let me know and I can add it to the list to help others :slight_smile:


Oh my, I haven’t even recovered from the Month of Letters! You are making it very hard to resist with all the wonderful links. :grinning: I will take up the challenge - thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Thank you for all the links :relaxed:


I haven’t either :slight_smile: but it looks like I’m gonna be pretty busy this month as well! Have fun with it !!

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I participate on Love for Our Elders & The World Needs More Love Letters every month. Such great organizations! :sparkling_heart:



Oh, how delightful. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! How lovely.

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I sent a postcard to Love for our Elders, thanks 2 you!

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Aw that makes me so happy!! You’re amazing for writing to them :two_hearts:

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