April Alternative RR 2

#4, received #10 and #19

#6, sent #13 this morning!

#1 (Biene1973): All Cards are in the Mailbox, I hope, you’ll love them.

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Have written and sent all cards just this afternoon.

Hope they reach each one of you ASAP.

cards for 1-11 send today

#17 sent all cards today

@ellistrations I received your beautiful card of a tiger today. Thanks!!

#2 jaqueposts received:


#10 @ellistrations a lovely mailbox illustration with letters. I definitely am shocked it’s April - this will be my second birthday in the pandemic. I’m finally getting the vaccine tomorrow, and then my second shot will be in May. :microbe:

#19 @on_with_the_show I gasped - Cars! That movie makes me so happy, and my son is obsessed with Lightning McQueen, so I’ll give him this :racing_car:


@jaqueposts I am so glad you like the card!!

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#4, sent out all cards today

#3 today I sent the remaining postcards!

Updated!! :innocent:

I got my first Postcard from this RR :slight_smile:. Thank you Tiara, I really love this view :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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#6 - sent 5, 17 and 18 today!

sent rest of cards today

#11 received:

#17 @TiaraXiara - a cute Gorjuss card: just for you :bouncing: thanks Tiara!

In the meantime I received several cards for this wonderful RR:

#1 @Biene1973 send me a cup of coffee with a sugar heart. Definitely mine card :slight_smile:

#11 @Nathalie71 send me a cup of tea

#17 @TiaraXiara enlarged my Doctor-collection

Thank you very much for the beautiful cards.

My cards are prepared and will be send out at the weekend, I guess.

Today I received
from #8 @kotona agreat card with an old woman.Thank you so much!!

and from #11 @Nathalie71 a great red card with strawberries and paprikas and so on..Thank you so much!!

#8 received today a favourite recipe card from #18 pampula today. Thank you!

#11 received

#1 @Biene1973 - lovely flamingo :+1: thanks!
#6 @paintedtyrant - Derek, you made my day: a notecard, a vintage Yellowstone card (I loooooove this card!!) and a 10 pound magnet :bouncing: thank you so much :+1: :+1: :+1:

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