April Alternative RR 1

Hi! :sun_with_face:

I’m Ugnė and I’m very excited to be the new host of these RR’s. Thank you to rady and meritahti for hosting it previously and doing a wonderful job! :blush:

Please always send me a message if you are unhappy with anything or have some need or suggestion what should be changed.

Welcome to the Alternative Round Robin, I hope you will enjoy it!

This RR is to offer an alternative to the main big fantastic monthly one, and has a maximum of 21 participants:


  • PLEASE USE NUMBERS WHEN REPORTING YOUR CARDS. Please send private message if you are confused on how to do this.
  • You can sign up, when you have sent all postcards of previous Alternative RR and when I see, that they are arriving.
  • To Signup - post here and message me your postal-address (unless I have it from previous RRs)
  • Participants are restricted to 4 from Russia, China, U.S.A , Germany and Finland and 3 from other countries in one RR. I will decide what to do, if there are more. I reserve the right to put people to groups in my opinion, I shall always try to make different groups.
  • Each participant must send a card to everyone else in the round, so you will only need to send 20 cards.
  • This is a preference based RR. You are expected to look at participants favorites, wishlists and preferences to help you choose the cards you send. It’s considered rude to send the same card to each participant unless it matches everyone’s preferences.
  • No free, handmade, damaged or vintage cards.
  • Please write on each card the name of the RR, your nickname and number.
  • The cards have to be sent out till the last day of the month.
  • Participants must announce sent & received cards promptly on the thread - pls write your number and number of the sender.
  • ANY negative comments posted will result in the culprit being banned from these RR’s. First banning will be for the following month. Second banning will be permanent. So please, no “Should have looked at my profile”, “I didn’t like the card” or " you have already send me this card” or any similar. You can contact me personally, when there are problems. KEEP THESE THINGS IN PRIVATE MESSAGE TO ME ONLY.

-RR language is English, so please post your comments in English. We all would like to know, what cards you get and what your comments are.

RR 1

nr. username country sent received
1. Eels China :cn: all :mailbox_closed: all :sparkles:
2. junkhouse USA :us: all :mailbox_closed: 2–5,7-14,16-20
3. ana_banana Russia :ru: all :mailbox_closed: all :sparkles:
4. JennyAssis UK :uk: all :mailbox_closed: 1-5,7-21
5. Beachyblonde USA :us: all :mailbox_closed: 1-5,7-14,17-21
6. yunshui China :cn: all :mailbox_closed: 1,3-6, 8-11,13-21
7. Coralfish Belarus :belarus: all :mailbox_closed: 1,3,5,7-9,12,13,15-17,19-21
8. Leuchttuermchen Germany :de: all :mailbox_closed: 1-5,8-21
9. scooby39 USA :us: all :mailbox_closed: 2-5,7-14,17-21
10. eukkonen Finland :finland: all :mailbox_closed: 1,3-5,7-21
11. Robinchen Germany :de: all :mailbox_closed: all :sparkles:
12. Sipsu Finland :finland: all :mailbox_closed: 1-5,8-21
13. verooro Russia :ru: all :mailbox_closed: 1-5,7,8,10-21
14. djctv2020 India :india: all :mailbox_closed: 1-6,8,10-17,20,21
15. EvgeniyaChe Russia :ru: all :mailbox_closed: all :sparkles:
16. vivian-rong China :cn: all :mailbox_closed: 1-5,7-10,12,14-20
17. azzurri Switzerland :switzerland: all :mailbox_closed: 1-5,7-21
18. duzzabear Canada :canada: all :mailbox_closed: 1,3-20
19. vireolanius USA :us: all :mailbox_closed: 1-5,7-15,17-20
20. lemontoffy Finland :finland: all :mailbox_closed: 1-5,7-21
21. LinF China :cn: all :mailbox_closed: 1,3-6,8-13,15-21

RR 2 is here


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I like to join again
#7 please

I like to join in Please @Oceanfun

from India

RR 4
@JennyAssis United Kingdom

I would love to join again this month

Welcome @Oceanfun and @JennyAssis! I’ll need your addresses :relaxed:

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Love to join in April RR

I’d like to join, please!

I like to join its possible with #8

May I join again this month? Thank you!

@coalaxi I would like to join this RR from USA please :us:

I’d like to join, please :slight_smile:

Thank you for hosting, I will send you my adress.

Warmest greetings from Germany


I would love to join for the first time from USA.

I would like to join please :slight_smile:

I like to join again. Could I have my usual number 11? I have this number for years, just not in march. Thanks!

I’d love to join (from the US), haven’t done a RR before

I would like join

Welcome @lemontoffy, @lena_aishia and @on_with_the_show! I’ll need your addresses :innocent:

Hello! I’d like to join the game)) sending PM to the host