Anyone want a handmade card (acrylic paint, America only sorry)

Hello! A little while ago I asked people if they wanted handmade painted cards. It was super fun so I thought it’d be nice to do it again. However i don’t have a lot of postage right now and only have enough to send within the U.S.A. I don’t know if this topic should be in handmade cards, trades offers, or here. Sorry about that. Anyways I can send to 2 people. So please comment that you’d like one, PM me your address and in your comment please give me a few suggestions of what you like (flowers, character, food etc.) Thanks so much by the way. It’s always so fun to make art and share it with people

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Sending a PM.

I’m from NJ and I’d love to be considered please! I prefer food, or pets.

Would be nice. The taught and energy put into making those. Would enjoy it.

Hello Z,
Thank you for your offer! I would love a painted card by you.

I saw your favs and might have something to send you. I can send you photos of pc’s if you like.

Let me know if I made the cut. :grimacing:

~Maria :hibiscus:

I’m in the US. would love one if you decide to do more!