Animal tag

As I’m the last tagger in the animal tag in the old forum, I transfer the tag here.

In this tag, you send a postcard showing an animal to the person you tag. Any animal postcard can be sent. Photos, illustrations, drawings, art are allowed.

So let the game begin. I recommend @-mention the person you tag (=write “tag @Norway_girl” if you tag me, for instance), as the person you tag gets a notification.
:bangbang: But please remember to send a PM (personal message = U2U in the old forum) to the person you tag to ask for the address.


Tag @Norway_girl

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tag @kyvintage

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Tag @falconplants!

Tag malozing

Hi, can I have your address for the animal TAG? Thanks!

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@leggert - It’s better to send a PM to @malozing to get their address. Just click on their username > “:email: message” > write message and send it.
And if you @mention a person (the way I mentioned you and malozing), this person gets a notification about it and is more likely to see that you’re talking to them in a thread.


Next to be tagged is @leggert

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Tag @leggert

tag @jlk254

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tag Emmawon

i prefer fox, lynx, frog, north animal and sea animal, but i m glad rec any animal

tag @vidoll

Tag @flyer2011

tag @miia

tag @LaWi97

Tag @emmawon

Tag @Yelena

Tag @ckip

tag @Rayloo

tag @boricky770

tag @melvnobleme