An open "letter" to those I owe cards to (29 Sept 22)

Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place for this message or not, forgive me if it is not appropriate to share this here, or if it is not in the right place.

At the moment I am in a coffee shop, because I have internet connection problems at home. It is now Autumn here and it often happens more during this time of year and into the winter time.

I might be unable to share proof of the cards that I have prepared, I have a lot that are due, mix of lotteries, tags, swaps etc. I also might not be able to inform you when they have been posted, or when cards that I have coming have arrived.

I have no mobile phone signal at home, so this is not an option for me. I live in a rural area, that is downside of where I live.

Please be assured despite this, I WILL send out any and all cards due. Do not worry about that. When I am able to, I will notify you personally that they have been posted.

Please be patient, as it may take longer for me to notify you than I would like.

Thank you for your understanding. :pray:

Bunny-Boo :rabbit:


Please, don’t feel pressured to post proofs or inform when you have posted the cards. Those are optional steps.

When the sender has got my address, I trust them to send me the card. :blush: There is no need for extra bureaucracy.


Hi, thank you. @CorvusCorax That puts my mind at ease a lot. :pray: