Alphabetical Tag

For this tag, follow the Alphabet.

For example:
First person sends a card with an image starting with A, for example apple.
Second person sends a card with B, for example Brussels.
Third person sends a card with C, for example castle.
Fourth person sends a card with D, for example dog.
Etc… until Z is reached and we start again with A.

In case someone makes a mistake and doesn’t follow the alphabet, the next tagger can correct it so the tag can continue without trouble. :slight_smile:

This tag was created by Pazzolina and moved from the old forum.
New forum, new alphabet! Please first tag @Feuerstuhl with A.

(Image by Prawny from Pixabay)


Tag Feuerstuhl

Please tag me with B

Tag @Nathalie71 For B
Next tag me for C :slight_smile:

Tag @Elif__ with C

D for me, please.

Tag @Norway_girl with D.

Please tag me with E. :blush:

tag @PamUSAOhio with “E”.
Next tag me for “F”, please.

tag @Z001 with “F”
a “G” for me, thank you!

Tag @RachelDing with G.

Please tag me for H. :grinning:

Tag @PamUSAOhio with H.
Please tag me with I :slight_smile:

Tag @miriginger for I.

Please tag me with J.

Tag @cremebrulee with J.
Please Tag me with K.

tag @Z001 with K.

Please tag me with L.

Tag @CrimsonKing with L.
Please tag me with M.

tag @miriginger with M

Please tag me with N

tag @Nathalie71 with N

Please, tag me with O

tag onneli78 (I have your address :slight_smile: )))

Please, tag me with P

tag @mindanao with P

Please, tag me with Q

tag @MStSister with Q

Please, tag me with R

Tag @Kirilenko with R.
S for me, please.

Tag @miriginger with S
Next tag me with T