🌷 All About Nature RR

All about nature RR

Curious about received cards in this RR then check out our: All about nature Flickr group or our Gallery at this Forum with received cards

The rules:

Please U2U me if:

  • You want to join a group and I do not have your address
  • You have an issue with sending out cards before the 2 week deadline

Post in the thread when:

  • You would like to join a group
  • Your cards are sent and you received cards for this RR

The cards/group:

  • Cards have to be related to nature (think landscapes, lakes, animals, mushrooms, typical nature of your country etc.). And the subject of the group must be the main focal point of the cards.
  • All groups have 5 participants (unless otherwise stated) and there is no country restriction so it’s possible to have more participants from the same country.
  • Send preferably new regular store-bought (photo) postcards. No free, ad, or handmade cards nor cards made via touchnote/Samsung app or an internetsite unless otherwise stated.
  • Please write the name of the RR, the group number and your username on your postcard when being sent
  • Please mail your postcards within two weeks of receiving the group addresses.
  • New members can only join two groups at first, when all of your cards are received, you can join more - sorry for this, but it is necessary
  • Send your cards written and stamped, unless preferred otherwise.
  • If your partner(s) do not have receive a card from you within 2-3 months, please resend. * When you have too many cards in traveling groups (2nd post) or almost complete groups (3rd post) that not have been received yet I might ask you to resent them first before I add you to a new group. Even better: when you consider yourself resending them before joining new groups. You don’t have to resent when the receiver is inactive for over 1 month or when the receiver lets me (Lama2) know (via a post or U2U) that he/she don’t want a resent. As a host I’m only asking people via U2U to resent when the amount of cards not received by others is huge or when all cards haven’t sent yet in groups. In other cases you can better personally U2U eachother asking for a resent or checking if your card did or didnot arrive.
    *When participant aren’t active at this RR anymore and never posted that they received cards in a group then I will see that over time as “all cards received” .

There are many themes, which are always available in groups.
Every theme will always start with the same letter (so the first animals group is A1 the second A2 and so on)

A= Animals
B= Surprise (nature related)
D= Water related (waterfalls, sea, lakes, rivers and so on)
E= Landscapes
F= Flowers
G= Stone related (Gems, canyons, caves, stones, cliffs, rockformations)
I= I wish for (2 types: unwritten and written cards)
K= Trees and forest
L= Birds
M= Marine life (2 types: big sea animals and all marine life)
P= Produce (berries, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms)
R=Requests/random groups (groups that I will regulairly open: seasonal, leaves/plants, insects (incl. butterflies), black and white in nature, weird/other nature (think of mud, snowflakes, spiderweb, wood) and all you participats request for)
S= skies (clouds, sunset/sunrise, nightskies)
T= nature in ART
U= Urban nature(nature made by people or with things made by people or people itself like: gardens, plants in pots, overgrown balconies but also parks, nature with builings and so on but nature must take 2/3 of the card)
V= versus group (also for specific wishes like mushrooms, sunsets, moon versus another topic)

If you have any requests for special groups, please u2u and I will start a new group.
(think of themes, or maybe a big group)




A114 Animals (pets only)

A116 Animals (all animals)

A117 Animals (wildlife only)

B140 Surprise (nature related) sending 3 written cards in an enveloppe

B141 Surprise (nature related)- photo, art, illustrationcards

B143 Surprise (nature related)- photo, art, illustrationcards and AD cards are allowed

B145 Surprise (nature related) photocards only

C44 Mountains

D63 Water related

E70 Landscapes

F65 Flowers

G32 Stone related (Gems, canyons, caves, stones)

I71 I Wish For… (written/stamped)
1)MichelleW * Reflections in water, lizards, Australian animals, Mountains, rocks (cairns, in riverbeds, etc.) big cats (especially snow leopards), rocks, Fennec Foxes, Red Pandas*

I73 I Wish For… (3 Unwritten/Envelope)
1)Bogdanovskaya * breathtaking landscape, mountains, rocks, sea/ocean, lake, river, forest, autumn scenery, snowy landscape, aurora borealis, colorful autumn leaves, mushrooms, wonders of the nature.*

I72 I Wish for…(3 written cards in an envelope). More wishes means more variations in cards.
1)dollart * horses, trees, bears, waterfalls, river, water, autumn, snow, rain, rainbow, squirrels, national Parks *

K47 Trees and forest

L60 Birds

M26 Marine life (all, so also seagulls, corals, seagrass or whatever)

M27 Marine life (big sea animals only)

P25 Produce (berries, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms)

R115 Folded cards group. Folded, nature related cards are allowed here. But when you don’t have those but do like to received folded cards you’re also allowed in this group sending 'normal" cards.

R122 Weird nature ( weird animals, weird natural phenomena, death tree thrunk, animal skeleton, photo taken from a weird angle and so on. just be creative. Ads allowed when really matching the subject)

R123 “Art” in nature. No paintings or drawings. Real photo’s but of art in nature (a rock shaped like an animal, leaves or trees that look like a piece of art, weird sea creatures that look more like art than a real creature or man made art but still as part of nature, be creative.)

S33 Skies (clouds, sunset/sunrise, nightskies, Aurora Borealis) Closed!

T53 nature in ART

T54 nature in ART only art with animals

U10 People with nature (a child in a field of flowers, a person with an animals and so on. Be aware that nature must rule on the card, not the people)

U11 Working animals (animals at work, on a farm, in a Zoo). The animal has to be main focal point

U12 Urban nature (nature made by people like gardens, plants in pots, overgrown balconies but also parks, nature with builings but in that case nature must take 2/3 of the card)

V86 old (mountains for example) versus new nature (baby animals, spring flowers)
Sending old
Sending new

V101 weird versus “normal” nature (be creative)
Sending weird nature:
Sending “normal” nature:

When sending more than 1 card you can put them in an envelope to:



A104 Animals Closed! addresses sent 27-1-2020
1)Duesseljin~sent~rec AmphipodGirl, Nordbaer, Savagepink, Shurenok
2)kyvintage~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)nordbaer~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)Savagepink~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)Shurenok~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
6)AmphipodGirl~sent~rec Kyvintage, Savagepink, Nordbaer

A105 Animals Closed! Addresses sent 16-3-2020
1)PamUSAOhio~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Killewips~sent~rec PamUSAPOhio, Duesseljin, oliviagao
3)dariasmith~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)mainekwok97~sent~rec PamUSAOhio, Duesseljin, oliviagao, dariasmith
6)oliviagao~sent~rec PamUSAOhio

A106 Animals Closed! Addresses sent 22-6-2020
1)Savagepink~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Duesseljin~sent~rec Nordbaer, thelopho, Savagepink, yevannier
3)bourdon~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)Nordbaer~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)yevannier~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
6)thelopho~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

A108 Animals (all animals) Closed! Addresses sent 25-12-2020
1)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)sauliusvo~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Killewips~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
5)Siebenstein~sent~recsauliusvo, MichelleW, Duesseljin

A109 Animals (pets only) Closed! Addresses sent 14-3-2021
1)Katkero2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Mariamakh~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Mickykitty~sent~rec katkero2

A110 Animals (wildlife only) Closed! Addresses sent 14-12-2020
1)Kyvintage~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)MichelleW~sent?~rec ALL! :+1:
3)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)helent~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

A111 Animals (wildlife only) Closed!Addresses sent 14-3-2021
1)Merle13~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)MonkeyBrain~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)illuminatieD~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)mickykitty~sent~rec Merle13, MonkeyBrain

A112 Animals (all animals) Closed! Addresses sent 25-5-2021
3)Jackaaaye~sent~rec Cmleonard630, Monkeyflower, Josi
4)Cmleonard630~sent~rec Monkeyflower, Josi, Jackaaaye
5)Josi~sent~rec Cmleonard630, MonkeyFlower, Jackaaaye

A113 Animals (wildlife only) Closed! Addresses sent 19-4-2021
1)MonkeyBrain~sent~rec theosprey247, Monkeyflower
2)Monkeyflower~sent~rec MonkeyBrain, theosprey247
3)karakuriMark~sent~rec theosprey247
4)theosprey247~sent~rec Monkeybrain, Monkeyflower

A115 Animals (wildlife only) Closed Addresses sent 6-6-2021
2)Dr-K~sending soon~
3)MichelleW~sent~rec CMleonard630
4)CMleonard630~sent~rec MichelleW

B144 Surprise (nature related) photocards only Closed! Addresses sent june 2021

B121 Surprise (nature related) sending 3 written cards in an enveloppe Closed! Addresses sent 8-11-2020
1)Duesselijn~sent~yelena. blue44, Xiru
2)blue44~sent~rec Duesseljin, yelena, Xiru
3)JannCady~sent?~ALL! :+1:
5)Xiru~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

B131 Surprise (nature related)- photo, art, illustrationcards Closed! Addresses sent 8-3-2020
1)PamUSAOhio~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Layali~sent~rec PamUSAOhio, Timbp2016, dariasmith
3)dariasmith~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)Duesseljin~sent~Rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)Timbp2016~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

B132 Surprise (nature related)- photo, art, illustrationcards and AD cards are allowed Closed! Addresses sent 22-8-2020
1)dariasmith~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)bourdon/Nelly_zhou~sent~rec femamerica13, MeaganMS, dariasmith
3)femamerica13~sent~rec JannCady, MeaganMS
4)MeaganMS~sent~rec JannCady, femamerica13
5)JannCady~sent~rec MeaganMS, bourdon, Dariasmith

B133 Surprise (nature related) photocards only Closed! Addresses sent 8-6-2020
1)dariasmith~sent~rec ALL
2)katkero2~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)Gingko~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)bourdon~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)lama2~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

B134 Surprise (nature related)- photo, art, illustrationcards Closed! Addresses sent 8-6-2020
1)dariasmith~PM sent 5-5 asking to start sending cards~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Savagepink~sent~rec MichelleW, bourbon, Duesseljin, AnnaGermanovna
3)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)bourdon~sent~rec AnnaGermanova, savagepink, Duesseljin, MichelleW
5)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
6)AnnaGermanovna~sent~rec Duesseljin, Savagepink, MichelleW, bourbon

B135 Surprise (nature related) photocards only Closed! Addresses sent 8-9-2020
1)katkero2~sent~rec Duesseljin, MichelleW, femamerica13, JannCady
2)MichelleW~sent~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)Duesseljin~sent~rec katkero2, MichelleW. JannCady, femamerica13
4)JannCady~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)femamerica13~sent~rec Killewips, Duesseljin, katkero2
6)Killewips~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

B136 Surprise (nature related)- photo, art, illustrationcards Closed! Addresses sent 5-11-2020
1)MichelleW~sent~recALL! :+1:
2)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)qkarmes~sent~rec MichelleW, Duesseljin, cinpy
4)cinpy~sent~rec MichelleW, Duesseljin, Dandelion_
5)dandelion_~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

B137 Surprise (nature related)- photo, art, illustrationcards and AD cards are allowed Closed! Addresses sent 19-4-2021
1)scooby39~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)littleredtamale~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Killewips~sent~rec Littleredtamale, lama1, scooby39
5)lama1~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

B138 Surprise (nature related) photocards only Closed! Addresses sent 1-5-2021
1)gucci_girl~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)katkero2~sent~ALL! :+1:
3)MonkeyBrain~sent~rec katkero1, gucci_girl, dandelion_
4)dandelion_~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
5)Lyzxcy~sent~rec gucci_girl, MonkeyBrain, katkero2

B139 Surprise (nature related)- photo, art, illustrationcards Closed! Addresses sent 21-3-2021
1)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)MichelleW~sent~rec sforsally, Nelly_Zhou, dollart
3)Nelly_Zhou~sent~rec MichelleW
4)sforsally~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
5)dollart~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

B144 Surprise (nature related) photocards only Closed! Addresses sent 1-6-2021
1)gucci_girl~sent~rec MichelleW
4)Dr-K~sendong soon

C40 Mountains Closed! Addresses sent 19-3-2020
1)Kyvintage~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)afika~sent~rec dandelion_. KyVintage, dariasmith
3)dariasmith~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)dandelion_~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)savagepink~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

C41 Mountains Closed! Addresses sent 14-6-2020
1)Savagepink~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Gingko~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)Miyu~sent~rec Nordbaer, Savagepink, bourbon
4)bourdon~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)Nordbaer~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

C42 Mountains Closed! Addresses sent 8-3-2021
1)Savagepink~sending soon~
2)MarinaL~inactive never send cards :flaming:~
3)LinF~sent~rec Kyvintage, melvnoble
4)melvnoble~sent~rec Kyvintage
5)Kyvintage~sent~rec melvnoble, LinF

C43 Mountains Closed! Addresses sent 8-5-2021
1)isabetta~sent~rec Mabie, nelly_zhou, helent
4)Mabie~sent~rec helent, isabetta, nelly_zhou
5)helent~sent~ rec Mabie, isabetta, nelly_zhoiu

D57 Water related Closed! Addresses sent 24-2-2020
1)Savagepink~sent~rec AmphipodGirl, Kyvintage, dariasmith
2)stebbeds~never send cards :flaming:~
3)AmphipodGirl~sent~rec Savagepink, Kyvintage, dariasmith
4)Kyvintage~sent~rec AmphipodGirl, Savagepink, Dariasmith
5)dariasmith~sent~rec AmphipodGirl, Savagepink, KyVintage

D58 Water related Closed! Addresses sent 10-5-2020
1)Nordbaer~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Savagepink~sent~rec Rimelady, Nordbaer, Gingko
3)Rimelady~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)blue44~sent~rec Nordbaer, Savagepink, Gingko
5)Gingko~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

D59 Water related Closed! Addresses sent 27-7-2020
1)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)bourdon~sent~sent~rec Duesseljin, Dinka, JannCady
3)Dinka~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)JannCady~sent~rec Dinka, Duesseljin, bourdon
5)Xiaomu330~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

D60 Water related Closed! Addresses sent 21-9-2020
1)minase~inactive so never sending cards :flaming:~
2)stormstrucksiren/rhore3~sent~rec Aussiebear, Nordbaer, katkero2
3)Aussiebear~sent~rec stormstrucksiren, katkero2, Nordbear
4)katkero2~sent~rec Nordbaer, Aussiebear
5)Nordbaer~sent~rec katkero2, Aussiebear

D61 Water related Closed! Addresses sent 9-3-2021
1)Kyvintage~sent~rec MonkeyBrain, MichelleW, Joyful_SMILE
2)MarinaL~never sent cards :flaming:~
3)MonkeyBrain~sent~rec all
4)MichelleW~sent~rec all!
5)Joyful_SMILE~sent~recMonkeybrain. MichelleW

D62 Water related Closed! Addresses sent 17-5-2021
1)dollart~sent soon~
2)mabie~sent~rec katkero2, Sandramr, SincerelySel
3)katkero2~sent~rec mabie, SincerelySel, Sandramr
4)SincerelySel~sent~rec Mabie, Katkero2, Sandramr
5)Sandramr~sent~rec katkero2, SincerelySel, mabie

E68 Landscapes Closed! addresses sent 14-6-2020
1)dariasmith~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Miyu~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)bourdon/Nelly_zhou~sent~rec lama2, Nordbear, Miyu
4)lama2~sent~rec ALl!:thumbup:
5)Nordbaer~sent~rec lama2, dariasmith, bourdon

E69 Landscapes Closed! addresses sent 12-5-2021
1)lama1~sent~rec mabie, SincerelySel, Merle13
2)mabie~sent~rec lama1, Merle13, SincerelySel
4)SincerelySel~sent~rec lama2, Merle12, Mabie
5)Merle13~sent~rec mabie, lama1, SincerelySel

F60 Flowers Closed! addresses sent 15-8-2020
1)Savagepink~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)verooro~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Littleredtamale~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

F61 Flowers Closed! Addresses sent 18-10-2020
1)katkero2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)MichelleW~ ~rec ALL! :+1:
3)kyvintage~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Timbp20/GabiM~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

F62 Flowers Closed! addresses sent 14-12-2020
1)littleredtamale~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Kyvintage~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)Cinpy~sent~rec Kyvintage, ilovepiggies_, littleredtamale
4)ilovepiggies_~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
5)lama2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

F64 Flowers Closed! Addresses sent 1-5-2021
1)littleredtamale~sent~rec Scooby39, MokeyBrain
2)Scooby39~sent~rec MonkeyBrain, littleredtamale
3)MonkeyBrain~sent~rec littleredtamale, Scooby39
4)illuminatiD~sent~rec MonkeyBrain
5)Diancie~sent~rec MonkeyBrain, Scooby39, Littleredtamale

G30 Stone related (Gems, canyons, caves, stones) Closed! Addresses sent 26-7-2020
1)knit~sent~ rec ALL! :+1:
2)Savagepink~sent~rec ALl!:thumbup:
3)Rimelady~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)minase~sent~rec Savagepink, Rimelady

G31 Stone related (Gems, canyons, caves, stones) Closed! Addresses sent 14-3-2021
1)Dame_Rime~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)katkero2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)MichelleW~sent~recALL! :+1:
4)Monkeyflower~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

I68 I Wish For… (3 Unwritten/Envelope) Closed 12-4-2020
1)Gbnaabennett * Zeniuk blue cats, any winter scenes with animals, beaver, sloth, skunk, possum, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, any rodent, caves, redwood trees, unusual scenery, (like gnarly trees, or flower covered tractors, etc,) hearts found in nature*~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Chickadee007 * Any nature topic from my Postcrossing profile, autumn leaves, any unusual animal, insects, sharks, interesting rock formations.~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
Rabbits and hares, Sea otters, Pheasants from Asia, Hummingbirds, sunbirds, Harbour porpoise, flying squirrels, National Parks, interesting trees, urban influences like alleys or parks, interesting coast views, singing birds* ~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)bogdanskaya * breathtaking landscape, mountains, rocks, sea/ocean, lake, river, forest, autumn scenery, snowy landscape, aurora borealis, colorful autumn leaves, mushrooms, wonders of the nature.* ~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

I72 I Wish for…(3 written cards in an envelope). More wishes means more variations in cards. Closed! Addresses sent 21-3-2021
1)JannCady * foxes, dragonfly, butterfly, beautiful horses, hummingbird, eastern blue bird, vistas, ocean waves, beaches, autumn colors, beautiful trees~sent~
2)Dandelion_ * hummingbird, sugarglider, flying squirrel, National Park, old forest or large trees, rabbits and hares, small birds, fauna of your country, water scenery (pond, lake, sea, anything), flowering meadows, desert views (desert in bloom too or cacti flowers) *~sent~rec JannCady, dollart
3)Rhore3 * wild, untamed places, historical or abandoned places overgrown by nature, old cemeteries with large trees, baby animals, dolphins, nature in sunrise/sunset and the many moods of the beach *
4)dollart *horses, trees, bears, waterfalls, river, water, autumn, snow, rain, rainbow, squirrels, national Parks,~sent~rec dandelion_

K43 Trees and forest Closed! Addresses sent 16-2-2020
1)Pigifly~sent~rev KyVintage, Shurenok
2)stebbeds~never send cards :flaming:~
3)Shurenok~sent~rec Kyvintage
4)KyVintage~sent~rec Shurenok, pigifly

K44 Trees and forest Closed! Addresses sent 26-7-2020
1)dariasmith~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)yelena~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)stormstrucksiren/Rhore3~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

K45 Trees and forest Closed! Addresses sent 1-2-2021
2)KyVintage~sent~ALL! :+1:
3)SincerelySel~sent~rec ALl! :+1:
4)bvdev234~sent~rec Killewips, SincerelySel

K46 Trees and forest Closed! Addresses sent 28-3-2021
1)Kyvintage~sent~rec Mabie,
2)dollart~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)Monkeyflower~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Mabie~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

L55 Birds Closed! Addresses sent 12-1-2020
1)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Kyvintage~sent~rec S-B, knit, Duesseljin
4)S-B~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)knit~sent~rec S-B, Duesseljin, kestrel

L56 Birds Closed! Addresses sent 30-3-2020
1)AmphipodGirl~sent~rec Savagepink, Dandelion_, Duesseljin
2)Savagepink~sent~rec Dandelion_, AmphipodGirl, Duesseljin
3)KyVintage~ ~rec AmohipodGirl, Savagepink
4)Duesseljin~ sent~rec dandelion_, Savagepink, AmphipodGirl
5)Dandelion_~sent~rec Duesseljin, AmphipodGirl, Savagepink

L57 Birds Closed! Addresses sent 8-6-2020
1)Savagepink~sent~rec AnnaGermanovna, bourdon
3)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)bourdon~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)AnnaGermanovna~sent~rec Duesseljin, savagepink, blue44

L58 Birds Closed! Addresses sent 16-1-2021
1)Savagepink~sent~recc asta_ko, Kyvintage
2)Kyvintage~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)SincerelySel~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Killewips~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
5)asta_ko~sent~rec Killewips

L59 Birds Closed! Addresses sent 8-5-2021
1)Kyvintage~ ~Monkeyflower,
5)Dandelion~sent~rec Monkeyflower, travellersid,

M20 Marine life (big sea animals only) Closed! Addresses sent 16-8-2020
1)Savagepink~sent~rec MichelleW, Aussiebear
2)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL!
3)Xiaomu330~sent~rec MichelleW, Savagepink

M25 Marine life (all, so also seagulls, corals, seagrass or whatever) Closed! Addresses sent 15-2-2020
1)stebbeds~never send cards :flaming:~
2)knit~sent~rec AmphipodGirl, pigifly
3)AmphipodGirl~sent~rec pigifly, knit
4)pigifly~sent~rec AmphipodGirl, knit

P24 Produce (berries, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms) Closed! Addresses sent 22-11-2020
2)KyVintage~sent~rec Serifluous
3)Serifluous~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Qingshun~sent~rec Serifluos

R108 Spring group (nature cards spring related: baby animals, blossems, and so on) Closed! addresses sent 20-4-2020
1)dariasmith~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)cateye~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)Dandelion_~sent~rec Verooro, dariasmith
4)Verooro~sent~rec danelion_ , Dariasmith

R109 Weird nature (weird plants, animals, strange stones, well anything a bit weird) closed! Sent 14-4-2020
1)Ane-mone~sent~ rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)AmphipodGirl~sent~rec Savagepink
3)Savagepink~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)nordbaer~sent~rec AmphipodGirl, Savagepink

R112 Winter group. Let’s say everything nature related with snow or ice on it. Closed! Addresses sent 30-11-2020
1)Katkero2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Suir~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)Qingshun~sent~rec Suir
4)Cinpy~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

R114 Local nature. Only cards with animals, plants or landscape from your area Closed! Addresses sent 18-10-2020
1)Savagepink~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Killewips~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)Andrea24~sent~rec Killewips
4)Timbp2016~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

R118 Colour group
Choose a colour and others have to send a nature related card to you with that colour as the main focal point. Of course they must be nature related. Closed! addresses sent 10-5-2020
1)katkero2 * blue*~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Rimelady *orange/terracotta~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)blue44 * green~sent~rec Rimlady, katkero2, jacq4926
4)jacq4926 * Yellow~sent~rec Rimlady, katkero2

R119 Creepy crawlers (be creative of what you call a creepy crawler). All cards allowed (also ad when they really fit this theme) Closed! Addresses sent 9-9-2020
1)Savagepink~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Chickadee007~sent~rec Savagepink, lama2
3)lama2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Ane_mone~sent~rec Savagepink, lama2

R120 Special "corona"group. What you miss most of nature during the corona lockdown (vacation destinations you can’t visit, the botanical garden that is closed, nature related art in closed museums, the zoo or whatever, as long as it’s nature related) Closed! Addresses sent 21-3-2021
2)Lama2~sent~rec Siebenstein, dandelion_
3)dandelion_~sent~rec Siebenstein, lama1
4)Siebenstein~sent~rec lama2, dandelion_

R121 Nature related Christmascards (folded allowed) Closed! Addresses sent 4-12-2020
1)Dandelion_~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Katkero2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)Savagepink~sent~rec Dandelion_, MichelleW
4)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

S30 Skies (clouds, sunset/sunrise, nightskies, Aurora Borealis) Closed! addresses sent 1-3-2020
1)stebbeds~never sent cards :flaming: ~
2)pigifly~sent~rec Dinka, dariasmith
3)dariasmith~sent~rec Dinka
4)Dinka~sent~rec dariasmith, pigifly

S31 Skies (clouds, sunset/sunrise, nightskies, Aurora Borealis) Closed! Addresses sent 5-11-2020
1)katkero2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)Gabi_m~sent~rec Legget, cinpy
4)cinpy~sent~rec Gabi_m, katkero2

S32 Skies (clouds, sunset/sunrise, nightskies, Aurora Borealis) Closed! Addresses sent 5-5-2021
1)SincerelySel~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)MikaKlunder~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)Sandramr~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)NittanyLionRI~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

T47 nature in ART Closed. Addresses sent 27-1-2020
1)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Savagepink~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)Ginzanow~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

T48 nature in ART only art with animals Closed! Addresses sent 31-1-2021
1)Savagepink~sent~rec leonievanvliet
2)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)leonievanvliet~sent~rec MichelleW

T49 nature in ART Closed! addresses sent 4-5-2020
1)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)katkero~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)Savagepink~sent~rec ALl!:thumbup:
4)Dinka~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup::thumbup:

T50 nature in ART Closed! Addresses sent 1-2-2021
1)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Lama2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)katkero2~sent~rec MiraBWinter, MichelleW
4)MiraBWinter~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

T51 nature in ART only art with animals Closed! Addresses sent 24-5-2021
2)mabie~sent~rec Merle13, leggert
3)Merle13~sent~rec mabie, leggert
4)luisida0121~sent~rec Mabie, leggert

T52 nature in ART Closed! Addresses sent 1-4-2021
1)leggert~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)Mabie~sent~ rec ALL! :+1:
3)lama2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)MiraBWinter~sent~rec rec ALL!

U6 People with nature (a child in a field of flowers, a person with an animals and so on. Be aware that nature must rule on the card, not the people) Closed! Addresses sent 14-4-2020
1)Kyvintage~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Rimelady~sent~rec pigifly, Kyvintage
3)pigifly~sent~rec Rimlady

U7 Urban nature (nature made by people like gardens, plants in pots, overgrown balconies but also parks, nature with builings but in that case nature must take 2/3 of the card) Closed! Addresses sent 11-4-2021
1)Savagepink~sending soon~
2)Dandelion_~sent~rec Killewips, karakuriMark
3)Killewips~sent~rec dandelion_ , karakuriMark
4)karakuriMark~sent~rec Dandelion_ , Killewips

U8 Working animals (animals at work, on a farm, in a Zoo). The animal has to be main focal point Closed! Addresses sent 28-3-2021
1)Savagepink~sending soon~
2)MonkeyBrain~sent~rec Kyvintage, Monkeyflower
3)Kyvintage~sent~rec Monkeyflower, MonkeyBrain
4)Monkeyflower~sent~rec MonkeyBrain, Kyvintage

V84 Night (stars but also night animals for example) vs Day (sunset but also a sunflower for example) Closed! addresses sent 10-2-2020
Sending night
1)Duesseljin~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Killewips~sent?~rec ALL!:thumbup:
Sending day
1)MichelleW~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Pigifly~sent~rec Killewips

V95 cold (snow, ice, winter and so on) versus warm (sun, beach, dessert, summer, and so on) Addresses sent 18-2-2021
Sending cold:
1)Dame_Rime~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)MikaKlunder~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
Sending warm:
1)MichelleW~sent~rec Dame_Rime
2)coleandjojo~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

V96 Fluffy (think of fluffy animals or plants) versus non fluffy Closed! Addresses sent 10-5-2021
Sending Fluffy:
1)Ane-mone~sent~rec Crystalinne, SincerelySel
2)killewips~sent~rec Crystalinne
3)lama2~sent~rec Crystalinne, SincerelySel
Sending Non-fluffy:
1)blue44~ ~rec lama1
2)SincerelySel~sent~rec lama1, killewips
3)Crystalinne~sent~rec lama1, killewips

V100 Local nature versus non local (vacation leftovers or just cards with animals/nature not local for you) Closed! Addresses sent 19-12-2020
Sending Local nature:
1)MeaganMS~never sent cards :flaming: ~
2)Dame_Rime~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
Sending Non local nature:
1)Savagepink~sent~rec Dame_Rime
2)Merle13~sent~rec Dame_Rime

COMPLETED GROUPS (or almost complete but too long travelling):

Groups A, B, C

A1-22, A24-25: :question: (other host)
A23. Animals :Coralfish, Beambots, MeSo, Finerst, Spriggan
A26. Animals: Aussiebear, Togge, Lama2, Coralfish, Yxw0614
A28. Animals :Wildfire, VencSv, MinouMinou, Bebekka, Coralfish
A29. Animals: Dangerousebeans , Coralfish, Ven-a, Jschwab, VeraMeow
A30. Animals :Jschwab, Coralfish, Aussiebear, Skobkareva, Dangerousebeans
A31. Animals: Coralfish, SihirliFlut, CatMargo, SannyBunny , NaturoK
A32. Animals: Aussiebear, SihirliFlut, Lacee, kosha
A33. Animals: heatherc, Beambots, coralfish, danyqueen, credo
A34. Animals: credo, Olenenka, Marina (NO cards sent :flaming: ), coralfish, janila
A35. Animals; lama2, m0424647, Olenenka, Yiying
A36. Animals:Otoko,roksana11, maaikeelmo,Kosha, Anggva
A37 Animals: annet013, Dodo68, Kosha, MichelleW, Telopea
A38 Animals: Coralfiss, MichelleW, Tinki81,Wuyu, Floridian
A39 Animals: Dodo68, stopinspb , heatherc , Coralfish, wuyu
A40 Animals :RussianGirl, MichelleW, heatherc, yannes1127, Telopea
A41 Animals: Lama2, Telopea, Aussiebear, Otoko, MichelleW
A42 Animals: bjsusu, belka, yurish, lama2, floridian
A43 Animals:Telopea, Ancha_v_Ponch, Irinasukhareva ,Scff20122012, Alenka
A44 Animals:lama2, Linus-wu, Duesseljin, Tofuchris, MichelleW
A45 Animals:verooro,kellyxloro,Duesseljin, sarahamina, ikurulenko
A46 Animals :Aussiebear, Visionaire, Sarahamina, Smilee_lady1988, Sakule
A47 Animals: Michelle-chan, lama2, Verooro, Yurhenson, jingjing225
A48 Animals:Visionaire, Ikurulenko, VickyWu, KDA, NewJersey
A49 Animals: Sherlee,lama2, Chickadee007, Patricia_Star, Val-Natalia
A50 Animals :NewJersey, Visionaire, Aussiebear, Nice_lazy, Chickadee007
A51 Animals: Telopea, Polet-ol, Lilamaus, Duesseljin, Chickadee007
A52 Animals: Visionaire, Chickadee007, Ancha_v_poncho, Zasranka, Polet-ol
A53 Animals:Lilamaus, Ikurulenko, Val-Natalia, Gruenlilie, Chickadee007
A54 Animals: Snowflake, Visionaire, QuinnFox, Ikurulenko, Tofuchris
A55 Animals: Nice_lazy, Lilamaus, Buddhaboy, MichelleW, Duesseljin
A56 Animals; chonex, Chickadee007, lama2, Visionaire, Duesseljin
A57 Animals: Polet-ol, Lilamaus, Carola2013, MichelleW, Duesseljin
A58 Animals: Polet-ol, Visionaire,Duesseljin, Tellmewhat
A59 Animals: lama2, Dandelion_, Duesseljin, Vivian-tang, Kathleenwang
A60 Animals :Visionaire, Berylonline, manu86, Polet-ol, Duesseljin
A61 Animals: Imz24335133, Tellmewhat, dalatyshev, Luosida0121, Irina2361
A62 Animals :Buddhaboy, Kat330, Lilamaus, Visionaire, Chickadee007
A63 Animals: Duesseljin, Nordbaer, Cocci18 (Never sent cards :flaming: ), kelly1015912, lama2
A64 Animals:Lilamaus, Lama2, oruizch, DGrace, kelly1015912
A65 Animals: Polet-Ol, helenting, Duesseljin, Visionaire, Kelly1015912
A66 Animals: Manu86, MichelleW, Ritondra, VivianY, Luosida0121
A67 Animals:Chickadee007,Val-Natalia (missing kilix :( ), WelshLassyl, Manu86, kilix
A68 Animals: Manu86, rawrbear, Cateye, Ritondra, PaiviTuuli
A69 Animals:Irsabir, MichelleW, Chickadee007, Duesseljin, Hisako
A70 Animals:Helen3, Tellmewhat, Manu86,WelshLassy, Luosida0121
A71 Animals: MichelleW, Dandelion_, Fullmoon, Duesseljin, missdasha
A72 Animals: Alexgood, MichelleW, Killewips, Patricia253, lama2
A73 Animals: knally13, MichelleW, Irsabir, Helen3, Mu_
A74 Animals: Duesseljin, WelshLassy, Billd, Caramiga, PaiviTuuli
A75 Animals: Irsabir, KMkuma, Polet-Ol, WelshLassy, kkliman
A76 Animals: Lilamaus, MichelleW, Parel (missing Lilamaus :( ), Duesseljin, Mu_
A77 Animals: sulistyaagnes (missing Kringle :( ), Cleeoo, Aussiebear (missing Kringle :( ), mu_, Kringle
A78 Animals: cleeoo, Lilamaus, Polet-Ol, PaiviTuuli, lama2
A79 Animals: Duesseljin, Sunfox, sleepykitty, Amakara, Parel
A80 Animals: Polet-Ol, Quahtreenuh, Sunfox, Kelly1015912, Duesseljin
A81 Animals: Duesseljin, Parel, corymbiaficifolia, jeanettemiami, lama2
A82 Animals: memyselfandliz, Polet-Ol, Lilamaus, Lizzie0829, Lisa8694
A83 Animals: Duesseljin, blue44, Polet-Ol (missing blue44 :( ), chenyuecong1102, Amakara
A84 Animals:dpogontseva, Polet-Ol, Aussiebear,Linus-wu, lilperi
A85 Animals: justmdk, Duesseljin, blue44, Candyliar, axia
A86 Animals: aster_kalarian, lilperi, Ann123, zwf830816, dandelion_
A87 Animals: Manaos, lama2 (missing Manaos :( ), dxkblue, Duesseljin, Kestrel
A88 Animals; Travellersid, Duesseljin, dandelion_, Annline, wakametta
A89 Animals: Duesseljin, yaxhiri, lama2, dandelion_, darkestperu
A90 Animals: )marina_k, Duesseljin (missing marina_k :( ), kaplya_vetra, HaochenLu, Miki38
A91 Animals: dollart, Duesseljin, Polet-O (missing malcarado :( ), Mangofree, malcarado
A92 Animals: lama2, Polet-Ol, Duesseljin, the_butterfly_lover, Historyteach
A93 Animals: anonymousmartian, alcott1, bourdon, caramiga, Duesseljin
A94 Animals: pigifly, jacqcoen, zwf830816, leaves-moon, the_butterfly_lover
A95 Animals: jacqcoen, Marlie, Kestrel, Seizetheday, SarahCH
A96 Animals: Duesseljin (missing the_butterfly_lover :( ), jacqcoen, Hilischa, irrelevantsummer, the_butterfly_lover (missing Hilischa :(, Irrelevantsummer :( )
A97 Animals: Duesseljin, Maria_mi, Polet-Ol, Gbnaabennett, lama2
A98 Animals: Gbnaabennett, Polet-Ol, Savagepink, dollart, eta55
A99 Animals: Duesseljin, pigifly, the_butterfly_lover, Savagepink, Mapswell
A100 Animals: darkestperu, Savagepink, )Mapswell, dariasmith, lama2
A101 Animals: Kestrel, Duesseljin, dariasmith, kclou13, cyteea
A102 Animals: dariasmith, Duesseljin, dollart, liliaching, lama2
A103 Animals :Nordbaer, dariasmith, dollart, sury, Duesseljin
A107 Animals: Aussiebear, JannCady, MichelleW, Lama2, dandelion_
B1-15, B18: :question: (other host)
B16. Surprise: MariekeR, Mesmerise, Paraiha, Ibrilman, Leksi
B17. Surprise:Togge, Lacee, AnastasiyaD21, Larvasa, Rpierce
B19. Surprise: Briana_Serpent , Dangerousebeans, Ragnarok7, Lama2, Skobkareva
B20. Surprise: lama2, SihirliFlut (never sent cards :flaming:inactive/banned from forum), Anggva, heatherc, togge
B21. Surprise: beambots, Elina_M, MinouMinou, belka, Dodo68
B22. Surprise: SihirliFlut, Dodo68, BadPunkGirl, belka,YiChien
B23. Surprise: Neitel ,soinisi1, galo ,Otoko, Mia1961
B24 Surprise :JOinHanoi, lama2, yk1995, Pumpkin Eve,Norjat
B25 Surprise: lama2, Petit Pilote,NadezdaRab, ChernChung, Aya_mi
B26 Surprise: MichelleW, NadezdaRab, Rodrigoitao, Chernchung, EnzoGorlami
B27 Surprise:lama2, Belka, Ashleyxs, aqua-cri, aya_mi
B28 Surprise: Belka, Gunda, Ciyufeiyu, Telopea, Floridian
B29 Surprise: JiaYiJean, MichelleW, aqua-cri, Capricciosa, Nika_9999
B30 Surprise: Lama2, Melowalk, JetApple, Telopea, MichelleW
B31 Surprise: belka, LaPetiteAdventurista, Telopea, Nika_9999, MichelleW
B32 Surprise : lama2, Petit Pilote, melowalk, RussianGirl, Violin
B33 Surprise: Yuerdou, estaine, inneccam, lama2, Duesseljin
B34 Surprise :MichelleW, verooro ,Floridian, Manu86, serenity
B35 Surprise: Duesseljin, lama2, chouette18, Debecca, Ikurulenko
B36 Surpise :manu86, Guzel, NekoFan,vsteers, Verooro
B37 Surprise: Ikurulenko, lama2, manu86, Duesseljin, MichelleW
B38 Surprise : belka,Telopea, manu86, MichelleW, Tofuchris
B39 Surprise : Duesseljin, Chickadee007, kikawa, Manu86,JulietM23
B40 Surprise :lama2, Chickadee007, Duesseljin, Masheeke, Zasranka
B41 Surprise:manu86, Buddhaboy, Polet-ol, Carola2013, Ikurulenko
B42 Surprise: Duesseljin, kikawa, MichelleW, lama2, Chickadee007
B43 Surprise : Duesseljin, Limni, Kikawa, MichelleW, Sunshine_
B44 Surprise : MichelleW Deriangel, Chickadee007, Duesseljin, Ancha_v_poncho
B45 Surprise :Mischka, MichelleW, manu86, Imz24335133, Margot1291
B46 Surprise: Manu86,Kikawa, nice_lazy, Tashillia, Lacome
B47 Surprise: MichelleW, Kikawa, Tashillia, manu86, shiningbamboo
B48 Surprise : Dandelion_(missing Kathleenwang :(),Duesseljin, Veeder, Val-Natalia, Kathleenwang
B49 Surprise : manu86, nika_9999, Yu-Ting, Imz24335133, lama2
B50 Surprise :Manu86, MichelleW, lmaml, Damarys, Kikawa
B51 Surprise :Chickadee007, Manu86, Sarahamina, Zelvator, kelly1015912
B52 Surprise :Julia1320 (never sent cards :flaming: )Sho-dasha, Yu-Ting, Manu86, Chickadee007
B53 Surprise :MichelleW, Manu86, kikawa, Duesseljin, Mausezaehnchen
B54 Surprise : Duesseljin, DearBonnie, lama2, Yu-Ting, KDA
B55 Surprise :MichelleW, Dandelion_, kikawa, Duesseljin, Chickadee007
B56 Surprise: Duesseljin,Manu86, MichelleW, kikawa, lama2
B57 Surprise :Yu-Ting, AMRogers87, MichelleW, Dandelion_, Chickadee007
B58 Surprise:MichelleW, Nordbaer, Kikawa, YePe, Duesseljin
B59 Surprise: Merllin, Nordbaer, Kikawa, Chi, lama2
B60 Surprise : Duesseljin, Sarahamina, Manu86, Cateye, PaiviTuurli
B61 Surprise :Chickadee007, Dandelion, lama2, sho-dasha, Val-Natalia
B62 Surprise: Yu-Ting, Baronin, Dandelion_, Manu86, Irsabir
B63 Surprise: Nordbear, Manu86, Irsabir, MichelleW, lama2
B64 Surprise: sarahamina, Duesseljin, Manu86, Irsabir, MinaM
B65 Surprise :Sarahamina, Duesseljin, missdasha, MichelleW, Quahtreenuh
B66 Surprise : Dandelion_ , Yu-Ting, missdasha, Quahtreenuh, lama2
B67 Surprise: Ancha_v_poncho,Killewips, Sarahamina, Annline, PaiviTuuli
B68 Surprise: Patricia253, Dandelion_, MichelleW, Helen3, Parel
B69 Surprise :Staciargani, Sarahamina, cateye, lama2, Lia69
B70 Surprise: Lia69, PaiviTuuli, Duesseljin, Sarahamina, Staciagani
B71 Surprise: Rosalinde88, MichelleW, Dandelion_, Val-Natalia, Staciargani
B72 Surprise: WelshLassy, Lama2, MichelleW, Parel, Killewips
B73 Surprise: MichelleW, Yu-Ting, caramiga, Duesseljin, Parel
B74 Surprise: MichelleW, Zheng86641, Dandelion_, Silviarodilla, Parel
B75 Surprise: Duesseljin, Parel, PaiviTuuli, lama2, Linus-wu
B76 Surprise: RachelDing, Sophieddr, cleeoo, Dandelion_ (missing Sophieddr :( ), MichelleW
B77 Surprise: Parel (missing Kringle :( ), mu_, Kringle, Sophieddr, Luoshengge
B78 Surprise: Parel, cleeoo, Nikatinchik, Duesseljin, AnastaF
B79 Surprise: Parel, Sasha, Duesseljin, BubbleGum, Ahtuba
B80 Surprise: MichelleW, Duesseljin, Yu-Ting, Sunnie, lama2
B81 Surprise: Eugene-Ussuri, Quahtreenuh, Kelly1015912, sophieddr, APanoplyOfPostcards
B82 Surprise: Ksushel, Sunfox, sophieddr, APanoplyOfPostcards, lama2
B83 Surprise: Duesseljin, Parel, cindytang, Nzqu, sophieddr
B84 Surprise: Duesseljin, MichelleW, Yu-Ting, Sophieddr, antonia_u
B85 Surprise:lama2, Duesseljin, MichelleW, kelly1015912, Sasha
B86 Surprise:lama2, Dandelion_, Sunnie, Sophieddr, JeanetteMiami
B87 Surprise: Val-Natalia, MichelleW (missing Sophieddr :( ), APanoplyOfPostcards, Nzqu, Sophieddr
B88 Surprise: APanoplyOfPostcards (missing: MichelleW :(, JeanetteMiami :( ),
MichelleW, Sophieddr, Duesseljin, JeanetteMiami
B89 Surprise : Duesseljin, sophieddr, blue44, JeanetteMiami, Chickadee007
B90 Surprise: Miracles_Do_Happen, Nzqu, travellersid, APanoplyOfPostcards, Dandelion_
B91 Surprise : Duesseljin, aster_kalarian, blue44, lmz24335133, winterwolke
B92 Surprise: lama2, Baronin, Ann123, bsm09, MichelleW
B93 Surprise: MichelleW, Duesseljin, Ann123 (missing MichelleW :( ), APanoplyOfPostcards, lama2
B94 Surprise: lama2, Duesseljin, dalatyshev, Quahtreenuh, MichelleW
B95 Surprise: WelshLassy, Duesseljin, Anna234, Aussiebear, blue44
B96 Surprise: MichelleW, Avision72, Ann123, lama2, Duesseljin
B97 Surprise : MichelleW, journalinggirl, Candyliar,Kestrel, Ann123
B98 Surprise: Duesseljin, MichelleW, blue44, yukiekitchen, zwf830816
B99 Surprise: Duesseljin, blue44, Melody_Jet, jacqcoen, cinesnail
B100 Surprise: MichelleW (missing dpogontseva:( and Luro :( and Kestrel:( ), Duesseljin, Kestrel (missing MichelleW :( and dpogontseva :( and Luro :( ), Luro (missing dpogontseva :( and MichelleW :( and Kestrel :( ), dpogontseva
B101 Surprise: Ann123, (missing amakara :( ), Kestrel (missing Luro :( ), MichelleW, amakara
B102 Surprise: Kestrel, Luro, Skl, travellersid, mangomeliss
B103 Surprise: MichelleW, Kestrel, Duesseljin, zwf830816, Annapou
B104 Surprise: lama2, Duesseljin, Dandelion_, Kestrel, Xiru
B105 Surprise: Duesseljin, MichelleW, Ready4fun, kate0109, pigifly (missing Duesseljin :( )
B106 Surprise: RachelDing, Duesseljin, malcarado, Promised, Marnie
B107 Surprise: yuime, Luro, MichelleW, Loppe, lama2
B108 Surprise: the_butterfly_lover, Yu-Ju, Kestrel, MichelleW, name_as_name
B109 Surprise: Duesseljin (missing Promised :( ), )Marnie, Promised, Yu-Ju, lama2
B110 Surprise: JulietM23, MichelleW, RachelDing, Duesseljin, Kestrel
B111 Surprise: travellersid, VeniceSunrise, MichelleW, Lily16yrs, kaeroo
B112 Surprise: Duesselijn (missing pigifly :( )lama2 (missing pigifly :( ), the_jack_pine, pigifly (missing The_butterfly_lover :( and the_jack_pine :( ), the_butterfly_lover
B113 Surprise; MichelleW (missing pigifly :( ),Duesseljin, ahren, pigifly (missing ahren :( ), )the_butterfly_lover
B114 Surprise: Evi07 (never send cards :flaming: ),MichelleW, Duesseljin, Savagepink, heatherc
B115 Surprise (nature related) sending 3 written cards in an enveloppe: Marnie, Duesseljin, dollart, bmeschewski/Boyana, annemudyayolanda
B116 Surprise: Blue44, Duesseljin, jacq4926, Sakura8341, mary29saba
B117 Surprise: the_butterfly_lover, Savagepink, anna_krol/Ane-mone, Duesseljin, lama2
B118 Surprise: Duesseljin, Savagepink, kestrel, the_butterfly_lover, MichelleW
B119 Surprise: Duesseljin, darkestperu, MichelleW, pigifly (Missing Savagepink :( ), Savagepink
B120 Surprise: MichelleW, Savagepink, dariasmith (missing shiomaru0902 :(, MichelleW :(), shiomaru0902, Dandelion_
B122 Surprise: lama2 (missing jaxs :( ), dariasmith (missing Duesseljin :( ), Duesseljin, Blue44, akviinas, jaxs
B123 Surprise : lama2, dariasmith, MichelleW, Duesseljin, Nordbaer
B124 Surprise: Duesseljin, dariasmith, Killewips, Kyvintage (missing dariasmith :( ), Pigifly
B125 Surprise: Duesseljin, blue44, dollart, Nordbaer, MichelleW
B126 Surprise : MichelleW, Duesseljin, Killewips, Savagepink, Kyvintage
B127 Surprise : dariasmith, Duesseljin, katkero2, Savagepink, Dinka
B128 Surprise: dariasmith (missing Savagepink :(, Duesseljin :( ), dollart, Duesseljin, Layali, Savagepink
B129 Surprise : Savagepink, bourdon (missing MichelleW :(, Killewips :( ), MichelleW, Killewips, lama2
B130 Surprise : Kaeroo, lama2, Nordbaer, MichelleW, Savagepink
C1-13::question: (other host)
C14. Mountains :Bogdanovskaya, Leksi , Sveta80, Prott, Wanda164
C15. Mountains MichelleW, Marnie, Aussiebear, annet013, kosha
C16. Mountains : SihirliFlut(never sent cards! :flaming:now inactive/banned from forum), ChuangLei , sayuri2023, Coralfish
C17. Mountains; heatherc vidybidy ,duweiching ,Nitzan (never sent cards:flaming: ), Marina
C18. Mountains:yuyc, Laurelijulien ,Olenenka, Romanek, Flaggazer
C19 Mountains: Kamil0208 (Never sent cards :flaming: Inactive member), Petit Pilote, OlgaR, Judyyu, Linzerin
C20 Mountains: melowalk, sstyphi, Ashleyxs, Sgenius, yayoi
C21 Mountains: MichelleW, Jette, Petit Pilote ,RachelDing, GroffGuan (Never sent cards, Inactive :flaming: )
C22 Mountains: JiaYiJean (no cards sent, Inactive :flaming: ), ElSol, Sgenius, sunnmy, Violin
C23 Mountains: Petit Pilote,Sunnmy, Tesschoy, ray8, sarahamina
C24 Mountains: RachelDing, Sarahamina , scf20122012, Nastya13, inneccan
C25 Mountains:Sarahamina,jingjing225, sswy,VeniceSunrise, Chickadee007
C26 Mountains:Sarahamina, Masheeke, Armeria, Aussiebear, kikawa
C27 mountains;Masheeke, Sarahamina, Polet-ol, Patricia_Star (Never send cards :flaming: ), March Rabbit
C28 Mountains:Sarahamina, Masheeke, Huhuxiabghuijia, RachelDing, Polet-ol
C29 Mountains: Masheeke, Sarahamina, Victor_lu, kikawa, Tofuchris
C30 Mountains:Masheeke, Tellmewhat, Sarahamina, wiekiwiek,kikawa
C31 Mountains: Sarahamina, Masheeke, Kikawa, kathleenwang, Siningbamboo
C32 Mountain: Sarahamina, Luosida0121,Yu-Ting, Violin, Qiqi
C33 Mountains: Sarahamina, Polet-Ol, Sulistyaagnes, YePe, Luosida0121
C34 Mountains: Sarahamina, Polet-Ol, Luosida0121, Beambots, chi
C35 Mountains: sarahamina, Duesseljin, Manu86, Sulistyaagnes, Missdasha
C36 Mountains: Alexgood, Polet-Ol,Sarahamina, Luosida0121, sulistyaagnes
C37 Mountains: Polet-Ol, akbarakbar, Sarahamina, Julie8123, Luosida0121
C38 Mountains: Quahtreenuh, Zheng86641, Sulistyaagnes, RachelDing, Polet-Ol
C39 Mountains: knit, dariasmith, Duesseljin, Pigifly, Savagepink

COMPLETED GROUPS (or almost complete but too long travelling):

Group D, E, F

D1-9: :question: (other host)
D10. Waterfalls :Vickietsai, Aussiebear , shengkay, SihirliFlut , azzurri
D11. Waterfalls: jschwab , coralfish, Aussiebear ,belka ,m0424647
D12. Waterfalls:Jschwab, Pumpkin Eve , sstyphi, Coralfish, FlagGazer
D13 Waterfalls: Aussiebear, Stephanie, jschwab, sarahamina, flaggazer
D14 Waterfalls: MichelleW, Sarahamina, Callmeflurry, Stephanie
D15 Waterfalls: Stephanie, Sarahamina, Tofuchris, jonaks, Melodybox
D16 Waterfalls : Duesseljin, Sarahamina, qhasami, Aussiebear, Chickadee007
D17 Waterfalls: Sarahamina, callmeflurry, Ludmilka_, Kikawa, JulietM23
D18 Water related: Sarahamina, Val-Natalia, Margmom, Duesseljin, Deriangel
D19 Water related: MichelleW, Sarahamina, Margmom, Ludmilka_, Duesseljin
D20 Water related: Sarahamina, Huhuxiabghuijia, Zasranka, Kikawa, Ludmilka_
D21 Water related: Sarahamina, Ludmilka_ , mischka, Tellmewhat, Kaplua_vetra
D22 Water related: Duesseljin, knally13, MichelleW, Callmeflurry, Kikawa
D23 Water related: Tellmewhat, knally13, Dandelion_(missing kikawa, knally13 :(), Polet-ol, kikawa
D24 Water related: RachelDing, kaplya_vetra, Sarahamina, kahleenwang, Polet-Ol
D25 Water related: kikawa, Sarahamina, Baronin, Luosida0121, Polet-ol
D26 Water related: Chrissybaby, Sarahamina, Aussiebear, Ylidga (never sent cards :flaming: ), Cocci18
D27 Water related: Nordbaer, Sarahamina, cocci18 (Never send cards :flaming: ), MichelleW, Duesseljin
D28 Water related :Yu-Ting, Chrissybaby, Sarahamina, JWK531, Polet-Ol
D29 Water related: Polet-Ol, Irsabir, Ritondra, MichelleW, Cateye
D30 Water related: Irsabir, Sarahamina, Polet-Ol, Manu86, sulistyaagnes
D31 Water related:Sarahamina, Yu-Ting, Ritondra, Luosida0121, Polet-Ol
D32 Water related:sarahamina, Duesseljin, Tellmewhat, Polet-Ol, Luosida0121
D33 Water related:Sarahamina, Sulistyaagnes, Luosida0121, YePe, Dandelion_ (missing Luosida0121 :( )
D34 Water related:Chrissybaby,MichelleW, Sarahamina, Goaty, Yi-Ju
D35 Water related:Eugene-Ussuri, Sarahamina, Polet-Ol, little-owl, akbarakbar
D36 Water related: Duesseljin, Sarahamina, Luosida0121, Pitzak, Polet-Ol
D37 Water related: Quahtreenuh, Polet-Ol, Chrissybaby, Linus-wu,caramiga
D38 Water related: Aussiebear, lama2, Stephanie, Dandelion_, Duesseljin
D39 Water related: Sabs, Duesseljin, Polet-Ol, Yu-Ting, Vendela
D40 Water related: Eugene-Ussuri (sent cards twice but no cards arrived :puzzled::flaming: ) Andrea80,Haruka-L, PaiviTuuli, Duesseljin
D41 Water related: memyselfandliz, JWK531, Duesseljin, JeanetteMiami, Dandelion_
D42 Water related: Duesseljin (missing APanoplyOfPostcards :( ),Polet-Ol, Chrissybaby, Ann123, APanoplyOfPostcards
D43 Water related: mikaelsilf, Aussiebear, Polet-Ol, MichelleW, lama2
D44 Water related: Duesseljin, Polet-Ol, Candyliar, ckpete, cj23
D45 Water related: RachelDing, chien063, Ann123, lcy_b_, marina_k
D46 Water related: Ann123, Duesseljin (missing Ann123 :( ),CandyLiar, Polet-Ol, Serafaina
D48 Water related: Duesseljin, nadering, chi, Polet-Ol, Purple
D49 Water related: Polet-OL, Kestrel, Plewisb, PostcardPerfect, Alliebear
D50 Water related: Duesseljinm, JulietM23, dollart (missing Duesseljin :( ), adam0730, nathj92
D51 Water related: Duesseljin, Luxe, ahren, Savagepink, sapphire63
D52 Water related: Gbnaabennett, Savagepink, marina_k, MichelleW (missing Xanafg04 :( ), Xanafg04
D53 Water related: Duesseljin, sapphire63, Savagepink, Lewin_Liu, Steresem
D54 Water related: Mapswell, Kestrel, darasmith, MichelleW, Savagepink
D56 Water related : Kyvintage, stebbeds (never sent cards :flaming: ) ,Duesseljin, Aussiebear, Savagepink
D55 Water related: MichelleW, dollart, Nordbaer, Duesseljin, dariasmith
E1-18, E20::question: (other host)
E19. All About Water: Rpierce, Wolidar, Winnietsai, Linzerin , Dwyn
E21. All About Water :Wolidar, Chrissybaby, Artefaque , Marta, VeraMeow
E22. All About Water:Aussiebear , shengkay, SihirliFlut, nemharap, Veeder
E23. All about Water Coralfish, Beambots, SihirliFlut (never sent cards :flaming: inactive/banned from forum)
E24. All about Water; Marina (Inactive member, never send cards :flaming: ), Degustator Vilok, Dodo68, Turtletrax, Fiona01406
E25. All about Water: Yi-Ting Yeh , belka, Filifionka, Wuyu, Tinki81
E26. All about Water :MichelleW, heatherc, wuyu, JiaYiJean, Patricia_Star
E27. All about Water:JiaYiJean, ElSol, chrissybaby, Linus-wu, kathy1396
E28. All about Water: Zgir, MichelleW, Klim1314, Ancha_v_Poncho, flaggazer
E29. All about water: Ancha_v_Poncho, Postcardperfect ,Sarahamina ,Nekofan, Astryd
E30 All about water: sswy, MichelleW, Stephanie, Sarahamina, manu86
E31 All about water: manu86, sarahamina ,Tofuchris, bulldogJr, yuerdou
E32 All about water: chrissybaby, Aussiebear, Stephanie, Archie56, Duesseljin
E33 All about water :Sarahamina, masheeke, Margmom, Vsteers, Ancha_v_poncha,
E34 All about water: Ancha_v_poncho, Sarahamina, Stekolnitsa, Patricia_Star, kikawa
E35 Landscapes: Polet-ol, Duesseljin, lama2, Ludmilka_ , Sarahamina
E36 Landscapes: Duesseljin, chonex, Alla575, Stoneflower, Cgi
E37 Landscapes: lama2, MichellleW, Duesseljin, Ann123, kikawa
E38 Landscapes: Kikawa, Ann123, ChristinaB, bastille, Masheeke
E39 Landscapes: Tellmewhat, Lama2, Duesseljin, Kikawa, lancome
E40 Landscapes: Kikawa, ChristineB, Duesseljin, Masheeke, Vivian-tang
E41 Landscapes: MichelleW, Dandelion_, Kikawa, Tashillia, kathleenwang
E42 Landscapes: nika_9999,Imz24335133, RachelDing, kaplya_vetra, dalatyshev
E43 Landscapes: Sarahamina, Luosida0121, knally13, masheeke, sho-dasha
E44 Landscapes; MichelleW, kikawa, Sarahamina, lama2, Ylidga (Never sent cards :flaming: )
E45 Landscapes: Luosida0121, Tellmewhat, CurtisinWarsaw, lama2, Yu-Ting
E46 Landscapes: Sarahamina, Lama2, Manu86, Luosida0121, Polet-Ol
E47 Landscapes: Nordbaer, Yu-Ting, Manu86, Lama2, MichelleW
E48 Landscapes:Sarahamina, Duesseljin, MichelleW, Tellmewhat, Manu86
E49 Landscapes;Baronin, Alexgood, Sarahamina, Val-Natalia, Luosida0121
E50 Landscapes: Yu-Ting, Ancha_v_poncho, julie8123, Sarahamina, Stargazer50
E51 Landscapes: Polet-Ol, Baronin, Yu-Ting, Parel, lama2
E52 Landscapes: lama2, ChristinaCanningham, Caramiga, Sophieddr, Parel
E53 Landscapes: Parel, chi, Polet-Ol, EstelleYan, Sgenius
E54 Landscapes: Parel, Yu-Ting, sophieddr, lama2, Duesseljin
E55 Landscapes: Duesseljin, Polet-Ol (missing yvette-Lin :(, Lweny :( ), yvette-Lin, Lweny, Stargazer90
E56 Polet-Ol, yvette-Lin, sophieddr, mavis77, Tolkien
E57 Landscapes: zwf830816, Duesseljin, Polet-Ol, Candyliar, marina_k
E58 Landscapes: lama2, mikaelsilf, heros1994, zwf830816, ckpete
E59 Landscapes: Manaos (Never sent cards:flaming: ), Duesseljin, MyHighness, zwf830816, lama2
E60 Landscapes: Duesseljin, lama2, zwf830816, MichelleW, Nathj92
E61 Landscapes: adam0730, JulietM23 (never sent cards :flaming: ),VeniceSunrise, akiko.s, Yu-Ju
E62 Landscapes : name_as_name, Duesseljin (missing name_as_name:( ), Savagepink ,missing name_as_name:( ), Sakura8341 (missing name_as_name:( ), mary29sabah
E63 Landscapes: Miyu, Abba4, Savagepink, Duesseljin, sapphire63
E64 Landscapes: Boyana, Lily16yrs, Miyu, Savagepink, Mapswell
E65 Landscapes : darkestperu (never send cards :flaming: ), dariasmith, kestrel, afika, Savagepink
E66 Landscapes: knit, dollart, Miyu, dariasmith (missing dollart :( ),Duesseljin
E67 Landscapes: Akviinas, lama2, Aussiebear, Duesseljin, Kyvintage
F1-14, F17::question: (other host)
F15. Flowers : Winnietsai, JOinHanoi, Lissel, Napalm, FloridaGirl
F16. Flowers :Estaine , Winnietsai, Coralfish, Gugustacy , Vendela
F18. Flowers Coralfish, Bebekka, Vendela, JOinHanoi, smiling11
F19 A. Flowers: Beambots, duweiching, yimelia, coralfish, soinisi1
F19 B. Flowers: SihirliFlut, lama2, NaturoK, Coralfish, erniedogdaisey
F20. Flowers coralfish, yimelia, soinisi1, kosha, Dodo68
F21. Flowers: kosha, maaikeelmo, Olenenka, Pucky, Redfox
F22. Flowers: Lama2,yangxia, Redfox, Kosha, summeiseki
F23. Flowers: sstyphi, MichelleW ,Redfox, yangxia ,Coralfish
F24 Flowers: JiaYiJean, Cis_B, wuyu (never sent cards, Inactive :flaming: ), piyusbafna, RussianGirl
F25 Flowers: Lama2,Redfox, Uniflame, manmanw1001, MichelleW
F26 Flowers :Coralfish, Mahiboy, Alenka, North_
F27 Flowers: Tofuchris, MichelleW, manu86, Cis_B, Duesseljin
F28 Flowers: a_ginny, kellyxloro, Lawless manu86, Tofuchris
F29 Flowers: lama2, AJSmith, sarahamina, ikurulenko, Alikaleung (never send cards :flaming: )
F30 Flowers: Tofuchris, Ripia_chan (never send cards :flaming: ), manu86, Fornarin4, nice_lazy
F31 Flowers :Or chi t, Tofuchris, lama2, Sakule, Chouette18
F32 Flowers:manu86, VivianY, Tofuchris, Chickadee007, VickyWu
F33 Flowers:Chickadee007, Manu86, lama2,freeshe4ka,ymika
F34 Flowers :manu86, Buddhaboy, VivianY, Polet-ol, Curie030602,
F35 Flowers: Chickadee007, Manu86, sivyer, Melissazhang, tsenia
F36 Flowers: manu86, funjourney, Polet-Ol, dalatyshev, Yu-Ting
F37 Flowers : Manu86, Baronin, Ayami, Xia, Polet-Ol
F38 Flowers: Yu-Ting, Tellmewhat, DGrace, Luosida0121, minouminou
F39 Flowers: AMRogers87, Manu86, Uniflame, Luosida0121, Irsabir
F40 Flowers: Polet-Ol, Zita, Chickadee007, VivianY, Irsabir
F41 Flowers: Kramarova, lama2, Irsabir, Polet-Ol, Manu86
F42 Flowers: Manu86, Irsabir, Luosida0121, lmaml, Polet-Ol
F43 Flowers: Polet-Ol, Irsabir, Cateye, Helen3, Qhasami
F44 Flowers: Polet-Ol (missing Chrissybaby :(, mu_:( ), Irsabir, mu_, Chrissybaby, Parel
F45 Flowers: caramiga, Parel, Sunfox, Polet-Ol, jacqcoen
F46 Flowers: Yu-Ting, Polet-Ol, Uniflame, Verik, lama2
F47 Flowers: Polet-Ol (missing dandelion_ :( ), Haruka-L, lama2, solara, dandelion_
F48 Flowers:Chrissybaby, blue44, Polet-Ol, butterfli75, Sunny Abs
F49 Flowers: APanoplyOfPostcards (cards never sent :flaming: ), journalinggirl, Chrissybaby, Candyliar, Annline
F50 Flowers: Yaxhiri, YukinoHana, Lama2, rikenwa, Ann123
F51 Flowers: Polet-Ol, Candyliar, Kestrel, xxs001122, Thierry
F52 Flowers: Mangofree, kisskaoru, Candyliar, Polet-Ol
F53 Flowers: Polet-Ol(missing chunhei :( ), Kestrel, alcott1, chunhei, Mandy
F54 Flowers: fankyMo (inactive, never sent cards :flaming: )Leaves-moon, the_butterfly_lover, Blue44, lama2
F55 Flowers: MichelleW, Gbnaabennett, Lama2, neojojo, Duesseljin
F56 Flowers: shirlily, Boyana, kestrel, Nannie, MichelleW
F57 Flowers: MichelleW, Duesseljin, Kyvintage, Layali, Savagepink
F58 Flowers: knit, AmphipodGirl, Layali, Kyvintage, dariasmith
F59 Flowers: katkero2, Verooro, Oliviagao, Savagepink,mackereltabby
F63 Flowers: scooby39, MonkeyBrain, Kyvintage, Littleredtamale,Sandramr

COMPLETED GROUPS (or almost complete but too long travelling):

Groups G, H, I, J, K

G1::question: (other host)
G2. Shells and Stones: Coralfish, Starry9 ,Nilkaras, annet013 ,Lama2
G3. Shells and Stones: Coralfish , Chrissybaby, lama2, manu86
G4 Shells and stones : chrissybaby, Sarahamina, DearBonnie, freeshe4ka
G5 Shells and stones: Sarahamina, manu86, Chickadee007,Patricia_Star
G6:Stone related : Val-Natalia, Ikurulenko, MichelleW, Buddhaboy
G7:Stone related : Polet-Ol, MichelleW, Ikurulenko, Tu-zi
G8 Stone related: RachelDing, damselfish, tu-zi, bastille
G9 Stone related : Polet-ol, kikawa, manu86, Chickadee007
G10 Stone related: Polet-Ol, lama2, kikawa, Alaleta
G11 Stone related: Polet-ol, MichelleW, Yu-Ting, Luosida0121
G12 Stone related:MichelleW, kikawa, Papaya, lama2
G13 Stone related: MichelleW, Nordbaer, Polet-Ol, kikawa
G14 Stone related: Polet-Ol, lmaml, Yu-Ting, Red_and_Green
G15 Stone related: Staciagarni, Goaty, MichelleW,Kotozyabr
G16 Stone related; Baronin, MichelleW, Yu-Ting, Wenhsiu
G17 Stone related: MichelleW, Sueko, RachelDing, murgatroit
G18 Stone related: Liisa16, Baronin, MichelleW, Polet-Ol
G19 Stone related: jacqcoen, enidchan624 (never send cards :flaming: ), caramiga, Red_and_Green
G20 Stone related: Lweny, SleepyKitty, Parel, jeanettemiami
G21 Stone related: MichellleW, bsm09, yeheedah, Annline
G22 Stone related: MichelleW, PostcardPerfect, zwf830816, AliJawad99 (never sent cards :flaming: )
G23 Stone related: MichelleW, Yu-Ju, VeniceSunrise, kobito
G24 Stone related: Jacqcoen, Onyx, MichelleW, teadrinker
G25 Stone related: MichelleW, Savagepink, Duesseljin, anne_krol
G26 Stone related: Savagepink, Red_and_Green, MichelleW, Duesseljin
G27 Stone related: MichelleW, Savagepink, dariasmith (received none?? :( ), Nordbaer
G28 Stone related: knit, dollart, Red_and_Green, Stebbeds
G29 Stone related: knit, kyvintage, stebbeds, Savagepink
H1-2: :question: (other host)
H3. Heavens : SpartakGirl, JiaYiJean (inactive :flaming: Lama2 sent cards instead), mahiboy, MichelleW
i1-33, i35-36, i39, ::question: (other host)
i34. I Wish For: Bixie, Coralfish, Togge, TheGreenOne, FloridaGirl
i37. I Wish For: Coralfish, Bixie, TessaD., Snisa, Fisherman
i38. I Wish For… .Coralfish ,Bixie ,SihirliFlut , Aussiebear,TessaD
i40. I Wish For… : Eellaa, coralfish, griffinfire
i41. I Wish For… Snow84, Bixie, TessaD, Coralfish
i42. I Wish For… :MichelleW, NataliaGer, Elina_M, Nilkaras, Axelcarvalho
i43. I Wish For… Aussiebear, belka, MichelleW, chatte_noire, ElSol
i44. I Wish For… : Lama2, Nilkaras, Cucumberj, RachelDing, MichelleW
i45. I Wish For… : Dodo68, Uniflame, Redfox, Coralfish, Lama2
i46. I Wish For… : MichelleW , Coralfish, Uniflame, Redfox, lama2
i47. I Wish For… :Aussiebear, Jschwab, mingshu, chickadee007, Ikurulenko
i48. I Wish For…: MichelleW, kittyshelter, Coralfish, lama2
i49. I Wish For…: Coralfish, MichelleW, lama2, Oberfukse , Ikurulenko
i50. I Wish For… ::Ikurulenko, Blue_Summers, Verooro, Jana-Christin, MichelleW
i51. I Wish For…: Ikurulenko,Chickadee007, Aussiebear, Vsteers, KDA
I52 I Wish For…: Chickadee007,Ikurulenko, Bessie, elbe
I53 I Wish For… : Sarahamina, MichelleW, Deriangel, Chickandee007, lama2
I54 I Wish For… : Visionaire, Ikurulenko, lama2, Gruenlilie, dandelion_
I55 I Wish For… : Lilamaus, Ikurulenko, Tofuchris, MichelleW, Dandelion_
I56 I Wish For…: WelshLassy, Val-Natalia, Tellmewhat, Dandelion_ ,MichelleW
I57 I Wish For… :Sarahamina, Aussiebear, Ikurulenko, Tellmewhat
I58 I Wish For… : Sarahamina, Val-Natalia, Pucky, GoldenOwl
I59 I Wish For… : Dandelion_, WelshLassy, Nzqui, Linus-wu, cicus
I61 I Wish For… :WelshLassy, Parel, Dandelion_, Linus-wu, lama2
I60 I Wish For… : Dandelion_, Lia69, Sulistyaagnes, Parel, Lama2
I62 I Wish For… : Parel, WelshLassy, Taksi, Azuregosa, lama2
I63 I Wish For… (written/stamped): Parel, Cleeoo (never sent cards :flaming:), Azuregosa, Sasha, Sunfox
I64 I Wish For… (written/stamped):yvette-Lin, Nana2901, Cleeoo, Histerija,Chickadee007
I65 I Wish For… : dena1965, Sunny Abs, WelshLassy,Butterfli75, Dandelion_
I66 I Wish For… (Unwritten/Envelope): Baronin, Aussiebear, blue44, Travellersid
I67 I Wish For… (written/stamped): MichelleW, Veeder, lama2, LudmilaTrosheva
I69 I Wish for…(3 written cards in an envelope): Kestrel, Marnie, MichelleW, Yu-JI
I70 I Wish for…(3 written cards in an envelope): Marnie, MichelleW, Blue44, Gbnaabennett
J3. National Parks:Aussiebear, Winnietsai, Coralfish, Ezbub , Lissel
J4. National Parks Coralfish,SihirliFlut,solarts66,nemharap, alcott1
K1-16::question: (other host)
K17. Trees & Forests Alcott1, Coralfish, Prott, sayuri2023
K18. Trees & Forests: Nitzan , Estaine, annet013 , janila
K19. Trees & Forests ;Dodo68, galo, Dora , Azzi, RachelDing
K20 Trees & Forests: Dodo68 ,Patricia_Star, LillianD, green_kivi, Nitzan
K21 Trees & Forests; MichelleW, Jschwab, Cathy, Toowii ,katethereater
K22 Trees & Forests;manu86, verooro, MichelleW, Patricia_Star
K23 trees and forrest: Patricia_Star (Inactive :flaming: never send cards), RachelDing, Polet-ol, Jostabeera
K24 Trees and forest: manu86, Tofuchris, Duesseljin, Polet-ol
K25 Trees and forest: curie030602, Polet-ol, Duesseljin, lama2
K26 Trees and forest:tu-zi, RachelDing, Kikawa, lama2
K27 Trees and forest:ValDrew, Baronin, Parel, Aunty Seahorse
K28 Trees and forest: Polet-Ol, Valdrew, kikawa, Yu-Ting
K29 Trees and forest: PaiviTuuli, Baronin, Yu-Ting, Lama2
K30 Trees and forest: Yu-Ting, Qhasami, Dandelion_, Polet-Ol
K31 Trees and forest: Parel, Dandelion_ (missing Parel :( ), Polet-Ol (missing PaiviTuuli :(, Parel :( ), PaiviTuuli
K32 Trees and forest: Parel, Wenhsiu, Baronin, Sueko
K33 Trees and forest: Parel, Yu-Ting, Nanqiang13, JeanetteMiami
K34 Trees and forest: Polet-Ol (missing wiese :(, GoldenOwl :( ), GoldenOwl, wiese, Annline
K35 Trees and forest: Ann123, Duesseljin, xxs001122, Depechechrissy
K36 Trees and forest: dollart, Kestrel, Duesseljin, jum
K37 Trees and forest: adam0730, VeniceSunrise, Duesseljin, Leaves-moon
K38 Trees and forest: Savagepink, Duesseljin, nannie, Septerra
K39 Trees and forest: Kestrel, MichelleW, Savagepink, Mapswell
K40 Trees and forest: Savagepink, MichelleW, yu_lika, dariasmith
K41 Trees and forest: dollart, MichelleW, Nordbaer, Killewips
K42 Trees and forest: dariasmith~, dollart (missing Duesseljin :( ), Kyvintage, Duesseljin

COMPLETED GROUPS (or almost complete but too long travelling):

Groups L, M, N. P

L1-3, L5::question: (other host)
L4 Lintu/Birds :Coralfish, Lissel, Jschwab, TheGreenOne, Togge
L6 Lintu/Birds Jschwab,Ezbub,Coralfish, prott, solarts66
L7. Birds Jschwab, togge, valeritta, gemeiliang, coralfish
L8. Birds griffinfire , prott, littlesquirrel, Dodo68
L9. Birds annet013,kosha, Fiona01406, Otoko, gemeiliang
L10. Birds annet013,yuhua0613,norjat, Axelcarvalho, gemeiliang
L11 Birds :Norjat, Dodo68, NadezdaRab, Rodrigoitao, flaggazer
L12 Birds: Norjat, Dodo68, sstyphi, Kosha, gloria
L13 Birds: Kosha, prott, JiaYiJean, Patricia_Star, chrissybaby
L14 Birds: Uniflame, Floridian, Cathy, Ancha_v_Poncho, flaggazer
L15 birds: Fornarin4,Val-Natalia,RachelDing,Chickadee007
L16 birds: lama2, Chickadee007,Polet-ol, Aunty Seahorse
L17 Birds: Chickadee007, Duesseljin, Chrissybaby, kate2212
L18 Birds: elbe, Chickadee007, kikawa, RachelDing
L19 Birds: WelshLassy, Polet-Ol (missing WelshLassy :(), Buddhaboy, Aunty Seahorse
L20 Birds: elbe, Polet-ol, nice_lazy, Chickadee007, kelly1015912
L21 Birds: knally13, Verik, Luosida0121, Natashinda,lama2
L22 Birds: Aunty Seahorse, Manu86, ValDrew, kelly1015912, Chickadee007
L23 Birds : Yu-Ting, Chrissybaby, Dandelion_, Polet-Ol, Chickadee007
L24 Birds : Cocci18 (Never sent cards:flaming: )
Tellmewhat, lama2, Dandelion_, kelly1015912
L25 Birds: Kaplya_vetra, Chrissybaby, Polet-Ol, Luosida0121, Kelly1015912
L26 Birds: WelshLassy, Yu-Ting, elbe, Baronin, kelly1015912
L27 Birds: Polet-Ol (missing kelly1015912 :() ,killewips, WelshLassy, kelly1015912, Luosida0121
L28 Birds: Dandelion_, Chickadee007, PaiviTuuli, WelshLassy, killewips
L29 Birds: Helen3, MinaM, Luosida0121, Linus-wu, PaiviTuuli
L30 Birds: elbe, Dandelion_, Chrissybaby, Val-Natalia, PaiviTuuli
L31 Birds: Baronin, Stargazer90, Helen3, lama2, Dandelion_
L32 Birds: PaiviTuuli, Parel, chrissybaby, WelshLassy, Linus-wu
L33 Birds : Dandelion_, Polet-Ol, lama2 (missing Kotozyabr :( ), Kotozyabr, Parel
L34 Birds: RachelDing, WelshLassy, Parel, sulistyaagnes, Dandelion_
L35 Birds: Duesseljin, PaiviTuuli, Polet_Ol (missing Parel :( ), Parel, Annline
L36 Birds; jacqcoen (missing Parel :( ), Parel, chi, cleeoo, Stargazer90
L37 Birds: Liisa16, Verik, Duesseljin, Luosida0121 (missing Parel :( ), Parel
L38 Birds: Polet-Ol, Dandelion_, caramiga, corymbiaficifolia, Parel
L39 Birds: Nzqu, knally13, Polet-Ol (missing Nzqu :( ), JeanetteMiami, Chickadee007
L40 Birds: travellersid, PaiviTuuli, Duesseljin, Polet-Ol, dpogontseva
L41 Birds:Apanoplyofpostcards, Chrissybaby, butterfli75, killewips, Chickadee007
L42 Birds :WelshLassy, Polet-Ol, Duesseljin (missing Polet-Ol :(), Luosida0121, Stargazer90
L43 Birds: Duesseljin, Polet-Ol, journalinggirl, Chrissybaby, zwf830816
L44 Birds:Duesseljin, Kestrel, Luro, assui, kentish belle
L45 Birds: Travellersid, Duesseljin, Polet-Ol, dpogontseva, lama2
L46 Birds: Duesseljin, marina_k, Miki38, Jaenelle, namigashira
L47 Birds: Polet-Ol, MichelleW, Kestrel Leaves-moon, lama2
L48 Birds:Polet-Ol, Kestrel, zwf830816, the_butterfly_lover, alliebear
L49 Birds: leaves-moon, blue44 (missing jacqcoen :(, leaves-moon :( ), Duesseljin, jacqcoen, the_butterfly_lover
L50 Birds: Polet-Ol, RachelDing, Duesseljin, Sakura8341, Stargazer90
L51 Birds:Duesseljin, Polet-Ol, Torchwood3, Maria_mi, anna_krol
L52 Birds: ahren, Sakura8341, Polet-Ol, Blue44, Duesseljin (missing Polet_OL :( , Ahren :( )
L53 Birds: Duesseljin, Savagepink, Mapswell, kriselle, Hallorenkind
L54 Birds: Savagepink, Blue44, Hallorenkind, Duesseljin, Nordbaer
M1::question: (other host)
M2 Marine Life :Jschwab, Iloenchen (inactive, hasn’t sent any cards :flaming: ) frau_ru ,Wildfire, erniedogdaisey
M3. Marine life : jschwab, Aussiebear, Turtletrax (cards not sent INACTIVE :flaming: ), MichelleW, Floridian
M4. Marine life : MichelleW, Tangqiuyun (Inactive, never sent cards :flaming: ),jschwab, Duesseljin
M5. Marine life: Tofuchris, Chickadee007, masheeke, MacKittens
M6 Marine life:lama2, jana-christin, Duesseljin, kikawa
M7 Marine life : Ikurulenko, Mischka, Aussiebear, Kathleenwang
M8 Marine Life: Patricia_Star, Ikurulenko, ElenaSt, Lama2
M9 Marine Life: lama2, Jostabeera, Rialda, amperima, Chickadee007
M10 Marine Life :ElenaSt, Chrissybaby, MichelleW, Kikawa
M11 Marine Life (all marine life):Amperima, Baronin, Kat330, cocci18
M12 Marine life (big sea animals only):Ikurulenko, Knally13 (missing Ikurulenko :( ), Polet-Ol (missing Ikurulenko :( ), Annline
M13 Marine Life: Luosida0121, Lama2, Katikk, KDA
M14 Marine Life: Ritondra, lmaml, Manu86, PaiviTuuli
M15 Marine life : Polet-Ol, Rhian88, MichelleW, Duesseljin
M16 Marine Life: PaiviTuuli, ElenaSt, Qhasami, lama2
M17 Marine Life: Duesseljin, PaiviTuuli, Annline, lama2
M18 Marine life: Parel, Rhian88, imbrito, Dandelion_
M19 Marine life; caramiga, Chrissybaby, Dandelion_, lama2
M21 Marine life: Duesseljin, Luro, Kestrel (missing Luro :( ), yaxhiri
M22 Marine life: Kestrel,jacqcoen, Duesseljin, Leaves-moon
M23 Marine life: Duesseljin, Ane_Mone, kestrel, MichelleW
M24 Marine life: MichelleW, Duesseljin, yu_lika, lama2
N1-4::question: (other host)
N5 (Night and Moon):Togge, Jschwab ,Iloenchen, SannyBunny ,SihirliFlut
N6. Night and moon: togge, iamkaichung, NINA-YUE (never sent cards, INACHTIVE :flaming: ), manu86
N7. Night and moon:MichelleW, manu86, Annline, Melodybox
N8 Night and moon: manu86, Mu_, Baronin, Chickadee007
P1-4: :question: (other host)
P5. Produce: Coralfish, SihirliFlut, kosha, littlesquirrel , soinisi1
P6. Produce: sstyphi, kosha,Tinki81, Belka, LillianD
P7. Produce: Coralfish, Belka, Linus-wu , Ancha_v_poncho, lama2
P8. Produce: Coralfish, Irinasukhareva, manu86, Lady_Owl
P9 Produce: Ikurulenko, Tofuchris, manu86, Ludmilka_, Tupu
P10 Produce : Chickadee007,Patricia_Star, Tupu, Floridian
P11 Produce: Ludmilka_, Tofuchris, Polet-Ol , sherba31
P12 Produce: Polet-ol, Yu-Ting, Cocci18 ( never sent cards :flaming: ), lama2
P13 Produce: Baronin, Katikk, Val-Natalia, Paivi Tuuli
P14 Produce: Kramarova, Polet-Ol, Linus-wu, Duesseljin
P15 Produce: Polet-Ol, Yu-Ting, Irsabir, Chrissybaby
P16 Produce: Parel, Duesseljin, Liisa16, Polet-Ol
P17 Produce: Polet-Ol, Azuregosa, Parel, PaiviTuuli
P18 Produce: Vendela, Polet-Ol, Finerst, qhasami
P19 Produce: Nzqu, Polet-Ol, caramiga, Duesseljin
P20 Produce: Polet-Ol, sofia90, journalinggirl, vikkkkki
P21 Produce: Kestrel,vikkkkki, Reuen, Dwyn
P22 Produce: marina_k, Polet-Ol, ahren (never sent cards :flaming: ), Duesseljin
P23 Produce: carameljuniper (never sent cards :flaming: ), dollart, verooro, DearChrist

COMPLETED GROUPS (or almost complete but too long travelling):

Groups R, S

R1. Nature with snow or frost or ice : Lama2,MichelleW, kathy1376, petit pilote, RedFox
R2. Leaves and/or plants :lama2, MichelleW,Redfox, DearChristy, coralfish
R3. Spring related :Lama2, Linus-wu, MichelleW, manu86
R4. Landscapes: lama2, Love_M ,Debecca, Whoopje, Sarahamina
R5. Nature in black and white :lama2, MichelleW, Jschwab, Sarahamina
R6. Landscape :Manu86, lama2, Deriangel, Aussiebear, Duesseljin
R7. Landscape;:lama2, Duesseljin, melodybox, Masheeke, DearBonnie
R8. Nature in black and white: lama2, Sarahamina, MichelleW, Gruenlilie
R9: Autumn related:Chickadee007, Duesseljin, Patricia_Star, kikawa, messenger-pigeon, tupu
R10 Autumn related: Patricia_Star,Ludmilka_, Sarahamina, Buddhaboy, Kikawa
R11 Winter related :callmeflurry, Sarahamina, Natalishk Tikuvee, Masheeke
R12 reptile/amphibian group:lama2, Ikurulenko, Jana-Christin, Chickadee007
R13 Winter related: Sarahamina, Duesseljin, Stoneflower, Carola2013, Polet-ol
R14 Four Seasons: lama2, Sarahamina, Polet-ol, Chickadee007, MichelleW
R15 Weather related:Sarahamina, Tofuchris, MichelleW, Veeder, Jana-Christin
R16 Local nature only: RachelDing, MariekeR, Kikawa, Dandelion_
R17 Elements: MichelleW, Sarahamina, Kikawa, Mischka
R18 Elements: Chickadee007, MichelleW, Linus-wu, Deriangel
R19 fuzzy bear like animals: Visionaire, MichelleW, Linus-wu, Chickadee007
R20 Elements :Val-Natalia, Chickadee007,kikawa, lama2
R21 Elements:Aunty Seahorse, Sarahamina, Tofuchris, Kikawa
R22 Alphabet nature: Chickadee007, Deriangel, Kikawa, MichelleW, lama2
R23 Every animal with wings: lama2, Chickadee007, Linus-wu, Kikawa, Duesseljin
R24 Fish: Polet-ol, kikawa, Amperima, Duesseljin
R25 Elements lama2, Sarahamina, Kikawa, MichelleW
R26 Weather related:Sarahamina, Kikawa, Veeder, Duesseljin
R27 Everything with wings: Gruenlilie, lama2, Chickadee007, Lilamaus, Duesseljin
R28 Urban nature: Dandelion_, lama2, Luosida0121, Buddhaboy
R29 Alphabet nature:Kikawa,Tellmewhat ,Aunty Seahorse, Chickadee007, Sarahamina
R30 Reptiles and amphibians:lama2, Ikurulenko, Chickadee007, Cocci16 (never send cards :flaming: )
R31 Alphabet nature: Qiqi, lama2, kikawa, Sarahamina ,Yu-Ting
R32 nature’s miracles: Dandelion_, lama2, Chickadee007, Artfulthinker
R33 Fuzzy animals: Kikawa, Chickadee007 (missing Luisida0121 and artfulthinker :( ), Luosida0121, artfulthinker
R34 Butterflies: Polet-Ol, Baronin, Duesseljin, Luosida0121, Kaplya-Vetra
R35 Color group:Yu-Ting, Chickadee007, Baronin, Sarahamina, Dandelion_
R36 elements: Sarahamina, Dandelion_, Yu-Ting, Mausezaehnchen
R37 Color group:Tellmewhat, kikawa, MichelleW, Katikk, uniflame
R38 Nature in black and white: lama2, MichelleW, Parel, Paivi Tuuli
R39 Folded cards: MichelleW, Lama2, Dandelion_
R40 the rise of nature: Dandelion_, lama2, kikawa, Val-Natalia
R41 Forest related: Uniflame, lama2, Dandelion_, Cateye, Polet-ol
R42 seasons: Sarahamina, killewips, Yu-Ting, Val-Natalia
R43 Autumn related: Nzqu, Dandelion_, Irsabir, Yu-Ting
R44 Winter related:Irsabir, sarahamina, Cateye, PaiviTuuli
R45 everything sand related: Dandelion_, lmaml, Irsabir, Chickadee007, Annline
R46 Rainbows: Annline, lama2, Chickadee007
R47 Christmas group: MichelleW, Dandelion_, Sarahamina, Irsabir, Cateye
R48 Urban nature :lama2, Dandelion_, MichelleW, Luosida0121
R49 Nature related cards with a story about it on the back: Dandelion_, lama2, knally49, PaiviTuuli
R50 Animals you’ve “met” in the wild: Chickadee007, Dandelion_, Duesseljin, lama2
R51 Nature with people: Sarahamina,Yu-Ting, Lama2, PaiviTuuli
R52 Elements: Dandelion_, lama2, Sarahamina, StoneFlower
R53 Flowers with animals: lama2, Cateye, Lia69
R54 Spring related: Cateye, Dandelion_, chrissybaby, JWK531
R55 Urban nature: Dandelion_, Lama2, JWK531, Sophieddr
R56 Weather related: Lia56, Annline (missing Lia56 :( ), Polet-Ol
R57 National Parks:MichelleW, kkliman, sulistyaagnes, Annline (missing kkliman :( )
R58 Everything with wings: lama2, Baronin, Dandelion_, Duesseljin
R59 Alphabet group: Dandelion_, Parel, Lia69, Cleeoo, Yu-Ting
R60 Alphabet group: Aussiebear ,Lama2, Parel ,Dandelion_, Lia69
R61 Holiday destinations; lama2, Sabs, MichelleW, Parel
R62 Alphabet group: Cleeoo, MichelleW, Dandelion, StoneFlower (missing Cleeoo :(), Parel
R63 Elements:Annline, Cleeoo, lama2, ChristinaCanningham
R64 Sand related :Baronin, MichelleW, knally13, Parel
R65 Autumn: Dandelion_,Uniflame, Linus-wu, Finerst
R66 Holiday leftovers : Dandelion_, yvette-Lin, MichelleW, lama2
R67 tiny nature: Travellersid,lama2, annline, alcott1
R68 nature related Christmas cards: Dandelion_, lama2, JeanetteMiami
R69 Wildlife from your country: Dandelion_, PaiviTuuli, svetlanaukhova, Travellersid, JeanetteMiami
R70 Anything to do with a Forest: Sophieddr, Dandelion_, lama2, Killewips,Travellersid
R71 Stange/Unusual nature: Killewips, Linus-wu, blue44, lama2
R72 Continents group: Dandelion_, Linus-wu, Killewips (missing Linus-wu :( ), Duesseljin, lama2
R73 winter related nature cards: Baronin, Duesseljin, Saralina, Ann123
R75 Pets: Kestrel, Luro (missing Kestrel :(, Hexyr :( ), Hexyr, amakara
R74 Spring: dandelion_, Duesseljin, Caramiga, journalinggirl
R76 Match the word: dandelion_ ,Chickadee007, blue44, cj23
R77 Everything to do with water: Duesseljin, xxs001122 (never send cards :flaming:), Chrissybaby, mangomeliss
R78 Match the word: Killewips, MichelleW, Kestrel, Candyliar
R79 From outside your own country: lama2, Aussiebear, MichelleW, Duesseljin
R80 Autumn: Kestrel, Candyliar, dollart (missing Candyliar :( ), Baker63
R81 Match the word: MichelleW, Baronin, killewips, blue44
R82 Elements: Kestrel, Killewips, Candyliar, Cinesnail
R83 Winter related cards: Duesseljin,Kestrel, dollart, yuime
R84 Rainbow group: Dadelion_, Kestrel, blue44, Killewips, Alcott1, Duesseljin
R85 Nature in parts: Kestrel, Killewips, Duesseljin (missing Kestrel :( ), lama2
R86 Summer related: Kestrel, Duesseljin, dollart, Chrissybaby
R87 Fluffy animals: pigifly, jacqcoen, Leaves-moon, teadrinker
R88 Match a Letter: MichelleW, Duesseljin, Kestrel, dollart
R89 Little creatures: MichelleW, kobito, jacqcoen, Luro
R90 Autumn related cards: Seizetheday, name_as_name, marina_k, hayabusa
R91 Colour group: MichelleW, Anna_krol, pigifly, alliebear
R92 Winter related nature cards: Leaves-moon, MichelleW, dollart, Kestrel
R93 Panoramic/Long cards group: Yu-Ju, dollart, Savagepink
R94 Folded cards group: lama2, MichelleW, Hallorenkind, Ane_mone
R95 Mountains: the_jack_pine, Leaves-moon, pigifly, Savagepink
R96 Continents group: Blue44 (missing Killewips :( ), Duesseljin, lama2, Ane-mone, Killewips
R97 On and around a farm: lama2, Dandelion_, Gbnaabennett, Savagepink
R98 Holiday leftovers: lama2, Duesseljin, mary29sabah, marina_k
R99 Nature in parts: lama2, MichelleW, Ane-mone, Savagepink
R100 insects & arachnids: Ane-mone, darkestperu, lama2, Mapswell
R101 Christmas cards nature related: MichelleW, Dandelion_, ane-mone
R102 wild canine group: kestrel (missing dollart :( ), Savagepink, dollart, MichelleW
R103 Folded cards: lama2, MichelleW, Hallorenkind (inactive so never sent cards :flaming: ),Savagepink
R104 ‘Weird’ nature: lama2, dollart, Ane_mone, Killewips
R105 Autumn group: Killewips, dariasmith, dollart, Duesseljin (missing Killewips :( )
R106 Winter group: Savagepink, stebbeds, Pigifly (Missing Savagepink :( ), Killewips
R107 nature related CHRISTMAS cards: Savagepink, Kestrel, Lama2 (missing kestrel :( )
R110 Elements group: MichelleW, Ane-Mone, Duesseljin, Killewips, katkero2
R111 Folded cards group : lama2, MichelleW, Savagepink, Verooro
R113 Plants: Lama2, Anemone, Duesseljin, katkero2
R116 Summer group: Savagepink, Verooro, Rimelady, lama2
R117 Special "corona"group: ama2, katkero2, MichelleW, Duesseljin, Dandelion_, Savagepink
S1-7: :question: (other host)
S8 Sunrise & Sunset SihirliFlut (never sent cards:flaming: Inactive member/banned from forum), SannyBunny (never sent cards:flaming:, ),CatMargo, Beambots
S9. Sunset & Sunrise: aqua-cri , JiaYiJean (inactive :flaming: MichelleW is sending the cards:thumbup: ), iamkaichung,Floridian, Ancha_v_poncho
S10, Sunset & Sunrise: MichelleW, Manu86, Cis_B, Sweetpotatoe, Whoopje
S11 sunset/sunrise:manu86, Sarahamina, Floridian,Masheeke
S12 skies: MichelleW, Manu86, Tofuchris, Polet-ol, Kikawa
S13 skies :Val-Natalia, RachelDing, Chickadee007, Tofuchris
S14 skies Polet-Ol, Mischka, knally13, Kristina_r9
S15 skies : Polet-ol, Baronin, Kaplya-Vetra, Sarahamina
S16 Skies :Yu-Ting, MichelleW, Polet-Ol, Dandelion_ (missing Polet-Ol :( )
S17 Skies : Dandelion_, chi, Yu-Ting, Annline
S18 Skies :Chickadee007, Dandelion_, Baronin, Qhasami
S19 Skies: Dandelion_, Lia69, Polet-Ol (missing dandelion_ :( ), MichelleW
S20 Skies: Polet-Ol (missing mu_ :( ), mu_, Baronin, lama2
S21 Skies: Parel, Histerija, Finerst, Haruka-L
S22 Skies; PaiviTuuli, Lisa8694 (never sent cards :flaming: ), dandelion_, lama2
S23 Skies: winterwolke, caramiga, Annline, Yaxhiri
S24 Skies: Kestrel, MichelleW, Runningjurgen, Luro
S25 Skies: Purple, MichelleW, Kate0109, dollart
S26 Skies: Purple(never sent cards :flaming: ), mary29sabah, ahren, lama2
S27 Skies : Kestrel (missing Savagepink :( ), Savagepink, pigifly (missing Kestrel :( ), Duesseljin
S28 Skies: kestrel, MichelleW, pigifly, Dandelion_
S29 Skies: Savagepink, MichelleW, dollart, knit

COMPLETED GROUPS (or almost complete but too long travelling):

Groups T, U, V, W, Z

T1-4: :question: (other host)
T5. Nature in ART: Pucky, yuyc , belka, lama2, Nilkaras
T6 Nature in ART: MichelleW, Pucky, Fisherman, Belka, Summeiseki
T7 Nature in ART: MichelleW, JiaYiJean (not sent cards, inactive:flaming: ) Lama2 sent cards instead), Prott, Ancha_v_poncho, aya_mi
T8. Nature in ART : Redfox, lama2, toowii, MichelleW, Linaga
T9. Nature in ART :verooro, MichelleW, manu86, lama2
T10 Nature in ART: lmaml, Margmom, MichelleW, lama2, Tikuvee
T11 nature in ART: lama2, MichelleW, Polet-ol, Jostabeera
T12 nature in ART: Ludmilka_ , lama2, MichelleW, kelly1015912
T13 nature in ART only art with animals: MichelleW, lama2, Tofuchris, Chickadee007
T14 nature in ART only art with animals : MichelleW, lama2, knally13, Chickadee007
T15 nature in ART: Tellmewhat, lama2, MichelleW, knally13
T16 nature in ART: kelly1015912, lama2, MichelleW, Tellmewhat
T17 nature in ART: Tellmewhat, MichelleW, lmaml, knally13
T18 nature in ART:Uniflame, Baronin, Yu-Ting, Arthfulthinker
T19 nature in ART: MichelleW, dandelion_, Baronin, Yu-Ting
T20 nature in ART: MichelleW, lama2, kikawa, dandelion_
T21 nature in ART: Yi-Ting, MichelleW, lmaml, lama2
T22 nature in ART: MichelleW, Lama2, Baronin, Dandelion_
T23 nature in ART:Irsabir, Yu-Ting, Dandelion_, Lama2
T24 nature in ART:MichelleW, Polet-Ol, lama2, Luosida0121
T25 nature in ART: MichelleW, Dandelion_, Lama2, KDA
T26 nature in ART only art with animals :MichelleW, Irsabir, Baronin, PaiviTuuli
T27 nature in ART: MichelleW, Dandelion_, Yu-Ting, lama2
T28 nature in ART only art with animals: MichelleW,Linus-Wu, Annline, Sunfox
T29 nature in ART: MichelleW, Polet-Ol, Sophieddr, lama2
T30 nature in ART only art with animals: MichelleW, Sophieddr, PaiviTuuli, Chickadee007
T31 nature in ART: MichelleW, Ksushel, lama2, sophieddr
T32 nature in ART:MichelleW, Dandelion_, qhasami, Reuen
T33 nature in ART: MichelleW, Baronin, APanoplyOfPostcards, mavis77
T34 nature in ART only art with animals:MichelleW, Kestrel, Dandelion_, lama2
T35 nature in ART: MichelleW, lama2, Linus-Wu, marina_k
T36 nature in ART:MichelleW, billinaction, MacModel, lama2
T37 nature in ART: MichelleW, blue44, lama2, amakara
T38 nature in ART: MichelleW, dollart, Duesseljin (missing dollart :( ), Kestrel
T39 nature in ART:marina_k, MichelleW, Alliebear, Kestrel
T40 nature in ART only art with animals: Kestrel, MichelleW, the_butterfly_lover, anna_krol (missing MichelleW :( )
T41 nature in ART: MichelleW, Wiese, JulietM23, Loppe
T42 nature in ART: MichelleW, Savagepink, Coi, Kestrel
T43 nature in ART only botanical illustrations: Kestrel, Torchwood3, anna_krol
T44 nature in ART only art with animals: Savagepink, SoraliElaine, dariasmith, lama2 (missing SoraliElaine :( )
T45 nature in ART: )MichelleW, Kestrel, dariasmith, lama2
T46 nature in ART: Botanical illustrations: MichelleW, Ane-Mone, cassiop3ia (never sent cards :flaming: ), SoraliElaine
U1 Urban nature: Dandelion_, blue44, jacqcoen, lama2
U2 People with nature: Miyu, lama2, Bethmnie
U3 Urban nature : pitanga (inactive, never send cards :flaming: ), MichelleW, lama2, Geit
U4 Urban nature: MichelleW, Ane-mone, Dandelion_, Siebenstein
U5 Urban nature: lama2, MichelleW, Savagepink, dariasmith
U9 People with nature: Dinka, BarbL, lama1
V1. Versus group Sending: Caves, Caverns, Canyons X
Sending: Surprise (nature related): MichelleW, Flaggazer, Lama2,cj23
V2. Versus group mountains x plants & flowers: Tofuchris, chami, lama2, Deriangel
V3. Versus group: Caves, Caverns, CanyonsX Surprise: MichelleW, lama2, Pebbles84, sssharol
V4. Versus group water related cards X dessert/sandy/dry nature cards, Sarahamina, klim1314, lama2, MichelleW
V5. Versus group: Flowers x animals: Linus-wu, chami, lama2,
V6. Versus group:nature in art x “real nature” (= non art): Linus_wu, MichelleW, lama2, Jschwab
V7 Versus group: anything with water x mountains: Pebbles84, Chami, Sarahamina, masheeke
V8 Versus group : birds x trees/forest: Deriangel, Pebbles84, Jschwab, Togge
V9 Versus group: flowersx water related/dessert/vulcano’s Sarahamina, lama2, Chickadee007, MichelleW
V10. Versus group: birds x water related: Duesseljin, Aussiebear, Chickadee007, Linus-wu
V11 versus group plants/flowers x Waterfalls:Laevis ( never send cards :flaming: ), Sarahamina, Chickadee007,Lama2
V12 Versus group: nature in black and white versus surprise (nature related):MichelleW, lama2, Chami
V13 versus group: insects x landscape: Deriangel, Chickadee007, lama2, Linus-wu
V14 versus group, trees/forest x birds or insects;Linus-wu, Chami, Val-Natalia, lama2
V15 versus group nature in art x nature in photo; MichelleW, Stoneflower, Deriangel lama2
V16 versus group winter related X spring related: Sarahamina, Chickadee007, Kikawa, lama2
V17 versus group Waterfalls X animals: lama2, fresqua, Sarahamina, Masheeke
V18 versus group winter related x spring related:Sarahamina, Siningbamboo, Kikawa (missing Sarahamina :(), Val-Natalia
V19 Versus group Night related X Day related: Sarahamina, Kikawa, kelly1015912
V20 Versus group birds X Trees/forest : Baronin, Dandelion_, kelly1015912, lama2
V21 Versus group winter related x Summer related:Tellmewhat, Baronin, kikawa, Qiqi
V22 versus group Sky X water: Dandelion_, Linus-wu, Chami, kelly1015912
V23 versus group holiday left-overs x Local nature): lama2, WelshLassy, Knally13, Dandelion_
V24 versus group, holiday left-overs, nature related x Local nature related: Yu-Ting, lama2, Sarahamina, Dandelion_
V25 versus group, nature in black and white x nature in color: MichelleW, lama2 (missing kikawa :( ), kikawa, ValDrew
V26 versus group waterfalls x big cats: MichelleW, kikawa, lama2, Dandelion_ (missing kikawa :( )
V27 versus group, Water x air: lama2, MichelleW, Baronin, sarahamina
V28 versus group: local nature x holiday left overs: Dandelion_, Sarahamina, lama2, MichelleW
V29 versus ad/free cards nature related x normal cards: Baronin, Dandelion_, lama2, Val-Natalia
V30 versus group : little animals X big animals: Baronin, Val-Natalia, lama2, Linus-wu
V31 Versus group: winter related x summer related: Dandelion_, Sarahamina, knally13, Luosida0121
V32 Versus group: micro x macro: Dandelion_, Luosida0121, Chickadee007, Yu-Ting
V33 Versus group, big animals X small animals: PaiviTuuli, Chickadee007, Sarahamina, Dandelion_
V34 Versus group, weather related x water related: MichelleW, Sarahamina, Irsabir, knally13
V35 Versus group , sea related x mountain related sulistyaagnes, Lia69, Sarahamina, Dandelion_
V36 versus group, dog related versus cat related:Chickadee007,Lama2, PaiviTuuli, Sarahamina
V37 versus group wild animals x pet animals: Chickadee007, mu_, WelshLassy,Dandelion_
V38 versus group: mountains x Coastlines: Dandelion_, MichelleW, Rosalinde88, lama2
V39 versus group: nature in Black and White x nature in color: MichelleW, PaiviTuuli, lama2, Irsabir
V40 versus group , birds of prey x all other birds: Dandelion_, PaiviTuuli, WelshLassy, Luosida0121
V41 versus group, National parks x Urban parks/garden: MichelleW, lama2, Rosalinde88, Dandelion_
V42 versus group: mountain x coastlines: Dandelion_, MichelleW, Sulistyaagnes, knally13
V43 versus group, nature in photo x nature in art: Irsabir, Dandelion_, MichelleW, Yu-Ting
V44 versus group flowers and plants x animals: Linus-Wu, mu_, Lia69, knally13, Parel, lama2
V45 Versus group; water related x non water: Dandelion_, JWK531, mu_, Yu-Ting
V46 Versus group, Fluffy animals x non-fluffy animals:lama2, ChristinaCanningham, Dandelion_, Lilamaus
V47 Versus group: Sky related x Water related : lama2, ChristinaCanningham, mu_, Baronin
V48 Versus group: birds of prey x garden birds: Dandelion_, lama2, Baronin, blue44
V49 Versus group: Ice x Fire: MichelleW (missing Histerija :( ), Duesseljin, Linus-wu, Histerija
V50 Versus group: nature related viewcards/Urban nature x pure nature:MichelleW, Saralina, Val-Natalia, APanoplyOfPostcards
V51 Versus group: Moon x sun: Baronin, lama2, knally13
V52 Versus group Addresses sent 15-11-2015
Sending: nature fom your country x"exotic" nature: blue44, Saralina, Yu-Ting, lama2
V53 Versus group: Flowers, trees, plants x stones, rocks, cliffs, sand or desert: Red_and_Green, dandelion_, MichelleW, Baronin
V54 Versus group: mountains x Sea/Oceans: Baronin, Linus-wu, blue44, Andrea80
V55 Versus group, Furry animals versus non furry animals:)Linus-wu, lama2, Dandelion_, blue44
V56 Versus group: nature in ART x nature in photo: Pucky, MichelleW, dandelion_, Travellerssid
V57 Versus group Animals vresus Landscapes: MichelleW (missing Candyliar :( ), blue44, Candyliar, cj23
V58 Versus group: nature in Black and white x nature in color: Saralina, MichelleW, lama2, dandelion_
V59 Versus group: nature in art x nature in photo: Baronin, Linus-wu, MichelleW, lama2
V60 Versus group: local nature x non local nature: bsm09, blue44, Killewips, WelshLassy
V61 Versus group, “domestic” nature x wild nature: dandelion_, blue 44, Wmjad, MichelleW
V62 Versus group, “in the air” x “around water”: blue44, CandyLiar, knally13, lama2
V63 Versus group, small nature x Large nature: MichelleW, blue44, Killewips, dandelion_
V64 Versus group, animals in Art x animals in photo:MichelleW, Baronin, Kestel, lama2
V65 Versus group, Urban nature x Wildlife: lama2, dandelion_, Killewips, MichelleW
V66 Versus group, Land/dry vs Water/wet: MichelleW, Mandy, Candyliar, Ilya2005
V67 Versus group: Big x small: MichelleW, Kobito, travellersid, dollart
V68 Versus group, slow animals or landscape vs fast animals or landscape: blue44, dollart, Dandelion_, travellersid
V69 Versus group furry animals versus feathered animals: blue44, Killewips, Dandelion_, traceyk
V70 Versus group, canine vs feline: Kestrel, blue44,MichelleW, dollart
V71 Versus group, dark vs light: dollart, MichelleW, Kestrel, jum
V72 Versus group Farm animals vs wild animals: lama2, caramiga, MichelleW, jacqcoen
V73 Versus group Plants vs animals:jacqcoen, dollart, lama2, Kestrel
V74 Versus group, Black and White vs Full color: MichelleW, jacqcoen, lama2, pigifly
V75 pets versus wildlife: blue44, Gbnaabennett, MichelleW, dollart
V76 Versus group mountains vs water related: kobito, pigifly, Blue44, Red_and_Green
V77 Versus group, soft vs hard: Duesseljin, Lama2, MichelleW, Luxe
V78 water versus non water: MichelleW, )Luxe, pigifly (never received MichelleW :( ),Blue44 (never received MichelleW :( )
V79 Versus group winter versus summer: MichelleW, Blue44, Gbnaabennett, Savagepink
V80 Dry vs Wet: Lewin_Liu, Duesseljin, MichelleW, Akviinas
V81 Versus group, hard versus soft :MichelleW, Coi, lama2, Lewin_Liu
V82 Sky versus Sea: MichelleW, kestrel, Duesseljin, darkestperu
V83 popular animals versus non-popular animals: lama2, Ane-mone, darkestperu, Duesseljin
V85 Nature in Color vs black and white: Lama2, kestrel, MichelleW, Savagepink
V87 multiple vs single: Ane-mone, Kestrel, MichelleW, pigifly
V88 hard vs soft: MichelleW, Ane-Mone, kestrel, Duesseljin
V89 big animals vs small animals: Ane-mone, MichelleW, Savagepink, Kestrel
V90 Robust vs delicate: MichelleW, shiomaru0902, kestrel, Duesseljin
V91 Urban nature versus pure nature: MichelleW, Savagepink, Killewips, lama2
V92 3D cards nature related versus normal photo cards nature related:
Lama2, Duesseljin, MichelleW, pigifly
V93 Dry versus wet: MichelleW, Kyvintage, knit, Duesseljin
V94 pets versus wild life: blue44, MichelleW, ellistrations
V97 Landscapes versus animals: Duesseljin, MichelleW, lama2, Dinka
V98 nature in Art versus Nature in photo’s: Dinka, Ane-mone, Nordbaer
V99 Plants and flowers versus animals: Savagepink, blue44, Ane-mone, Dinka
W1-4: :question: (other host)
W5. Underwater: Coralfish, meand3boys, 4ajka, sstyphi
Z1-3: :question: (other host)
Z4. Zoos :Coralfish, Aussiebear, Olenenka, VVVickie
Z5 Zoos :coralfish, Postcardperfect, Patricia_Star, Aussiebear

COMPLETED GROUPS (or almost complete but too long travelling):

Special groups
  • Lama2’s ICELAND group* :MichelleW, knally13, Dandelion_, Chickadee007, kikawa, Nice_lazy, wiekiwiek, Duesseljin, kelly1015912, Visionaire, Masheeke, Amperima , Linus-wu, fresqua ,Val-Natalia, Ikurulenko,Sarahamina, Berrylonline, lmaml,Aussiebear, Tellmewhat, Parel, Aunty Seahorse, Kristina_r9, Chrissybaby
  • Knally13’s Europe group* :lama2, Duesseljin, PaiviTuuli, sulistyaagnes, Dandelion_, Linus-wu, MichelleW, Baronin, Yu-Ting, Val-Natalia
    *Dandelion_ 's Santorini (Greece) group: Parel, Kelly1015912, sulistyaagnes, Duesseljin, Linus-wu, PaiviTuuli
    Special group
    *Travellersid’s a birthdau of a friend group: blue44, lama2, MichelleW (both cards missing :( ), PaiviTuuli, Red_and_Green, dena1965 (both cards missing :( )
    *Happy birthday brother of travellersid group:lama2, blue44, MichelleW, Duesseljin, Dandelion_, name_as_name
  • Dandelion_'s Cyprus group: MichelleW, Red_and_Green, katarzynasz, lama2

Gallery of Received Cards


yes I managed it! Turned out this group existed way too long to put all the data of closed groups in one post. Had to use serveral posts.

Well welcome everyone and let’s start sending cards again.

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Hello @lama1,
I just found this RR and would love to join those two groups:
C42 Mountains
D61 Water related

I’ll send you my address in a moment.
Thank you! :relaxed:


Welcome MarinaL to this RR :bouncing:


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Please add me to R121 Christmas and R120 Corona group. (There are two R120 groups at the moment.)

Group F61, I received a beautiful magnolia card from @kyvintage! I love seeing the saucer magnolias in DC every spring; it’s nice to see a different type of magnolia!

Looking Good, Lady!! :cat: :parrot: :whale: :cherry_blossom: :maple_leaf:

D60: stormstrucksiren send me a view on a lake.
Thank you for your card.

I want to join G31 and R121.

Group A107 - Dandelion_ sent an adorable little red squirrel! Our natives aren’t nearly so cute! It was wonderful to read you’re feeling so much better! Take care and don’t overdo it! Thank you :heart_eyes: