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I have noticed that “favorites” are used by members in two different ways: to designate which cards they received are really liked, or to indicate ones they have seen (in other members or the "postcard gallery/recently sent section) and want to receive. I mistakenly started to mark “favorite” almost all the cards I received, and now I think it is more useful to instead simply tell the sender, and use the “favorites” section to show cards (or series) I would like to get.

So, I have a couple of related questions:

  1. How can we delete favorites from our wall?
  2. How can we find cards we would like, and show them in “favorites”, other than having to troll through the “gallery/recently sent” section, or looking at another member’s wall (and if find it there, can we simply tag it as our own favorite?)
  3. A broader question is whether we can search anywhere on the Postcrossing site for a type of favorite, such as bridges, beaches, movie posters, B&W, or a series such as Tausendschoen?

I think “favorites” is a critical link to review before sending out a card since many members do not have a suggested list, or their descriptions are not that clear. If “favorites” is used to show the cards (or at least types) they would like to receive, the site allows narrowing it to your country, and it is very helpful for us who have large collections of blank cards to use.

It is also helpful when the profiles disclose that the favorites are ones the member would like to get, and not just a list of all the ones received.

Finally, if “favorites” is a tool to show cards the member would like to get, this avoids having to look through thousands of cards (in some cases), at which point I usually give up!

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