Adding notes on traveling postcards

Hi all,
sometimes when one of my card is registered, I receive comments on what I wrote or on the stamp or on something I have included with the card… but after weeks I really have hard times remembering and trying to figure out what they’re referring to. I would love the possibility to add a little note (visible only to me) to the cards I’m sending out, maybe a little box on the same page of the ‘uploading pic’ function… for ex ‘‘card+lighthouse stamps’’ or ‘‘wrote about when I was visiting their city’’… what do you think? of course you can skip it, so is no further effort for those who don’t care about :blush:


I don’t ever forget what I’ve written or the stamps used, but I can only have 10 cards travelling at one time so it isn’t particularly likely that I would forget. A personal note could be useful for postcrossers that send far more cards, though. Also if the card lost its ID, having a note that you used x stamp could help identify it when it is received.


I would say, you make a folder on your hard drive and there you can put the scans of the front and back of your postcard. you just name it according to the ID.


Sometimes I would also find it useful if you could make a small note for yourself personally that is not visible to anyone else.
I have no idea whether this would be feasible, but it would only make sense if the note did not disappear after the card was registered.
So the note would have to move from the travelling list to the sent list after registration.


That would use a lot of memory that Postcrossing would have to pay for. But you can take a picture of the text side and the stamps etc. and keep it on your smartphone, tablet etc.


Yes, I’d really like an extra text field. I’d often thought it would be nice to compare travel times vs printed label. Things like that.

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I would love this! I currently do as others have suggested in this thread — keep a photo on my phone. But it’s not very efficient at all. Even the ability to enter just a few words would help jog my memory. Another way to do it would be if you could add tags to sent or received cards.

I don’t ever forget what I’ve written or the stamps used, but I can only have 10 cards travelling at one time so it isn’t particularly likely that I would forget.

I also only have 10 cards travelling at a time but they almost all take at least a month to arrive and ~80% of the time I have forgotten the details by the time they are registered.


That’s what I started doing. Deleting it, if the card is registered.

I also think it would use too much space on the server. And that’s not only a finanicial issue, it’s an environmelntal thing as well. That’s why I don’t like the idea.


I have spreadsheet I’ve created that shows what I’ve sent to whom on each day. Pretty easy and flexible to manage, you can add as much detail as you’d like. I recommend you think carefully about what you really want to do and what ever of detail you’d like to keep. Travel down this path is an opportunity to create a significant administrative burden for you, which can ultimately detract from the hobby, regardless of whether you scan the cards and create photo libraries, track them in a spreadsheet with notes, or do so in an analog fashion with a notebook. You just have to find what works well for you and what captures the data you really want to track. .


I usually take pictures on my phone right before sending (also front, and each photo I make is 4 cards, so it’s less space)


I always take a picture of front and back of the postcard before sending. There on my phone, so I can always go back to see them :kissing_heart:

I started doing it too, I keep them as “memorials” of my sent cards. That way I’ll understand their message whenever it was a long travel and I no longer remember exactly what I wrote or sent. And I’ll also just keep them with me like that as memories besides the ones I’ve received :slight_smile:

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That’s an interesting idea, but I think it would not be trivial to implement on the website side. Like others have posted above, I usually scan both front and back of the cards I’m sending (or take photos if I’m traveling and don’t have access to a scanner) so I personally have a record of what I wrote and sent.

That was rough for me too for a long time. Now I snap a photo before I send it so I can look back at it if they reference something I said or my decorations. I delete the photo after the hurray message. (I do wish there was something I could do in the site though because my real favorites tend to be because the written side.)


Like ‘eta55’ I also have a spreadsheet for my sent postcards. I make a note of the postcard’s reference number, the country to which it’s going, the date I’ve sent it out, the picture on the card, and a description of the stamps I have used.

When a postcard is registered by the recipient, I highlight the reference number on my spreadsheet, so that I can see at a glance which cards are still travelling.

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