AD cards RR



Please U2U me if:
-You want to join a group (or already have joined a group from the old RR) and I do not have your address
-You have an issue with sending out cards before the 2 week deadline

Post in the thread when:

  • You would like to join a group
  • When your cards are sent and you received cards

The cards/group rules:
-All groups have 4 or 8 participants (unless otherwise stated) and there is no country restriction so it’s possible to have more participants from the same country in one group.
-Send preferably good quality cards. Be aware that most ad cards aren’t store bought cards. You can use store bought ad cards in all groups but when you want to received the same type back you better participate in special store bought ad card groups. Be aware that it must be a postcard you use in this RR. There are also ad cards available in the shape of postcards but with no space for an address on the back as both sides are fully used for the ad. Those can be only used in a special group. Just like (food)packages.
-Please write the name of the RR, the group number and your username on your postcard when being sent
-Please mail your postcards within two weeks of receiving the group addresses.
-New members can only join two groups at first, when all of your cards are received, you can join more - sorry for this, but it is necessary
-Send your cards written and stamped, unless preferred otherwise.
-If your partner(s) do not have receive a card from you within 2-3 months, please resend (first U2U them to check if they are really not arrived).
-When you have too many cards in traveling groups (2nd post) or almost complete groups (3rd post) that not have been received yet I might ask you to resent them first before I add you to a new group. Even better: when you consider yourself resending them before joining new groups. You don’t have to resent when the receiver is inactive for over 1 month or when the receiver lets me (Lama2) know (via a post or U2U) that he/she don’t want a resent. As a host I’m only asking people via U2U to resent when the amount of cards not received by others is huge or when all cards haven’t sent yet in groups. In other cases you can better personally U2U eachother asking for a resent or checking if your card did or didnot arrive.
-When participant aren’t active at this RR anymore and never posted that they received cards in a group then I will see that over time as “all cards received” .

What is an Ad card?
An advertising postcard is a postcard used for advertising purposes. It can be used as a real postcard (so it has a blank space for an address on the back). The advertising purpose doens’t have to be a brand or company or so but can also be to make people aware of things (illnesses, new artists, movies, theater shows and so on). Most ad cards you get for free (old ad cards and some charity ad cards are sold).

Have fun! And check out received cards in our Gallery

Open groups:

Group 290. Things (cards with things on it like: watch, phone, bottle, toilet, car and so on) No people on it.

  1. Tatjana75

Group 294 Unusual cards (with glitter, holes, made with letterpress, 3D, with parfum samples, from wood, unusual shaped, to be cut out into something, etc)

Group 302. Nature (animals, flowers, landscapes, etc)

Group 304 Holiday/Vacation left overs. For every ad card not from your own country

  1. pjsubway

Group 314. Local cards (Restaurants, Libraries, Tourism, museums etc.)

  1. Sunshinehsv
  2. dawnquq

Group 317. Awareness (Drugs, bullying, gay rights, HIV, Greenpeace, etc)

  1. lama2

Group 318. Send 3 “Two sided” ad cards (in an envelope). Ad cards that aren’t really postcards as both sides are fully used for an ad so no space left for an address/stamp on the back

  1. Sunshinehsv

Group 322 Movies

  1. xiaomu330
  2. Tatjana75

Group 324. Theatre (Musicals, Ballets, Theatrical plays, concerts etc.)

Group 326. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 UNwritten ad cards in an envelope)

  1. SunshineHSV
  2. Luiseme

Group 330 Any Ad cards written (3 Written ad cards in an envelop)

  1. Claw
  2. Post

Group 331 Men

  1. Nordbaer

Group 332 Food Package Cards (Postcards cut out of empty food-packages, like cereals, cookies, dinnerkits, candy etc.)

  1. Ginzanow

Group 333. Hard to get rid of

  1. lama2

Group 336. Ad cards in Black and white (b&W photo’s, text in B&W only and B&W with a touch of color is allowed)

  1. Post
  2. Claw

Group 337 Match the Wish.
Give a few wishes of Ad cards (at least also one general item so others are able to match at least one wish rather easily)

Group 340 Special "corona"group. What you miss most during the corona lockdown on ad cards (Ad cards from a closed Bar or restaurant, holiday destination, hugging people, school or work, whatever. Be creative and let the other know what you miss (and why).

  1. lama2
  2. MickyFrisch
  3. Dory1703

Group 342 Any Ad Card (Big Group)

  1. Nordbaer
  2. Ginzanow
  3. Claw
  4. whitefroststreetboi
  5. Sunshinehsv

Group 344. Food and drinks(ad cards of food/drink brands, restaurants, or just with food or drinks on it)

  1. Dory1703

Group 345 People

  1. Nordbaer

Group 346. Any card

  1. Sunshinehsv

Group 347. Art (with art on it or to promote an art museum for example)

  1. sokubun

Group 348. Text on the front (Ad cards with only text on the front - can be in any language, but please translate!)

Group 348. Places to have rest in (hotels/restaurants/cafe/shop)

Group 349 Food and drinks related (from a restaurant, showing dishes, beer ad, with meat or a vegetable, and so on)


Any suggestions for new groups? Just let me know.

When sending more than 1 card you can put them in an envelope to:

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Travelling groups


Group 274 Men Closed! Addresses sent 2-2-2020
1)Nordbaer~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)shirlily~sent~rec Quickbrownfoxph, Nordbaer
3)quickbrownfoxph~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)EmilyAnn~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

Group 281 Any Ad cards written (3 Written ad cards in an envelop) Closed! Addresses sent 28-1-2020
1)Post~sent~rec Emilyann, kta67
2)kta67~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)Emilyann~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)quickbrownfoxph~sent~rec Post, kta67

Group 293 Love (love theme, hearts, sexy, even erotic, kisses,Valentines day, everything related to love) Closed! Addresses sent 16-11-2020
1)Nordbaer~sent~rec nekelin, xiaomu330
2)Geishy~ ~rec nekelin
3)xiaomu330~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)nekelin~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

Group 295 Holiday cards (Christmas, New Year, Fatherday, and so on) Closed! Addresses sent 25-12-2020
1)Eremias~sent~rec Nordbaer, nekelin
2)Nordbaer~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)Ginzanow~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)nekelin~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

Group 296. Places to have rest in (hotels/restaurants/cafe/shop) Closed! Addresses sent 1-3-2021

Group 301. Hard to get rid of Closed! Addresses sent 9-3-2020
1)lama2~sent~rec Yepe, quickbrownfoxph
2)Luro~inactive, never sent cards :flaming:
3)quickbrownfoxph~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)YePe~sent~rec all!:thumbup:

Group 307 Any Ad Card (Big Group) Cliosed! Addresses sent 20-1-2020
1)Nordbaer~sent~rec Sunshinhsv, lama2, Emilyann, Miku, Tataja75, kta67Quickbrownfoxph, Tynesha
2)sunshinehsv~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)Tatjana75~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)lama2~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
5)kta67~sent~Tatjana75, Lama2, Miku, Emilyann, Sunshinehsv, Tynesha, Nordbaer
6)Miku~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
7)Tynesha~sent~rec Sunshinehsv, Nordbaer, lama2, kta67, Quickbrownfoxph, Miku
8)Quickbrownfoxph~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
9)Emilyann~sent~rec lama2, Sunshinehsv, Quickbrownfoxph, Nordbaer, Tatjana75, kta67

Group 309. Art (with art on it or to promote an art museum for example) Closed! Addresses sent 14-6-2020
1)Miku~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
2)Timbp2016~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)Cubbie~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)Nordbaer~sent~rec Miku, Timbp2016

Group 315. Text on the front (Ad cards with only text on the front - can be in any language, but please translate!) Closed! Addresses sent 1-3-2021

Group 323 People Clsosed! Addresses sent 1-1-2021
1)Nordbaer~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)lama2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)nekelin~sent~rec all
4)Quickbrownfoxph~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

Group 325 Food Package Cards (Postcards cut out of empty food-packages, like cereals, cookies, dinnerkits, candy etc.) Closed! Addresses sent 23-2-2020
1)knit~sent~rec Ginzanow, Sunshinehsv
2)Ginzanow~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)Sunshinehsv~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)Emilyann~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:

Group 328 Any Ad Card (Big Group) Closed! Addresses sent 27-7-2020
1)Sunshinehsv~sent~rec lama2, Emilyann, Nordbaer, Ginzanow, raichiff, zxin
2)Nordbaer~sent~rec lama2, Sunshinehsv, Emilyann, raichiff, Timbp2016, zxin
3)Lama2~sent~rec Sunshinehsv, Emilyann, gizanow, raichiff, Nordbaer, zxin
4)ginzanow~sent~rec ALl!:thumbup:
5)Emilyann~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
6)Timbp2016~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
7)raichiff~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
8)zxin~sent~rec raichiffn Sunshinhsv, Nordbaer, raichiff, Emilyann, Timbp2016, lama2

Group 335 Special "corona"group. What you miss most during the corona lockdown on ad cards (Ad cards from a closed Bar or restaurant, holiday destination, hugging people, school or work, whatever. Be creative and let the other know what you miss (and why). Closed. Addresses sent 10-8-2020
1)lama2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)quickbrownfoxph~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
3)Emilyann~sent~rec ALL!:thumbup:
4)MickyFrisch~sent~rec lama2, Emilyann

Group 338. Art (with art on it or to promote an art museum for example) Closed! Addresses sent 18-1-2021
1)Ginzanow~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)RichTheMaster~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
3)Claw~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Nordbaer~sent~rec Ginzanow, claw

Group 339 Any Ad Card (Big Group) Closed! Addresses sent 8-11-2020
1)nordbaer~sent~rec lama1, genelai1128, sunshinehsv, Geishy, aisasami, pumuckl
2)sunshinehsv~sent~rec Nordbear, lama2, genelai1128, geishy, aisasami, Quickbrownfoxph
3)genelai1128~sent~lama2, Geishy, aisasami, Sunshinehsv
4)aisasami~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
5)Geishy~sent~rec aisasami, lama2, genelai1128
6)quickbrownfoxph~sent~rec sunshinehsv, lama2, Nordbaer, Geishy, pumuckl, aisasami
7)pumuckl~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
8)lama2~sent~rec ALL! :+1:

Group 341. Any card Closed! Addresses sent 16-11-2020
1)Sunshinehsv~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
2)mother_of_twins~sent~rec Claw
3)Serifluous~sent~rec ALL! :+1:
4)Claw~sent~rec Serifluous, Sunshinehsv

(unreceived cards will be seen as received when that member is not active anymore in this RR for a long time)


Group 1. Any card, big group: nordbaer, xia, Zurzur, Hazukitty, allenkaya, igra-20, JTW, mitzay
Group 2. Music: Val-Natalia, wayness, sherba31, igra-20
Group 3. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 unwritten ad cards in an envelope): chloroom, mitzay, luiseme, nyanco22
Group 4. Movies: miaomiao, Lotty, Tongtong, sofia_art
Group 5. Food Package Cards:Hazukitty, lama2, mitzay, sylvia14330
Group 6. Events : Luoshengge, marimekko0721, Gigglygecko, lama2
Group 7. Any Ad Card (Big Group):Yunru, VictoriaTumanova ( Never send cards :flaming: ), nordbaer, Sunnie, fesqua, sueko, klara11er , Steffimaus1305
Group 8. Any Ad Card: nordbaer, Hazukitty, igra-20, jeffery
Group 9. Local cards: igra-20, lama2, alyelephant, AlmOllo
Group 10. Text on the front: nordbaer, lama2, wayness, igra-20
Group 11. Any ad card: Piyochan, post123,igra-20, wayness
Group 12. Art: igra-20, wayness, buddhaboy, Hazukitty
Group 13. Awareness: igra-20, lama2, sofia_art, Nadjafee
Group 14. Theatre:igra-20, wayness, lama2, sofia_art
Group 15. Food Package Cards: Piyochan, PaulaEE, mitzay, tu-zi
Group 16. Text on the front: igra-20, wayness, Baronin, Nova_Song
Group 17. Any ad card: Piyochan, nordbaer, Lweny, ImamI
Group 18. Hard to get rid of: igra-20, lama2, wayness, Nova_Song
Group 19. Food Package Cards: Piyochan, lama2, tu-zi, alyelephant
Group 20. Art: sunoceana, Piyochan, wayness, igra-20
Group 21. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 unwritten ad cards in an envelope): fesqua, igra-20, luiseme, gloria04
Group 22. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 unwritten ad cards in an envelope): luiseme (missing Hazukitty :( ), wasabi, fesqua, Hazukitty
Group 23. Any Ad Card: Piyochan, nordbaer (missing Piyochan :( , Iris30531 :( ), iris30531, sanaou
Group 24. Food Package Cards: Hazukitty, mitzay, tu-zi, YePe
Group 25. Any ad card: nordbaer, Zurzur, chloroom, Winnnie, fesqua, post123 (missing Nordbaer :( and chloroom :( ), AlmOllo, mitzay (missing fesqua :( )
Group 26. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 unwritten ad cards in an envelope): luiseme, marimekko0721, sofia_art, AlmOllo
Group 27. Movies: Lotty, 96hsu, KayKao, wayness
Group 28. Theatre: wayness, mitzay, chloroom, Val-Natalia
Group 29. Food Package Cards: Piyochan, YePe, chloroom, lama2
Group 30. Any Ad Card: Zurzur, sunoceana, chloroom, allenkaya
Group 31. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 unwritten ad cards in an envelope): nordbaer, Zurzur, luiseme (missing Zita :( ), Zita
Group 32. Places to have rest in: qhasami, lama2 chloroom, nordbaer
Group 33. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 unwritten ad cards in an envelope): gytemarija, luiseme, chloroom, littlered
Group 34. Local cards: memyselfandliz, mitzay, Baronin, Wendi
Group 35. Text on the front : Baronin, wayness, lama2, Nadjafee
Group 36. Theatre: Nova_Song, wayness, sofia_art (missing Nova_Song :( ), Nadjafee (missing Nova_Song :( )
Group 37. Hard to get rid of: lama2, Nova_Song, Val-Natalia, wayness
Group 38. Food Package Cards: mitzay, Tycho, lama2, YePe
Group 39. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 unwritten ad cards in an envelope): luiseme, mitzay, gytemarija (missing luisme :( ), post123
Group 40. Movies: Lotty, 96hsu, Iipa-Liisa, Lweny
Group 41. Art: Piyochan, wayness, Nova_Song, lama2
Group 42. Theatre: wayness, Lweny, Val-Natalia, thepluckyheroine
Group 43. Any ad card:Tatiana K, nordbaer (missing chenniancih :(), Erica2, jwes60223, chenniancih, Nadjafee, Aerling, Gigglygecko
Group 44. Any Ad Card: YuTienTan, memyselfandliz, Tycho, nordbaer
Group 45. Local cards: Baronin, thepluckyheroine (never sent cards :flaming: ), jacqcoen, cvcrossing
Group 46. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 unwritten ad cards in an envelope): gytemarija, luiseme, AlmOllo, sofia_art
Group 47. Music: wayness, Hennyhendrawati, Mitzay (missing wayness :( ), EmilyAnn (missing Hennyhendrawati :()
Group 48. Food Package Cards: tu-zi, Erica2, gina71, lama2
Group 49. Movies: Lotty (missing gina71 :(, zxin :( ), gina71, zxin, Nadjafee
Group 50. Any Ad Card: memyselfandliz, wayness, post123, Fullmoon
Group 51. Movies:Lotty, guardtristan, lama2, Mitzay
Group 52. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 unwritten ad cards in an envelope): luiseme, lenaraz2, gytemarija, igra-20
Group 53. Hard to get rid of: lama2, lenaraz2, YuTienTan, memyselfandliz
Group 54. Places to have rest in: lama2, Winnnie, post123, Nadjafee
Group 55. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 unwritten ad cards in an envelope): luiseme, Gigglygecko, gytemarija , Reuen
Group 56. Any Ad Card: Tycho, nordbaer, lama2, Winnnie
Group 57. Awareness: lama2, Baronin, memyselfandliz, taeniura
Group 58. Food Package Cards: Tycho, MiddLin, Iipa-Liisa, lama2
Group 59. Any ad card: nordbaer, Aerling, sueko, rabbitlin618, akbarakbar, wayness (missing sueko :( ), sofia_art, chennianci
Group 60. Any Ad Card: gemeiliang, Tycho, post123, Aerling
Group 61. Text on the front : nordbaer, mapswell, wayness, taeniura
Group 62. Art: ira, wayness, Emilyann, assui
Group 63. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 UNwritten ad cards in an envelope):gytemarija, luiseme, fesqua, Pucky
Group 64. Movies: Lotty, zxin, Hennyhendrawati, taeniura
Group 65. Food and drinks: zxin, yukiekitchen, mapswell, Emilyann
Group 66. Any Ad Card written (3 written ad cards in an envelope): lama2, lilare (never sent cards :flaming: ), Emilyann, parel
Group 67. Christmas/New Year related Ad cards :zxin, Nordbaer, lama2, Steffimaus1305
Group 68. Hard to get rid of: lama2, Val-Natalia, Wayness, taeniura
Group 69. Places to have rest in (hotels/restaurants/cafe/shop): fesqua, Val-Natalia, Red_and_green, lama2
Group 70. Store bought ad cards only: lama2, winterwolke, sub6, SilentNight89
Group 71. Theatre: fesqua, Sofia-Art (missing fesqua, Remili :(), wayness, Remili
Group 72. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 UNwritten ad cards in an envelope): mindanao, Luiseme, sandramr, sofia_art
Group 73. Food Package Cards:lama2, Amakara, sofia_art, tu-zi
Group 74. Any Ad Card (Big Group): Nordbaer, MitchS, Hennyhendrawati, happykeks, leninha, Kimbolino5, thepluckyheroine, post123
Group 75 Any Ad card: .Nordbaer, zixuanshang, happykeks, Taeniura
Group 76. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 UNwritten ad cards in an envelope): mindanao, gytemarija, Luiseme, AlmOllo
Group 77. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 UNwritten ad cards in an envelope):.luiseme (missing Mindanao :( ),AlmOllo, Wasabi, Mindanao
Group 78. Food Package Cards:Emilialoves2travel, lama2,dandelion_, Taeniura
Group 79. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 UNwritten ad cards): Luiseme, Nordbaer (missing wasabi :( ), gytemarija, Wasabi (missing Luiseme, gytemarija :( )
Group 80 Any Ad card: olynovia_sa, wayness, Steffimaus1305, aster_kalarian
Group 81. Food Package Cards: Emilialoves2travel, lama2, Red_and_Green, Thepluckyheroine
Group 82. Wishes :MrsJustusJones, wayness, lama2, Parel, sandramr
Group 83. Nature: dandelion_, jacqcoen, Nova_Song, chien063
Group 84. Holiday leftovers and non local cards: lama2, memyselfandliz, cvcrossing, illun
Group 85. Any Ad Card (Big Group): Norbaer, lama2, arysophie, Parel, Emilyann (missing: arysophie :( ), Mitzay, Mapswell, Post123 (missing: Mapswell:( )
Group 86. Hard to get rid of: lama2, nordbaer, Val-Natalia, Mitzay
Group 87. Awareness: Sofia-art, lama2, Parel, Emilyann
Group 88 Any card: Azuregosa, wayness, Steffimaus1305, taeniura
Group 89 Ad cards in Black and white: Parel, lama2, wayness, DorH
Group 90 People: Wasabi, wayness, Nordbaer, lama2
Group 91. Any Ad Card unwritten:luiseme, lolena, Emilyann, jacqcoen
Group 92. Theatre: Lweny, Wayness, ira (missing Lweny :( ), lama2
Group 93 People: Nordbaer (missing zixuanshang:( ), wayness, zixuanshang, illun
Group 94. Text on the front: winterwolke (missing Mitzay :( ), Emilyann, wayness, Mitzay (missing Emilyann :( )
Group 95. Food Package Cards:Emilialoves2travel, tu-zi, Tycho, Red_and_Green
Group 96. Wishes : NiStbr (Never sent cards :flaming: ),Wayness, Lama2, Mitzay
Group 97. Things : wayness, Lweny,Czarina, mitzay
Group 98 Any card: levitan17, drfernstein, Parel, Nova_Song
Group 99. Places to have rest in: chien063, lama2, Emilyann, Mitzay (missing Emilyann :( )
GROUP 100 SPECIAL GROUP: Happy and Funny ad cards: lama2, Emilyann, Parel, lolena (Never sent cards :flaming: )
Group 101. Food Package Cards: sofia_art (missing Emilialoves2travel :( ), Emilialoves2travel, dandelion_, drfernstein
Group102 Ad cards in Black and white: Parel, Nordbaer, SilentNight89, Mitzay
Group 103. Any Ad Card unwritten: Luiseme, fesqua, jacqcoen, Nordbaer (missing fesqua :( )
Group 104. Food Package Cards: Tycho, Sofia_art (missing Emilyann :(), Emilialoves2travel, Emilyann
Group 105. “Two sided” ad cards: sofia_art, Lama2, jacqcoen, Val-Natalia
Group 106. Food Package Cards: Emilyann, Val-Natalia (never sent cards :flaming: ), Mitzay, Dandelion_
Group 107 Any card: Nordbaer, fesqua, Parel, lama2
Group 108 People: Nordbaer, lama2, YuTienTan, NiStbr
Group 109. Local cards:fesqua, mitzay, Wayness, pjsubway
Group 110. Nature: EmilyAnn,Schwestersusi, fesqua, Mitzay
Group 111 Match the word: iwritedeb, Luro, Feuerstuhl, Mella68 (missing iwritedeb :( )
Group 112. Food and drinks: fesqua, Candyliar, Mitzay, lama2
Group 113. Theatre:postcardsproject, wayness, Mitzay, Candyliar
Group 114. Any Ad Card written (3 written ad cards in an envelope): Parel, Wanda2468, maridescalza, Emilyann
Group 115 “Two sided” ad cards: Sofia_art, Emilyann, jacqcoen, Tycho
Group 116. Holiday leftovers and non local cards: pjsubway, mitzay, postcardsproject, lama2
Group 117 People:mitzay,wayness, NiStbr, Nordbaer
Group 118. Movies:lama2, Emilyann, Lotty, assui
Group 119. Hard to get rid of: lama2, wayness, Nordbaer, Mapswell
Group 120. Food Package Cards: tu-zi, Sofia_art (missing tu-zi :( ), lama2, Emilyann
Group 121. Fashion: Emilyann, Sofia_art, mitzay, freced (never sent cards :flaming: )
Group 122 Ad cards in Black and white: wayness, Parel, lolena (inactive, never sent cards :flaming: ), Emilyann
Group 123. Any Ad Card: Nordbaer (missing fesqua :( ), Emilyann, Lweny, Mitzay, jst030, Sofia_art, fesqua, tt42916
Group 124 People: Nordbaer, Akn0623, wayness, Sofia_art
Group 125 Any card: Nordbaer, maccharedbean, Wanda2468, EmilyAnn
Group 126. Awareness : Wanda2468, Sofia_art, mitzay, pjsubway
Group 127. “Two sided” ad cards: Sofia_art, nofrodelius, Yu Tien Tan, lama2
Group 128. Any Ad Card unwritten:luiseme, LittleX, mitzay, kimatoto
Group129 Ad cards in Black and white: Emilyann, Parel, postcardsproject, Mitzay
Group 130. Art: Emilyann, kimatoto, wayness, assui
Group 131. Food Package Cards: maccharedbean, MiddLin (missing: maccharedbean :( ), Mitzay, Sofia_art (missing: Mitzay :(, MiddKin :( )
Group 132. Movies: LittleX, Mitzay, assui, CandyLiar
Group 133 Any card:Nordbaer, drfernstein, mitzay, fesqua
Group 134. Text on the front:wayness, sandramr, jst030, Emilyann
Group 135. Places to have rest in: pjsubway, mitzay, afimiza, Schwestersusi
Group136. Ad cards in Black and white: Parel,mitzay, maridescalza, Wayness
Group 138. Food Package Cards :MIddLin, drfernstein, mitzay, Sofia_art
Group 137 People: Nordbaer, Wayness, Mitzay,lama2
Group 139. Any Ad Card :Luiseme, Nordbaer, Sylvia14330, Mitzay
Group 140. Art: MiddLin, Sofia_art, Wayness, assui
Group 141. Theatre: postcardsproject, cekst13, Thomas&Volker Teddybear (never sent cards :flaming: ), Sofia_art
Group 142. Hard to get rid of: lama2, wayness, jst030, mitzay
Group 143. Movies: CandyLiar, yingak, Pjsubway, mitzay
Group 144. Things: lama2, chien063, wayness, Ann123
Group 145. Any Ad Card unwritten:Sandramr, luiseme mitzay, fesqua
Group 146. Food and drinks: sandramr, Nofrodelius, mitzay, cekst13
Group 147 People: sandramr, Pjsubway, mitzay, nordbaer
Group 148. Any Ad Card 3 unwritten cards:Luiseme, Sofia_art, mitzay, freced (never sent cards :flaming: )
Group 149. Food Package Cards: Cekst13, mitzay, freced (never sent cards :flaming: ), dandelion_
Group 150 Any card: wayness, yingak, nordbaer, Mitzay
Group 151. Art :pjsubway, nofrodelius, Thomas&Volker Teddybear, blueilgu
Group 152. Local cards: maridescalza, cekst13, mitzay, Thomas&Volker Teddybear
Group 153. Any Ad Card:jst030, maridescalza, pjsubway, Nordbaer, quickbrownfoxph, mitzay, SilviaMaja, afimiza
Group 154. Awareness: sandramr, jst030, towonder, Mitzay
Group 155. Send 3 “Two sided” ad cards : Pjsubway, nordbaer, Mitzay, Sofia_art
Group 156 Weird ad cards : pjsubway, maridescalza, jst030, mitzay
Group 157 Unusual ad card: Marlie, Lama2, )Emilyann, Mella68
Group 158. Any Ad Card (3 written): Emilyann, RachelDing, Mitzay, Wanda2468
Group 159. Ad cards in Black and white:sandramr, mitzay, nordbaer, cekst13
Group 160. Things: fesqua, sofia_art (missing fesqua :( ), mitzay, blueilgu
Group 161. Text on the front: lama2, Sofia_art, jst030, blueilgu
Group 162. Hard to get rid of: lama2, Nordbaer, wayness, Luro (missing wayness :( )
Group 163. Movies: Mitzay, SilviaMaja, blueilgu, jst030
Group 164 Awareness: purple (never sent cards :flaming: ), jst030, Mella68, rossorobot
Group 165 Public holidays: yuichanpi (never sent cards :flaming: ), shirlily, Geishy, akviinas
Group 166 People: mitzay, Nordbaer, maridescalza, blueilgu
Group 167 Any card: Emilyann, fesqua, shc, SilviaMaja
Group 168. Any Ad Card unwritten: Luiseme, mitzay, Nordbaer (missing Mitzay :( ), Emilyann
Group 169. Fashion: Emilyann, sofia_art, mitzay, blueilgu
Group 170. Food and drinks: lama2, jst030, cekst13, Mitzay
Group 171. 3 “Two sided” ad cards: Carolreader, Sofia_art, RachelDing, blueilgu
Group 172. Ad cards in Black and white: mella68,TroyLui, Nordbaer, Miku
Group 173. Local cards: fesqua, jst030, mitzay, blueilgu
Group 174. Food and drinks: Carolreader, maridescalza, fesqua, blueilgu
Group 175. Food Package Cards: towonder, Sofia_art, tu-zi, Mitzay
Group 176. Art:jst030, towonder, Emilyann,blueilgu
Group 177. Any Ad Card unwritten: luiseme, Emilyann, fesqua, Mitzay
Group 178 Any Ad cards 3x written: Emilyann, quickbrownfoxph, Wanda2468, Cathytangtang
Group 179. Theatre: fesqua, sofia_art, mitzay, BeckyJournal
Group 180. Any Ad Card: SilviaMaja, fesqua, jaenelle, jst030, mitzay, towonder, Nordbaer, choco
Group 181. Places to have rest in: Nordbaer, schwestersusi, fesqua, Mitzay
Group 182. Any Ad Card 3x unwritten): Luiseme, fesqua, Khannushka, Sofia_art
Group 183 People: Nordbaer, Wanda2468, Emilyann, blueilgu
Group 184. Text on the front: towonder, jst030, Emilyann, lama2
Group 185. Send 3 “Two sided” ad cards: Sandramr, Wanda2468, fesqua, blueilgu
Group 186. Food and drinks: tu-zi, schwestersusi, wasabi, orech4e
Group 187. Any Ad Card unwritten: luiseme, sandramr, fesqua, mitzay
Group 188. Food Package Cards: Jeremy, tu-zi, Sofia_art (missing Mitzay :( ), mitzay
Group 189. Nature: Lama2, schwestersusi, Polet-Ol, Emilyann
Group 190. Awareness: Purple, TravelTressi, louborg, Mitzay
Group 191 Any card: Nordbaer, hamodi, BeckyJournal, towonder
Group 192. Theatre: wayness, fesqua, Mitzay, jum
Group 193. Things : schwestersusi, Mitzay(never sent :flaming: ), fesqua, BeckyJournal
Group 194. Fashion: Emilyann, schwestersusi, wasabi, 96hsu
Group 195. Local cards: schwestersusi, fesqua, jst030, TravelTessi
Group 196 Movies: SilviaMaja, Miku, Emilyann, blueilgu
Group 197. Any Ad Card unwritten : Luiseme, EmilyAnn (missing mitzay :( ), Mitzay, 96hsu
Group 198. Wishes: lama2, nulbo, Purple, 96Hsu
Group 199. Any Ad Card (Big Group): Nordbaer, afimiza, SilviaMaja (missing mitzay :( ), Wayness, Emilyann, schwestersusi, mitzay, jum
Group 200. Send 3 “Two sided” ad cards: tt42916, Sofia_art, Emilyann, blueiglu
Group 201. Hard to get rid of : lama2, Emilyann (missing jsts030 :( ), quickbrownfoxph, jst030
Group 202 Any card : Nordbaer (Missing Schwestersusi :( ), schwestersusi, fesqua, blue44
Group 203. Art: pw6163( inactive :flaming: )Mitzay (inactive :flaming: ), 96Hsu, Dunkelblau
Group 204 People :Nordbaer, Wasabi, Sofia_art, Emilyann
Group 205. Food Package Cards: Mitzay, jum, tu-zi,SilviaMaja
Group 206. Any Ad Card: )Nordbaer (missing mapswell :( ), mapswell, Schwestersusi, simplydeep, fesqua, Sofia_art~sent~rec Wanda2468, Nordbaer, simplydeep, wanda2468, Evi07
Group 207. Any Ad Card unwritten: luiseme, fesqua, 96hsu, Emilyann
Group 208 People:Nordbaer, wasabi, Raindear, lama2
Group 209. Movies:BeckyJournal, Sofia_art, blue44, Mitzay
Group 210. Send 3 “Two sided” ad cards: fesqua (missing Sofia_art :( ), Sofia_art, saintsgomarching, lama2
Group 211. Any Ad Card unwritten: Luiseme, wasabi, 96hsu, Emilyann
Group 212 Any card: lama2, Nordbaer, jst030, wayness
Group 213. Places to have rest in: Schwestersusi, fesqua (missing Schwestersusi :( ), Red_and_Green, Nordbaer
Group 214. Movies: Miku, SilviaMaja, sulistyaagnes, BeckyJournal
Group 215. Nature: Schwestersusi (never send cards :flaming: ), Miku, Oiloncanvas, lama2
Group 216. Any Ad Card unwritten:Luiseme, 96hsu, Emilyann, Mitzay
Group 217. Food and drinks: pw6163, wasabi, jst030, Mitzay
Group 218 Any card: Schwestersusi, fesqua, BeckyJournal, Steffimaus1305~Never sent cards :flaming:~
Group 219. Local cards: Schwestersusi, Rocio_bilbao(Schwestersusi:( ), jst030, )simplydeep (Schwestersusi:( )
Group 220. Any Ad Card unwritten: Emilyann, Luiseme (missing emilyann :( ), fesqua, Steffimaus1305~never sent cards :flaming:~
Group 221. Food and drinks: CandyLiar, nofrodelius, emilie…, Emilyann
Group 222. Hard to get rid of: lama2, Nordbaer, quickbrownfoxph, jst030
Group 223. Theatre: wasabi, Sofia_art, Quickbrownfoxph (missing mella68 :(, sogfia_art :( ), mella68 (missing wasabi :( )
Group 224. Food Package Cards: Raindear, tu-zi (missing sofia_art :( ), Sofia_art (missing Raindear :( ), Mapswell (missing sofia_art :( )
Group 225. Send 3 “Two sided” ad cards: fesqua, sofia_art, Emilyann, oiloncanvas
Group 226. Text on the front: sulistyaagnes, Mella68, jst030, Emilyann
Group 227 People: Sofia_art (missing Rossorobot :(, catherine_pc :(), Nordbaer (missing rossorobot :( ), catherine_pc, rossorobot
Group 228. Movies: Candyliar, BeckyJournal, 96Hsu, Sofia_art
Group 229. Art: Emilyann, akiko.s, Wanda2468, 96Hsu
Group 230. Food Package Cards: Midori, tu-zi, raindear, BeckyJournal
Group 231 Any card: Luro (missing Nordbaer :( , oiloncanvas :( ), Nordbaer, oiloncanvas, silvergale
Group 232. Any Ad Card unwritten:Luiseme,Emilyann, simplydeep, Luro
Group 233. Food Package Cards: Luro, midori, Sofia_art, Red_and_Green
Group 234. Any Ad Card unwritten: Luiseme, Emilyann, Nordbaer (missing Luro :( ), Luro (missing Luiseme :( )
Group 235. Wishes: 96Hsu, matrini (never sent cards :flaming: ),DoTea, Hallorenkind
Group 236. Any Ad Card unwritten:Luiseme, Luro, Emilyann, Simplydeep
Group 237. Art: Miku, Miau, BeckyJournal, Akviinas
Group 238. Food and drinks: silvergale~Inacitive, Never sent cards :flaming: , oiloncanvas, jst030, Emilyann
Group 239. Food Package Cards: Levitan, Mella68, bluemoonn, Red_and_Green
Group 240. Any Ad Card: Nordbaer, uconn, annemudyayolanda, Quickbrownfoxph, kumiko27, simplydeep, barunka0, Sosedka007
Group 241. Things: )ossorobot, jst030, Miku, Pumuckl
Group 242. Places to have rest in (hotels/restaurants/cafe/shop): woven, chris121, rossorobot (missing woven :( ), lama2
Group 243. Movies: BeckyJournal, catherine_pc, shirlily, banana.notes
Group 244. Any Ad Card unwritten (3 UNwritten ad cards in an envelope): Luiseme, Quickbrownfoxph, Barunka0, Emilyann
Group 245 Any Ad cards written (3 Written ad cards in an envelop): Emilyann, quickbrownfoxph (missing jst030 :( ), jst030, )iwritedeb
Group 246 Transportation: oiloncanvas, rossorobot, Pumuckl, akviinas
Group 247 Any card: Nordbaer, Lama2, jst030, Miku
Group 248. Send 3 “Two sided” ad cards: lama2, quickbrownfoxph, Emilyann, jst030
Group 249. Any Ad Card (Big Group): Nordbaer, uconn, jeanelle, Marlie, Matrini, Gbnaabennett, Emilyann (missing jeanelle :(), banana.notes
Group 250. Local cards: Do Tea, jst030 (missing rossorobot :( ), Miau, rossorobot (missing Do Tea :( )
Group 251. Awareness: Marlie, jst030, quickbrownfoxph, rossorobot
Group 252 Food Package Cards: tu-zi, bluemoonn, Levitan17, Feuerstuhl
Group 253. Hard to get rid of: lama2, rossorobot, woven, banana.notes
Group 254 Any card: rossorobot, Avelyn, Slighty, Miku
Group 255. Any Ad Card unwritten: frewen, Emilyann, Luiseme, Quickbrownfoxph
Group 256. Nature: Mella68, Geishy, Tini2018, Hallorenkind
Group 257. Christmas cards: lama2, quickbrownfoxph, Nordbaer,ssskr
Group 258. Send 3 “Two sided” ad cards (in an envelope): rossorobot, jst030, slighty, matrini
Group 259. Food and drinks: Tini2018, Dory1703, Nordbaer, Nekelin
Group 260 People: Mella68, Nordbaer, Lama2, Emilyann
Group 261. Text on the front : lama2, Nordbaer, Nannie, Akviinas
Group 262. Any Ad Card unwritten:Luiseme, renatoBG, Emilyann, annemudyayolanda
Group 263. Any Ad Card (Big Group) : Nordbaer, quickbrownfoxph, slighty (never sent cards :flaming: ), kanae55, Mister_O (never sent cards :flaming: ), jst030, Cassisia, Nannie
Group 264. Movies: Mella68, rossorobot, Lotty, bluemoonn
Group 265. Hard to get rid of: lama2, Luro, PJSubway, Nordbaer
Group 266 Match the Wish: lama2, Post, Nordbaer, Emilyann
Group 267. Places to have rest in: Larch, jst030, kriselle, akviinas
Group 268 Any card: jst030, bluemoon, quickbrownfoxph, candicechak
Group 269. Theatre: Mella68, iwritedeb, sofia_art, Mapswell
Group 271 Any card: Lama2, Nordbaer, bluemoon, iwritedeb
Group 270. Awareness: Mella68, jst030, iwritedeb, pumuckl
Group 272. Local cards: jst030, nannie, Hallorenkind, Miku
Group 273. Movies: Hallorenkind, sofia_art, Miku (missing Hallorenkind :( ), )Zxin
Group 275 Women: wasabi, sofia_art, Nordbaer, pjsubway
Group 276 Art: Miku, Bethmnie, Hallorenkind, quickbrownfoxph
Group 277 Any card: Miku, jst030, akviinas, lama2
Group 278. Any Ad Card unwritten: luiseme, matrini, jst030, sofia_art
Group 279. Awareness : jst030, sofia_art, Sprit, akviinas
Group 280 People: Nordbaer, sofia_art, shirlily, blueilgu
Group 282 (Happy) New Year cards (from this year or previous years): lama2, LittleX (inactive so never sent cards :flaming: ), kta67, blueilgu
Group 283. Send 3 “Two sided” ad cards: jst030 (missing sofia_art :( ), sofia_art, Hallorenkind, lama2
Group 284. Things: Emilyann, lama2, Miku, jst030 (missing Emilyann :( )
Group 285 Food Package Cards: quickbrownfoxph, lama2, tu-zi, sofia_art
Group 286 Holiday left overs: Larch, Sofia_art, pjsubway, Geishy
Group 287 Any Ad Card (Big Group): Ysq8648, Bethmnie, LittleX, Geishy, Hallorenkind, sunshinehsv (missing Ysq8648 :( ), Nordbaer, Sprit
Group 288. Any Ad Card unwritten: Tynesha (missing simplydeep :( ), luiseme, simplydeep, sofia_art
Group 289. Any Ad Card unwritten: Luiseme, Simplydeep, Quickbrownfoxph, Hallorenkind
Group 291. Any card: sunshinehsv, simplydeep, Nordbaer, lama2
Group 292. Theatre: Hallorenkind (never sent cards :flaming: ), Tatjana75, quickbrownfoxph, blueilgu
Group 297. Any Ad Card unwritten: luiseme, Luro, Hallorenkind, sunshinehsv
Group 298 Food Package Cards: lama2, sofia_art, snowice, sunshinehsv (missing snowice :( )
Group 299. Local cards: Hallorenkind, Tatjana75, quickbrownfoxph, Miku
Group 303 Women: Hallorenkind, Nordbaer, sofia_art, Emilyann
Group 300. Send 3 “Two sided” ad cards: Hallorenkind, quickbrownfoxph, sofia_art, eliad
Group 305. Any Ad Card unwritten: sunshinehsv, Luiseme, Luro, Simplydeep
Group 306 Food Package Cards: sunshinehsv, knit, nekelin, lama2
Group 308. Any Ad Card unwritten: Quickbrownfoxph, snowice, luiseme (missing Luro :( ), Luro (missing luiseme :( )
Group 310. Any Ad Card unwritten: luiseme, Sunshinehsv, DorH, Emilyann
Group 311. Any card: Sunshinehsv, Nordbaer (missing sunshinhsv :( ), nannie, Akviinas
Group 312. Any card: sunshinehsv, Miku, Emilyann, AmyFarahFowler
Group 313. Ad cards in Black and white: Nordbaer, Post, Emilyann, Timbp2016
Group 319. Any Ad Card unwritten: Luiseme, sunshinehsv, EmilyAnn, Sofia_art
Group 320. Any Ad Card unwritten: Luiseme, Emilyann, sunshinehsv, Pucky
Group 321 Christmas ad cards: Hallorenkind, lama2, ginzanow (missing Hallorenkind :( ), Gudanova_Irina
Group 323 People: Nordbaer, nekelin, Quickbrownfoxph
Group 316. Any card: sunshinehsv, Nordbear, Emilyann, lama2
Group 327. Any card : Nordbaer, Emilyann, Sunshinehsv, Chiaki4654
Group 329. Any card: Sunshinehsv, kta67, Nordbaer, Post
Group 334. Any card : Sunshinehsv, Nordbaer, Tatjana75, lama2
Group 343. Any card: Dory1703, RichTheMaster, Nordbaer, lama2

Gallery of Received Cards


Welcome all.
Need to look at the lay-out a bit an then we are off.

Welcome, dear Lama! :slight_smile:

Hello Laura, may I please join Group 339? Thanks! :grin:

Hello Laura, may I please join Group 339?

Thanks! :grin:

Welcome pumuckl to this RR :bouncing:


Closed one group by joining myself but just discovered I’m missing one address so have to wait for that.

Hello, I would like to join group #293. :slightly_smiling_face:

@lama1, do you still have my address?

Group 339 Any Ad Card

Send all

Hi! Can I join groups 315 and 341, please?

Group 339 Any Ad Card

Send all :wink:

thanks Laura,
just finished writing for the #339 :wink:

#339 - lovely card from our lovely host, dank je wel, Laura! :kissing:


received a nice card from Laura

Thanks a lot

#339 - cool card from Genelai, many thanks! :slight_smile:

I would like to join group #341 Any card :slight_smile: