About the Trades, requests and offers category

Looking for something specific?

This is the place where you can request or offer items for trade — be it postcards, stamps or other items. There’s also a section for searching penpals and another for spreading the joy to people who could use some cheering up. :slight_smile:

Every topic on this section can have labels associated with it, which are called tags. Make sure to always add a Offer or Request tag to your topics, or a Closed one, once the trade is finished. You can also add a few more tags that describe the category of postcards that the topic is about (eg. unesco, animals, architecture, etc).

You can then easily filter all the topics on that category by a specific tag, using the menus and search features of the site. To see a list of all available tags, check the Tags page.

This section of the forum is public, so be mindful of sharing your address on a post as it will be visible to people without a Postcrossing account.