About ADVICE of receipt over the world

Today, I sent a letter with ADVICE of receipt to Japan. The young staff at local post office help me sent it.
I would like to ask: Does your post office provide this service? What does ADVICE of receipt look like?


Italy - In my case there is a sort of postcard glued to the letter or package, that at the receiver end is signed, the part to send back is removed, and then sent back to sender. On that postcard I have to write my address and the receiver address, and it is sent back to me, it’s a service that have an additional cost than just sending the letter.


Are there any photo?

I don’t have one on hand, but I found pictures online, this is the side for the address of the sender


Is this receipt only available when sending from Italy to Italy? What is the receipt used for international mail? I’m curious!

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That one specifically seems to be only internally in the country, but there is a similar postcard to attach to the letter or package for international delivery to have the receipt


I’m sure theres something like this for packages, but theres none for postcards and letters since its just dropped into mailbox in Malaysia

The same form is used all over the world. UPU form CN07. There may be local variations but the format and color are specified by the UPU. The USPS form is nearly identical to the Chinese one. I have seen these from around the world and they are almost all the same. Advice of receipt or officially AVIS DE RECEPTION” is available to and from most countries for most signature required mail types (registered, insured, etc.) and the UPU form must be used. The exception is domestic mail and each country has their own version. In the USA it is called Return Receipt and the form is green. As you know these are to obtain a hard copy signature of the receiver.


This is the advice of receipe for the international shipment from Italy like International Registered, Insured and Parcels.

There are also two other types of A/R:

  • The white one for domestic registered, insured and parcel shipments
  • The green one for domestic judicial documents

As for the telegrams:

  • For national and international ones, it is possible to request a copy of the telegram sent
  • For national ones, it is also possible to request the delivery notification.

Of course, all these services are accessory and paid

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If I’m not mistaken, for Pos Indonesia it looks like this (I’m not sure as I almost never sent letters via registered mail service) :



Though people sometimes prefer to have a hard copy of a signed return receipt for their records, the U.S.P.S. offers another option in which they’ll email the sender an electronic receipt, with a scan of the recipient’s signature. An electronic receipt is slightly cheaper than a physical one.

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I think you may have made a mistake with the international one, but I’m not sure. Because there is no “CN 07” on it, and I remember it cannot be traced, it is unlikely to have a barcode.

I think this is what you mean? We only ever use it for registered post though, I’ve never filled one out as registered mail is REALLY expensive in Australia

One thing I have filled out is a customs declaration for parcels going to friends overseas, but that looked completely different and all it needed to know was what I was sending/a rough value :slight_smile:

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USPS form, 2 sides but essentially the same thing

USPS Domestic use only

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Pretty much every country other than the United Kingdom that does not have them on outbound registereds and will usually not return any CN07 AR cards received from other countries.

CN07 design is set by the Universal Postal Union but there are differences between countries with a few having small cards eg Switzerland and Hungary, and most much larger eg Italy, Moldova, România



Here is the Japanese one. My friend give it to me.

Back & Front:

It costs 5,70 € on top using these on any mail.

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Singapore’s one - available at an additional $1 on top of registered mail ($3.60)

No, it isn’t. AusPost does not support this service at all.

The Universal Postal Union defines the international standard code “CN 07” (Advice of Receipt), as a service for confirmation of delivery. The CN 07 form must include the code number “CN 07” in the top right-hand corner, with the huge bold text “A.R.”.