A trick to send where your country can't

hello :grinning: i don’t know if there is a similar topic somewhere on the forum and if this is the right place i put it.
last summer i started swapping postcards with a postcrosser in uganda, i sent some and received some, but after receiving the latest i found that uganda is in the black list with other 47 countries that italy can’t send to, so i thought i had to put in standby my swaps with that postcrosser. :sob:
recently a postcrosser from south africa won a postcard from one of my lotteries and for the same reason i can’t send him his postcard. :sob:
i was sad and worried about that. :sob:
but then i had an idea :grinning: i put those postcards into an envelope and sent it to a postcrosser in germany who i am swapping with, because he’s been so kind to agree to send them from his country which is enabled to send to uganda and south africa :grinning:
for example germany can’t send only to 16 countries :grinning:
i also had some german stamps left from my latest trip to germany in 2019 so i used them for this :rofl: :rofl:
i’ve read on the postal monitor there are countries that cannot send to a lot of other countries.
maybe some of you had the same idea to keep on sending postcard to your postcardpals :grinning: this idea is not valid for official postcards because the system won’t give you an address of a country where your country can’t send to.
i hope this topic will help :grinning:
can someone tell me about similar mailing experiences? :grinning:


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