A Map of Fukei-in (scenic postmarks) in Japan (bilingual post)

So I was in Otaru, Hokkaido the other day and when I went to the main post office I noticed that they had a chart of all the fukei-in cancellations available in the area. It was right on the counter and I asked if I could photograph it, which they allowed. I just wish every major city had a chart like this, it would be really useful in finding out which fukei-in have been discontinued, or replaced, or if there are any missing ones from the lists out there:


Here is a Fukei-in I chose for this year’s Year of the Dragon stamp.

:post_office:沼津岡宮郵便局(Numazu-Okanomiya Post Office)
999-7 Okamiya, Numazu-shi, Shizuoka

  • 富士山(Mt.Fuji)
  • 桜(Cherry blossom)
  • 門池(Kado-Ike pond)
  • 2匹の竜(Two Dragons)
    ※There is a legend of two dragons in “門池” :dragon:

I really like this one! I’m hoping to get it myself soon.

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I am new to these Fukei-in Postmarks but i received this awesome Postmark from @260aaron thank you so much

I searched on JP post website but couldn’t locate this in Okinawa Prefecture
It is Higashimachi, Okinawa


I’ll be working on the Okinawa portion of my map next! This cancellation appears to be from 1991, which is why it’s not on the JP Post website (they only show more recent cancellations created after 2005).

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Staff at Obihiro Post Office sent me a list of fukei-in found in the Tokachi area:

Here is the pictorial cancel of Obihiro that depicts Japanese horse racing, ban’ei, and Tokachi-Chuo Bridge:


Here is the Makubetsu cancel that depicts a bunch of things:

Akenogaoka Park, Yamuwakkaba Bridge, International Park Golf Association, black woodpecker mark, words ‘Birthplace of Park Golf’, lily of the valley, and oak leaves.


I had a lot of friendly encounters in Tottori. Got this pamphlet to show all the monster Fukui-in in the Sakaiminato area:


More pamphlets from Tottori featuring fukei-in:


I wish al post offices had pamphlets like this.


Ooohh, I didn’t know that so many post offices have them! And I didn’t know what these cancellation stamps were called! Thank you for sharing the locations and how they look.

On my last trip, I found out that central post offices or those adjacent to central stations have fukei-in. But I definitely will keep in mind that there are many beautiful cancellation stamps for future travels.

Here are three fukei-in I have found:

  1. 広島JPビル郵便局 (Hiroshima JP Building Post Office)
    Hiroshima, Minami Ward, Matsubaracho,
    2−62 広島JPビルディング 1階

  1. 京都中央郵便局 (Kyoto Central Post Office)
    Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan

  1. 東京中央郵便局 (Tokyo Central Post Office)
    2 Chome-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo, Japan

  1. pictorial cancel of the Ueno district of Tokyo
  2. pictorial cancel of easternmost post office of mainland Japan ( Cape Nosappu)
  3. pictorial cancel of ‘floating torii’ of Miyajima Shrine

Thank you so much @delda for lovely Postmarks :love_letter: