A Map of Canada's Pictorial Cancels (not first-day-cancellation)

All diameters were measured in cm

Cupids, NL

Train Station
Jarvis, ON

Vilna, AB

Milk Can
Shubenacadie, NS

Winnipeg, MB

WWII History
Caronport, SK

First Nation
Campbell River, BC

Hartland, NB


Yeah sure but maybe a few days later? Cuz i don’t have a ruler and i need to borrow one from a friend. Sorry about that.

And also sorry about the poor quality. I’ve tried my best to make it as clear as I could.

I love the giant perogy from Glendon! I drove through there once, specifically to photograph the perogy, maybe I’ll find that long-lost photo somewhere, make a postcard, and send it to get cancelled (I’d love to make a maxicard out of it but have no idea if there has ever been a series of roadside attraction stamps from Canada Post).

Canada Post did issued a series of roadside attraction stamps years ago. Sadly, the perogy didn’t make it to the list.


Your help is very much appreciated!

When I was in Winnipeg a couple of years ago, the PO. on Graham St. offered me a couple of choices


Fantastic, thank you!

Do you know what the leftmost depict (boat?)? And the top right corner (boat)?

The first postmarking result finally came back from the Great White North! This is from Carcross, YT:

It seems to have travelled 10 days one way. I think I have waited more than 3 weeks for this one.


I’m not sure even looking closely, but the left one may be the walking bridge to St. Boniface.
The right one (Red River settlement) possibly a york boat

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Ah, now you said it, it does look like a bridge.

What about this font?


Clear and easy to read. :white_check_mark:

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This week’s received results:

London (ON) has

[Notice that there are 2 versions of the Guy Lombardo cancel, slightly different in size]

Springhill (NS) has

I also received an email from someone in Dawson City (ah the northern territory!), saying they no longer carry an aircraft cancel but have these available (all in blue ink, interesting!):

I notice that Carcross also has the little house cancel (top row, middle).

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Does anyone know whose symbol that maple leaf shape in the London’s pictorial cancels is? It looks like a crown in the middle, with ‘ROYAL CANADIANS’ inscribed at the bottom. Is it the symbol of a certain crown cooperation?

Edited: The band or orchestra formed by Guy Lombardo is called ‘Royal Canadians’, and this seems to be their logo.

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This week’s received results:

Haines Junction (YT):

Dawson City (YT)'s cancels are all blue:

Teslin (YT) no longer has the bridge cancel:

[This little house cancel is being used by at least 4 towns in Yukon.]

Hay River (NT) no longer has the inukshuk cancel:

[This cancel is being used by at least 3 towns in Northwest Territories.]


This is an amazing project you’ve got going here! I’d love to do something similar for Aus someday and get all the info in one place.

Are these all permanent postmarks? (I’m especially hoping the Digby three cats one is as I’m super keen to add it to my cat collection :sweat_smile:)

They are more or less permanent – While I can’t tell how long a design typically lasts, many of the 20-year-old cancels listed on Stamp Raider’s blog are no longer available. So I would say they probably last 10-20 years, no more.

This means that if you want to get the Digby cancel, you should act quickly. Also, mail delivery to that part of the country is very slow, if you are aiming for the postmark of a particular day (like 8 August, which is International Cat Day), you may need to send your request 1-2 months ahead of the schedule.

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Thank you for the info! Do you mean 1-2 months earlier to allow for international travel times, or 1-2 months sooner than what you’d normally send a piece of mail destined for another area of Canada (so like 2.5-3.5 months before the postmarking date, from Australia)?

I mean 1-2 months sooner than what you would normally send a mail destined for another area of Canada (so yeah, 2.5 months before the postmarking date).

My mail sent from Montreal (QC) to Digby (NS) arrived a week later than what’s normal for mail sent within Canada.