🌍 A *MAP* of all the places you have a postcard from!

Sorry for the super late reply! I’ve just looked at your map and it’s simply beautiful. How long did it take you to insert all these little dots? Kudos to you for making them small enough so that, when zoomed out, the map doesn’t look too crowded! And it’s only the official Postcrossing cards? You should include all your swaps etc. as well! So that, in the future, you’ll know which countries you’ve got a car from…

Hmm does it let you select single cities? There are many apps that let you select an entire country, but I think it’s neater if we were able to find one that can be a tad bit more specific… So far, the map on Google is the best way we have to organise our cards but, as other users have already explained, there are some annoying limits and bugs.

Yeah, I guess scratching away countries can be a fun way to keep count of how many actual countries you’ve collected! So it depends on what each one of us is looking for. But, if your map is big enough, it might be a cool idea to put pins on the cities you’ve received a card from! By the way, please show us your map once you’ve bought it and worked on it! I’m sure we’d all be super happy to see it :relaxed:

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Thank you so much for your nice words. As there are close to 1700 dots it took me almost two weeks. But only because I always worked on it just a little bit after work.
And I don’t do swaps and other stuff so there will always be only official Postcrossing cars on the map.

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Just got pointed to this topic… thanks @agapara

I made this one to get a little more insight in my received and send cards:

Happy postcrossing,


I made a small update:


I just created my own!

My husband showed me that if you have an Excel spreadsheet with the locations of cards in a column, you can import the spreadsheet and it will auto add each. It helps mass add for those who have a lot! The only downside is (and I had this issue) if you only have the country in the spreadsheet it gives only a general location for your pin.

Here is my map. It still needs a lot of work.


Thanks for sharing! That’s super interesting… I do have a spreadsheet, but it has my sent cards instead of the ones I’ve received… It’s because I’d like to keep track of everything I send, since it’s makes up 50% of my Postcrossing memorabilia which I can’t keep to myself :laughing:

Your map is nice! And yeah, I can see how most pins are in the middle of their respective countries… But it doesn’t matter at all! Everyone has their own “favourite” system.

Hi there
I just decided I to wanted to do this and found your info on this page. a couple of questions. when you add places of where your postcards are from do you just mark the country eg. Im in new zealand or would you mark the town Im from eg christchurch new zealand on your map? Would you read each profile to add places or would you just add countrys? Ive only got 228 postcards so easier to start now if anyone has good advice.

Hi @kiwijanine, so sorry for this super late reply! I must’ve overlooked your post, or I probably did see the notification and told myself that I’d reply later. Here I am, though a little bit too late (and I apologise again!).

I mark the town, as you can see from my map. Sometimes the sender writes down the name of the town they’re sending their card from. Otherwise, I’ll just open their profile and see where they live. It’s always better to be specific, rather than pinpointing the entire country! At least that’s my opinion.

Please show us your map! With 228 cards you’ll definitely create something visually pleasing. :blush:



hello and thanks for the reply. Although I did ask a question 9 months after you had put yours up lol. I hope this link works. I haven’t loaded everything up yet. Sometimes I dont know where people come from so sometimes just put the country if I cant find the information out.



What a nice map! And wow, you have a card from a place very far up north – Kirovsk, Russia :cold_face:

If you don’t know where people come from, you could look for hints on the postmark! From some countries though, it could be tricky if you don’t know the local language. Japanese postmarks for international mail have the placename written in the Latin alphabet, but China, Russia (and many other countries) don’t really do this. I can help you with Russian and Chinese! And for other languages, I’m sure you can ask in the translation thread.

Writing the country name alone places the marker onto (what I think is) the geographical midpoint of the country, which ∗could∗ be misleading! But, obviously, this is your map :blush:


For Christmas I got this foldable globe which I now use to display all the places from which I have received postcards! It is made in Italy! It shows, with a pin, where all the postcards originated from. The red pins stand out as reminders of all the messages I have received from all around the world.

I used to display my postcards on my bulletin board, but this idea is fun and reminds me of the many who have contacted me. Thinking now that I should put pins of another color for the postcards I have sent out!


I have made some maps too!

Orange: Countries where I have send cards to and also received from
Yellow: Countries where I only have cards send to
Red: Countries where I only have received cards from

This one is made after 1,5 months of Postcrossing

And now I made this one, after around 4 months of postcrossing!


Wow!! You’ve received from the UAE and Montenegro too! That’s great after only 4 months of Postcrossing! I’ve been doing postcrossing for years and I’ve never received from places like Kazakhstan haha!

Here’s my map of countries I’ve sent and received postcards from!


Is there a website or something you guys use to track the countries you have sent/received cards from? I love tracking stuff and as nice as the map is, I would love to track it on a map.

I made a Google My Maps, to track where my postcards came from. I am not sure how to share my link lol!

This thread is the whole reason I started my maps, been happy ever since.

Here’s also where I put all the Singaporeans (since Singapore has no regions)


My Maps on google is what I’ve been using.

I use my maps on google. You can customize each pin which I’ve done so it displays the front of the postcard on the map. I use it for my personal collection rather than cards received through Postcrossing just due to the logistics. It takes a bit to upload each picture. I divided it into layers for cards I’ve collected for myself verses cards friends have sent to me. I have about 200 on there and I really look forward to filling it out when I go somewhere new :slight_smile:

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I do love maps, and would love to be able to transfer the information to somewhere else, but with about 1,400 sent and the same received, it wouldn’t be possible. But I have used the Postcrossing map.

This is what nearly 4 years of sent postcards look like:

And 4 years of received: