A guide to new Postrossing members

Hello and welcome to an exciting hobby.

This hobby, which you are now a part of, is one of patience. Even more so after the times of COVID 19 and the slow-down of all mail services around the world.

In here the focus is on postcards, but there is also a very active stamp collecting community as well. In the end, postcards and letters need stamps to travel.

Allow me first to introduce several concepts and terminologies that you will encounter during your stay here.

You may notice that people offer swaps and lotteries.

Lotteries are usually done out of kindness and generosity. The person who posts the lottery sets the rules of who will win. The sender will get nothing in return for the lottery item other than the gratification that they made someone smile.

Swaps are mutual agreements between members to send and receive cards (or stamps, or even other items) that they find interesting. You show what you have to offer and ask for something general or specific in return. The “negotiations” are done usually by private messages, not only because there will be some details to iron out, but also because you will have to exchange addresses privately.

There are tags that can serve as a “pass it forward” swap.
The idea is simple, you send a card (or stamps) based on the rules of the tag to the last person who sent a card. The next participant will have to send you a card based on the rules of the tag. You can find the tag directory here, and there are many to chose from.

You may come accross terms such as MOTW, FOTW, GF, LouPaper… etc
MOTW (Maps of the world) and FOTW (Flags of the world) as well as GF(Greetings from) are a series of postcards you can get online that feature information on various countries, states, territories… etc and are collected by many members.

Finally I would like to tell new members to be brave and engage the community. I have been a member for 14 years and I have never met a bad person on the forum. The members are extremely helpful and generous and we are all happy to help.
Also keep in mind that there is no tone or inflection in written words, and that not everyone knows English very well, so things might be misinterpreted sometimes.

Good luck on your magical journey.