7 October 2023 - Tampa meet-up

CITY/REGION: Tampa, Florida
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Hampton Inn & Ssuites Tampa-Northwest Oldsmar, 4017 Tampa Road, Oldsmar, FL 34677
:calendar: DATE: October 7, 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: Noon
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: I will make at least 150 cards each time. That number will work when there’s like 5 people.
I will have a couple signs at a table reserved for us each time.
More about the postcard club:
Complimentary snacks are there.
October 7, 2023 show is 10:00am-6:00pm
Admission to each show-Adults $3, 2 days $5, and children under 12 are free (but not probable honestly).
When we get there, we’ll chat and introduce ourselves and eventually all of us with sign every card. Or you can find something online with a custom stamp with your signature or some other stamp instead of signing it. That’s fine and done a lot on these meetup cards.
I like signing with pink. But I’ll bring my gel pens so we don’t just sign with blue or black pens.
Usually the get together lasts an hour.
Meet-up cards will be probably be free. I ordered 250 cards.
So at this event, you’ll see quite a few people who have collected so long, you can see they have 2,000+ postcards. They often ask $1-$5 per postcard! These are life long collections.
Some are cool, like plastic in a postcard you shine a flashlight to to mimic the stained glass effect. Or there’s postcards with fabric sewed onto it. Maxi cards aren’t really there.


This sounds super cool! I did a little digging to find out more about the event, but if you have a direct link, that would be great :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend as I live in the Pacific NW, but it would be a great reason to make the off-season trip!

Or look up Tampa Bay Sunshine Postcard Club (group) on Facebook.
But there is no direct link or website.


I just discovered post crossing and am excited to begin collecting! I live near Tampa and would love to attend this event. Will there be postcards to buy?

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Yes and many
It is the Sunshine Postcard Club event. Several Postcard dealers will be present with all types of cards. Most are vintage picture postcards and quite lovely. Hope to be there and participate at the event coming up!

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I live in the area and I’ve always wanted to attend a meet-up. My calendar has been marked!

So cool! I live up near Gainesville so its not to far of a drive for me. Depending on what my work & school schedule looks like I might come down.

That’d be great.
Generally it’s 4-10 people. There will also be coin collectors selling too. It’s a big room in a Hilton.

Yes, on top of the meet-up cards I have a library of vintage Tampa postcards which will be 20 cents per card. I have soooo many, I got a great buy! I joked/truthed, “so got all this for $40! That’s around 1,700 postcards, so even if I sold them each for 2 cents, I’d double my money.”
This is one example, and we know that bridge across the water ain’t there any more.


I ended up having to miss the last one but am going to try and be there!

I would love to go, I also missed the last one due to unforeseen circumstances, but I would really try to make it to this one. :smile:

This is what they will look like. I’ve got them. If anyone wants to sign them ahead of time and mail all 250 back and forth, let me know.


Hi Candis @candisk ! I’m all the way on the West Coast, but if you are willing to send the cards over, I’d be happy to sign the 250. :smiley: seeing as I probably won’t be able to make this event (sadly!).

Yes, that’s exactly what you do before or after the meet-up, you see all the other collections of postcards of people in Tampa’s Postcard club. There’s so many collections. Some are super old and you need special glasses to see an image in 3D while you’re looking at two postcards.
Many are $1-$5.
One person collects royalty stamps and Maxi cards, he gives me 5 postcards for every 1 Maxi. His name is Dana, and he’ll probably do the same for you.
Dana has like, 2,000 cards!
It’s in a pretty big room of a Hilton hotel. The club will be there alllll day.

Hi, Candis!

Jayne here (Sedgwick). I will plan to be there and I am bringing oodles of postcards to share—free! One of our other postcard friends no longer has the time for Post crossing so she handed me a huge box of postcards which I will share at the meeting.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you in the fall! happy 4th of July all!

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Wow, great to know! Hope I can make it!

Super cute design! Well done!

Thank you. I hope you make it too.
I invite postcrosssers when I get addresses nearby. Like today, Postcrossing gave me and address for St. Pete, so of course being from the area, I mail them a flyer for Tampa’s Postcard Club.
I can mail one to you too. It helps.

I’ve never been or heard of a meet up. What are the 250 signed cards for?

Sounds like a good time, I’ve added it to my calendar. Maybe I’ll be able to join.