60 used world and US stamps free!

I have a huge accumulation of stamps I’d like to send out - if anyone is interested, I can send about 60-80 different per envelope. All I ask in return is to send me a single postcard once you receive the stamps! Note: depending how many people respond, it may take me a few weeks to send out, but I will let you know when they are on the way! – ave from USA


@ave Thank you, PM sent

I would like to receive the stamps,
that sounds interesting!
I’ve send my address in DM

Oh, this is great! I like collecting stamps very much and I’m interested in it.

PM sent!

Matt, I also would like to receive some stamps from you! Sending a PM :slight_smile:
Thank you!

I’d love some stamps too! I’m sending you PM :slight_smile:

Me too :slight_smile: PMing!

I’d like some stamps too, I’m PM-ing :smile:


I would be interested! Will send a dm :slight_smile:

Will send you a dm :blush:

Thanks for your gesture.
DM you.

Would love some. Sending you a message.

I sent you a message! :slight_smile:

Pm You !

I would like to receive the stamps,and sending you a message

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I am interested I send you a message soon

I am interested. send a PM

Interested. Sending a PM