59/M/UK/ Snail mailers sought

Hi folks. I’m looking to exchange mail with anyone conversant with written English. I’ve arrived at the wrong end of my 50s but I still have some life left in me for travel, books, music and gossip. And the ability to write about it. Age is irrelevant but it’s good to maybe refer to things that happened prior to the millennium without my correspondent having to Google my nonsense. I’m happily in a relationship so just looking for lettered friendship. I’m happy with an easy correspondence where it’s ok to write a long letter one time and just scribble a postcard the next time. I’m liberal thinking, pro-European, not religious and totally laid back. Let’s get busy with those stamps. Thanks for reading.


Hi Ian-On-A-Stick, I’ve sent you a message, thanks, Lynn

I’ll exchange mail with ya,I’m from USA…

Hi Ian. I’d be interested. I’ll send you a message.

Hello, I’m 29/M/India. I would like to write to you.

Message sent

Thank you for the responses so far. You people are mostly all so young! I’d happily trade a few years. Any more bods out there wanting to set up a gossipy exchange of words? Best wishes, Ian.

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Is there a right end of the 50s?!? Sent you a message.

Hello Ian! I’m 57, from the US. I love to write letters and send cards! Let’s communicate…
Cheers, Paul

Hope you have managed to find a penpal… if not I would be happy to write to you…I am in my early 60’s

Hi , I’m interested…I’m60 …bye